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  1. Bruce

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    A substantive discussion can't take place until the participants know of each other's affiliations for possible bias.

    I have absolutely, positively, no connection to AIU whatsoever, either as someone with a financial interest, an employee, student, or graduate.

    Do you?
  2. Neuhaus

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    Why are you evading the question about your affiliation with AIU? I've asked you very nicely several times to disclose your affiliation but you continue to ignore them and then go off on rants.

    No, this indicates how I am not going to let you just sidestep a direct question if you insist upon continuing this discussion. Tell us your affiliation and then we can have an open and honest dialogue. You might win us over. But you won't win us over by hurling accusations and evading questions.

    To the former, "barely." To the latter, why don't you tell me what language you speak and I'll let you know if I am proficient in it?

    I have three degrees from three separate institutions. I have certificates, coursework and non-credit training from at least a dozen more. I like education. And I love higher ed for all of its weird quirks and caveats. And, in fact, I was willing to give AIU the benefit of the doubt that it isn't simply selling degrees like some "schools" out there. But that doesn't make AIU a "good" school or one that is advisable for a student to consider. But, I'm also open minded about these things. So if you want to have a discussion about it I'm happy to engage. But if you refuse to reveal your affiliation with the school then you are basically telling me that you have no intention of having a serious discussion.
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    phrasal coding analysis is not the solution rather recognizing the fact that the subject matter functions in accordance to Hawaii jurisdiction. I would have agreed with you had it been that the concerned university engages itself in corrupt practices. Therefore, finding out that the University is innocent shows that you all are mistaken or brainwashed. To find the truth engage yourself and research properly to know the truth.

    An independent researcher to know the truth and talk the truth is what I am. You have three degrees as you said is your degree the best in the world? the answer is no. Do you attend nontraditional university? No one advice anyone to attend a nontraditional Universities but if the circumstance permits then is okay but if not better attend a normal university (as a teenager 18 ....upwards)

    What do you mean by affiliation? This is a forum to discuss matters. I don't want to know who you are and don't know me but as indicated above an independent researcher to know the truth before criticizing or accusing.
  4. mbwa shenzi

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    So at least you know a thing or two about what's going on in Okija...
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  5. mbwa shenzi

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    Assuming that's what's actually going on, that is. You know what they call it, don't you? A substandard yankee school.
  6. Johann

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    "I just dropped in - to see what condition my condition was in." (Mickey Newbury).

    No, of course I'm not mbwa shenzi. He's a real education expert - a highly-respected professional, whereas I only enjoy insignificant amateur standing. Actually, I was responding to Dr. Douglas's apt remark - "I speak English. Can I be a Nigerian?" Just showing off my small knowledge of Pidgin, the widespread and
    ultra-expressive English-based dialect indispensable in Nigerian daily life. I like languages in general and Pidgin is becoming special to me.

    I'm not NEARLY as confused as you think I am - not by a long shot. And I'm not as think as you drunk I am, either. :smile:


    Tout le monde hate me, wey I don't know pourquoi. (Cameroon)
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    Please be aware that Atlantic International University is not a UK Degree awarding body. A full list of Recognised and Listed bodies in the United Kingdom can be found at; In the UK it is illegal to trade under the name 'university' as this is a protected word under Company Law, and you must seek permission from Department for Business, Innovation & Skills before using it.

    Source: Degree Fraud Officer in United Kingdom.
  8. Johann

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    We get the message, Keiron - we've read your other posts on this recurring theme. So please be aware that we're fully awake. How could a Hawaii-domiciled school with no UK presence be a UK degree-awarding body, in any case? Now that would be a major trans-jurisdictional first! :smile: Not even the mighty ASIC could accomplish that!

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    I was wondering if Atlantic International University is now accepted in Texas if they are accredited by ASIC. Texas still lists it as unaccredited.
  10. Kizmet

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  11. SteveFoerster

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    No, they're not. ASIC doesn't mean anything at all in the U.S.
  12. Ted Heiks

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