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    IF this program and school are truly LEGIT, get accreditation in the US, their programs are recognized here, and they can take US financial aid (I know foreign schools normally cant, but if they obtain either NA or RA accreditation, can they then accept it?) then I would seriously look into this program. The classes sound interesting and the virtual auditorium is just flat out cool.
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    Chip - I think this qualifies for your "Threat of the week" thread.

    Dear Mr. President: There are two or three things I'd like to add. I do not know what "defamatory" statements you are referring to but I believe that I can assure you that nothing will be removed from this website. You can take whatever action you like, legal or otherwise. I would also like to say that I have an immediate distrust of anyone who claims a position of authority and yet registers anonymously on this site and refuses to even give their real name. Finally, I would like to accept your kind offer to visit your "campus." Please notify me once you have purchased my airline ticket and hotel accomodations and I will give you the name and address of my attorney so that you can mail them off to me. Merci.
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    A standard resource used by most admissions officers and many HR departments to determine the legitimacy of a university is the Europa World of Learning, a 3,000-page book published annually by Routledge, describing in some detail more than 13,000 institutions. For whatever it is worth, in the 65-page (large pages, small type) section on France, Horizons University is not included.

    Perhaps someone whose French is better than mine (that would be nearly everyone) could make an inquiry of the Comité national d'evaluation (CNE), which is described as "the government organization with authority over all institutions of higher education in France; evaluation of quality of main missions of public service of each such institution." Email: [email protected] Phone 1-55-55-60-97 Fax 1-55-55-63-94, address 43 rue de la Procession, 75015 Paris, France.
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    Avec beaucoup de plaisir! E-mailed them (in French) today. Will let you know re: reply. We'll just see if I'm as wrong in my interpretation as HorizonsU says I am! :smile:

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    Pas de réponse. (No reply.) I used my college e-mail account, hoping it would add a shred of ostensible legitimacy. Doesn't look like it did. :smile: I'll try again in a day or so..

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    Hear anything back yet?
  8. Johann

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    Rien. (Nothing) Re-mailed them today.

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    C'est pas pour demain ca n'arrivera peut-etre pas de sitot.
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    Bien sûr. Il faut de la patience. Nous allons voir.... :smile:

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    I know French is a beautiful language, etc., but when I see this exchange I still can't help but imagine that Maurice Chevalier "hon hon hon!" laugh at the end of each sentence. (You know, that one that actual French-speaking people don't even do.)
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    Mêle-toi avec ce qui te regarde, Steve. (MYOB) :sad: Hon hon hon.

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    Here in Canada, we know all aboot this.
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    I have been looking at one of the courses at this University and came across your forum. What is the latest? Did you get a reply from the French Education Board?
  15. Johann

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    Je regrette que non. Je n'ai rien reçu. Sorry, no. I received nothing. I emailed them twice and forgot about it. I guess they have de plus gros poissons à frire - bigger fish to fry. Now that's an expression that would never be used in French! :smile: I believe the usual French equivalent is "avoir d'autres chats à fouetter" - other cats to flog! :shock:

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    Thanks for the reply. I have just called "Education Nationale" (E.N.) in Paris to ask them about it. They said that "Horizons" is indeed 'registered' with them but that their certificates are not 'recognised' and have not been approved in France. In fact, anyone, (you or me) could go to "Rectorat" part of the E.N. in Paris and tell them that we are opening a school and they will provide you with a number (like the one shown). This shows only that you exist and not that you have been "approved". This is in no way saying that the degree course is no good - it could be excellent - but unfortunately, it is not a recognised certificate in France.
  17. Johann

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    My thanks - for this definitive proof that Horizons' degrees are not recognized in its own land, despite anything the school (or anyone else) might say to the contrary.

    You have settled the question completely. Je vous remercie mille fois. :smile:

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    Horizons University still a cause for concern

    I was on the verge of paying for the DBA at Horizons you when I came across on this site. The CHEA in the US has Horizons blacklisted as an unaccredited university in spite of its so-called ACBSP approval. Since the degree is not recognized in France then that fact negates all other types of accreditation. My advice is that Horizons steps up to the plate and gets its house in order before taking peoples' money. I also asked that they put their completed theses on their website so that the public can assess the quality of their research. They have not done so. Do not waste your money with Horizons U until the get CHEA recognition.
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    Just a point of order since this is an old thread that has been resurrected; Horizons University does appear on the ACBSP website and is listed as being currently accredited. So their ACBSP accreditation isn't really "so-called."

    Horizons does not have institutional accreditation through any U.S. based accreditor, however. As to whether their status in France remains the same, I cannot say (but probably).
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    Hi dexperte and Neuhaus. Yes we are accredited by ACBSP now. We are also accredited by ASIC and ECBE. You say we are not accredited in France. In France there are many institutions like ours and while we cannot issue "state" degrees we can issue degrees that are recognized in other countries. Be aware that the Ministry of Education verifies once a year our programs. We do not just get a number that is wrong information. Our graduates get hobs, promotions and are recognized. dexperte, it's a shame you retracted without gibing us a call. Our mission is to help people get a degree in the best conditions with affordable tuition. All these defamatory statements I see above are just a big waste of time of people who do not know what they are talking about and not getting all the information. But if they are happy doing so, this is ot preventing us from giving quality education to happy graduates; In our website you will see audited statistics about our student satisfaction rate. When you say we "should" get an American accreditation, besides ACBSP, Americans do not give accreditation to schools abroad. And the US accreditation is not an obvious answer to our French-based school. UK is more relevant. And we do have a British institution accreditation as you will see in their web site. Any other questions, please write directly to us. Use the contact form or call us. We are there for you every day, 9 am to 5pm. Have a great Summer.

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