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Nov 28, 2020 at 1:11 AM
    1. Education20
      Hi is getting my Health Management degree from Penn foster useable GA
    2. mustafa
      Many thanks for your reply regarding U. of A - Temecula.,
      As you have mentioned that " ASIC clearly points out that its accreditation does not give any degree-granting authority". The question here, how about Cambridge international college accreditation, since this school is UK school and accredited by UK ASIC. Is CIC has the authority to grant a professional MBA. It is Mastery not master degree!!.

    3. mustafa
      I would like to ask you about the university of america temecula ca, is it accredited or not ??.

      Thank you
    4. Mohamad Qutait
      Mohamad Qutait
      Hello Mr. Johann
      How are you
      I would like to ask you about IPE , is it recognized or not ?
      I saw on internet this sentence and I tried to check for DBA program
      I found:
      Fully recognised by the French Government at Level 1 (Nivveau 1)
      level 1 is MA , not Doctoral ?
      Do you have any idea
      Thank you
    5. Andy
      Hi Johann, i read some articles about "universities" providing fake doctorate titles. u posted in all of them. So i expect u to be well informed in this field.
      Im a bit disappointed as every distant learning doctorate program seems to be fake, truely bad and even not recognized.

      Do u have a recommendation for an Institute with a online doctorate Program worth taking a look at?

      Many thanks in advance,
    6. Abner
      Hi Johann. I told a bunch of weird of weid stories. Some of them are true, and some are not. I am really ashamed and embarrased. I won't be coming. Thanks for being a nice guy.
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