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    I agree, that's the was I would read whats written on this Page:


    They operate legally in Curacao, but they are not state recognised.
    Seems like some authority in Ruanda has accepted one of the students' PhD degree as equivalent to a state-recognised PhD in Ruanda.

    I'm still not Sure whether
    Caribbean International University can award state-recognised degrees. I have Not yet checked Colorado Theology University.
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    Are you sure you don't mean Wakanda?

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    Oh, Bircham is accredited, sort of. By Doc Brady’s, Mohamed G Kafafy’s, Chris Campbell’s and Stephen Barnhart’s American Association for Higher Education and Accreditation, AAHEA. And by William Martin’s Education Quality Accreditation Commission, EQAC. Dr Martin is, I believe, a graduate of Bircham University as well as California University FCE (CUFCE), although technically, CUFCE is not a university. It’s an organisation that offers equivalency degrees, that is evaluating degrees from quite a few unrecognised universities worldwide as equivalent to degrees awarded by regionally accredited schools in the US. Here’s a presentation of Lord William Martin, Duke of Bircham, https://www.iv-university.org/william-martin/

    The Ignita Veritas University is part of the Ignita Veritas United Inter-Governmental Association which has its own accrediting agency, the Inter-Governmental Accreditation Commission. Bircham International University is IGAC accredited.

    Another agency accrediting Bircham is the International Accreditation and Recognition Council, IARC, an unrecognized Australian thingy mainly associated with the Tempest-Mogg family and Warnborough University.

    And so on. But I guess Bircham is like tapioca pudding, fine for them as likes it (my thanks go out to Osa Johnson).
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    Right, lol. Although, I file bogus accreditors and well-meaning but unrecognized accreditors in the same folder.
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    and I consider this to be an oxymoron
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    Given that the discussion on Horizons University France on this thread began in 2012, would like to know as of today, 2020 what is their recognition status in France and elsewhere.
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    Off-Topic: Hey are you the guy from Power World? If so, we have something in common. Personal Training, etc.
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    The school claims ACBSP accreditation for several of its programs, which is a very good think afaik?! They offer a DBA in DL, 3 years 3000 Euros each year. Seems like a price to me^^
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    You can put a pretty bow on a cow flop and it will still smell bad and mess up your boots.

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