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    I’m interested in what difference, if any, there is between EIU and the Bangkok School of Management and in the fact that BSM degrees are awarded by the European Global School.
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    I didn't get a chance to see whether the Bangkok School of Management actually cares about responding to student inquiries. I know from first-hand experience that their French degree partner (EGS) couldn't care less about such things. Is there a real difference between EIU and EGS? It's really hard to tell without comparing the course content of both schools. You can only rely on the various website clues. EIU's MBA curriculum looks fine on the surface (I am not sure about the reality). But there is also a large difference in the tuition that you would need to pay in order to experiment with the courses of each school. At this point in time, I prefer to stay neutral concerning EIU. The relatively low tuition may provide enough of an incentive to give it a try under some circumstances. But is it worthwhile? Not clear at this point. I think that the choice of attendance could be defended, as the license enables them to grant an MBA. I am just not sure how much you would really get out of the program. Keep in mind that the European Global School curriculum is also a mystery to me. I was particularly turned off by the complete lack of communication and frequent student complaints about the moving target of their school address in Paris. Your description of the faculty adds another layer of potential problems. The same goes for the myriad of partnerships. I think it's advantageous for a school to have a real office location. In this sense, EIU's arrangement looks more appealing in terms of student protection. That does not mean that it could not be a nice mirage. We've seen that before with all kinds of institutions.
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    The Philippines? I'm sure the entire State of Kentucky is mourning his departure. Rev. Dr. Academician Hill is well-known to old-timers following unaccredited schools. IIRC on Frank Bozeman's site (probably the Accreditor one) , there were pictures of RR Hill and Stephen Barnhart, who both had some significant role in the organization.
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    Professor Hill? Isn't that the guy from "The Music Man"?

    "Think the Minuet in G."
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    Not the same guy. You may remember Rev. Dr. Academician (now Bishop) Hill from the now-dead forum. I think he posted there as TruePatriot. He was formerly known as RayRay12 but I forget which board(s) - possibly "Degreebeard" before the site was bought by Sheila Danzig, who closed the forum part down. I also remember some posts, on DD -I think - by "LatinEducation" touting a school in Panama - that may have been Hill or a friend of his who owns/owned the school. He was once US VP of WIDU -
    World Information Distributed University - a Belgian creation I'm sure you've read about, Nosborne.

    Before his ordination in the Philippines, he was widely known as the sage of Erlanger, Kentucky.
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    Well, registered in Belgium, but more Russian, actually. Professor Eduard Evreinov, winner of the 2nd Lenin Prize for Science in 1957, see http://www.iia.ca/cii/
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    Oh my. So MANY names from the past. :rolleyes:
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    As you say, mbwa. Yes, the beast was likely fathered by Russians. However, not only is it registered in Belgium, but this monster's procreators managed to persuade the King of Belgium to sign the proclamation or order that brought it into official existence. That, to me, makes it as Belgian as a stale, unfilled waffle. No matter. Either way, I believe some monsters and other evil beings - including the one under discussion - transcend nationality. Babayaga is Ukrainian, sure, but I'm sure she is being used here in Canada - and elsewhere - to scare little kids of Ukrainian descent into desired behavior. The Wendigo? Nah, probably strictly Canadian.

    Agreed, Prof. Evreinov is a formidable scientist and academic. I believe he was quite elderly at the time he agreed to do whatever he did for WIDU. I've always suspected there might have been a degree of blandishments and pestering - along with whatever material reward. No matter. Dr. Evreinov is not to be blamed. I do not think less of any elderly person who resigned himself, possibly under strong urging, to doing what he was told was an innocuous thing. At 76, I could do the same, except that nobody wants me to. A nonentity can hardly add value to an academic enterprise - even a so-called one.
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    Well, your guess is as good as mine, but Dr Edward Roy Krishnan holds positions at all three schools, see http://www.egs.education/?page=deans-faculty
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    Any comments on the Accreditation Agency Curacao and its members?


    Since I´m German I already knew the "KMU in partnership with Middlesex University London" from Austria before. KMU is basically a agent between the student and Middlesex University. However it´s a legitimate and reliable institution.

    What about the others on the list? Several of them have DL programs.
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    Be careful with Ballsbridge. Not because of their name. They claim IAO accredition. This is enough to claim them an institution that cannot be taken seriously.

    Best regards,
    Mac Juli
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    Seems to be a mixture or legit and non-legit schools.

    While Global Humanistic University has state accreditation, European International University only has ASIC accreditation.
    University of America and Ballsbridge University seem like they should not been taken seriously.

    Not yet sure about Caribbean International University and I haven´t checked Colorado Theology University.
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    "Also, TNE institutions require accreditation by an accreditation body, recognised by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Curaçao. The Government of Curaçao does not provide accreditation, but a charter is provided, recognising the establishment of the institution on Curaçao.

    The business license and the accreditation are reviewed during the application process. An approved institution will receive its economic permit and is provided with contact information to deal with the Immigration Office."

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    I'm under the impression that there is some overlap between Global Humanistic University and KMU Education.

    The University of America is also known as Salt Lake Bible College. The UofA was ASIC accredited for a while, and had dual degree agreements with Universidad Azteca and Universidad Central de Nicaragua. The Director of UofA's Engineering and Technology Management Department is Mohamed G Kafafy, who is also a director of AAHEA, the American Association for Higher Education and Accreditation, an unrecognized US-based agency with, among its other directors, a graduate of St Regis University. Dr Kafafy is Executive Vice President of the West Coast Institute of Technology and Management, West Coast University for short, in Panama, founded in Pakistan by Prof Dr Sarfraz Lloyd. In the late 90s, WCU was a competitor of Axact. I think, but I need to check, that Dr Kafafy is connected to St Clements University and the American University of London.

    Ballsbridge is run by Idahosa Charles, a Nigerian National. Another school Professor Charles is involved with is the Divinity Institute, https://divinityinstituteonline.com/about-us and there's also Poma International Business University which was ASIC accredited, albeit briefly, some years ago. To make things run smoothly, Professor Charles has created the Board Of Quality Standards, "an independent international quality assurance regulator."

    Alliance International University Zambia, which was in AAC's directory earlier, was deregistered two years ago by the Higher Education Authority for failure to maintain minimum standards. Fr Dr George Gonzalez, a St Regis University graduate is on AIU's management team.

    And Bircham International, well I guess this covers it https://www.iv-university.org/deric-bircham/
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    Regarding Global Humanistic University, I found this report:


    On page 7 it says: "The Global Humanistic University (GHU) is a state recognized university focussing on long distance learning study programmes and was founded in 2018."

    Regarding the author of this report:

    "AQAS – Agency for Quality Assurance through Accreditation of Study Programmes – is an independent non-profit organisation, supported by more than 90 member institutions, both higher education institutions (HEIs) and academic associations. Since 2002, the agency has been accredited by the German Accreditation Council (GAC)."

    AQAS is a german institution which is being supported by many German state University, the way I see it AQAS is 100 % trustable.
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    AQAS is full member of ENQA so you're correct about that agency's credentials. The problem here is not so much Global Humanistic University or KMU, it's rather some of the other schools in AAC's list of members.
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    "TNE institutions can establish themselves freely, however Universities should be accredited by an accrediting body which is approved by the Government of Curaçao."

    That means the Government of Curacao does not provide accreditation by itsself. The accreditation of the "TNE institutions" must come from an "accredited body", which the Government accepts as an accreditor.

    "The business license and the accreditation are reviewed during the application process.": That means that an University which is accepted as a TNE institution has gone through an application process in which its accreditation is being checked.

    Conclusion: All TNE institutions are state-recognized, which would apply for Bircham too.

    Not really sure about this since it´s complicated...
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    So if I'm reading this all correctly, Bircham has had some student's credentials accepted by their home governments, and Bircham has been registered to operate with some governments and some governments have acknowledged allowing them to operate, but Bircham is still not accredited anywhere on earth?
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