Ted Heiks
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Aug 30, 2021
Feb 16, 2005
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Jan 21, 1962 (Age: 62)
Ottawa County, Ohio
perpetual grad student; sometime ranch hand; somet

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Ted Heiks

Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member, 62, from Ottawa County, Ohio

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Aug 30, 2021
    1. James star
    2. JWC
      Hi Ted,

      I have asked to have my account deleted about three months ago and no action has been taken. Will you do me a favor and take care of this since you are a Moderator, please? Thanks, Ted.
    3. major56
      Dear Ted,

      I am so truly sorry that you have to contend with so many serious and ongoing health issues my friend. You are and have been for many years … a premier poster and moderator for DegreeInfo. Although you and I have experienced (on a very few occasions) some slight disagreements; nonetheless, such were given and received as argument via maintaining professionalism. You have my sincerest respect (you’ve earned it) through your consistent professional conduct over many years.

      I wish for you additional strength and encouragement in the struggle with your conditions Ted. The very best to you!
    4. rdgrmlln
      Hello Ted...I am a new forum member...I sent two PM and when I go to view the sent messages it say I haven't sent any...any suggestions...Thanks!
    5. Notiswas
      Greetings Ted. I am running across an issue where I can post new threads to various forums, however when I try to post to the General Ed. forum I am blocked access for some reason or another. Any insight on this?

    6. Jason9934
      Hello Mr Helks. I am reaching out to you for help because of your wealth of knowledge. To make a long story short: my brother in law was well on his way to being s successful person 8 years ago. Unfortunately he fell of a building and nearly died, this event derailed his life. Recently he told me he would like to go back to school and try to get his life back on track. I offered him my spare room with the stipulation he has 18months to finish his degree and move forward with his life. Before he fell he had about 70 college credits. He changed majors once so many of his credits do not easily fit together. He has credits from: Davenport Business college, Colombia in Chicago, and Purdue-Calumet. I think it would be best to find a degree program that will: maximize credit transfer, regionally accredited, reasonably affordable, and perhaps allow him to transfer in a few classes on the fly; (would be a bonus). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
    7. Kizmet
      OK Teddy, be that way.
    8. dl_mba
      Thanks Ted.
    9. Hille
      Hi Ted, Do you have any idea which colleges will be going RA. Cannot get a clear vibe about Aspen. Thanks. Hille
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    Jan 21, 1962 (Age: 62)
    Ottawa County, Ohio
    perpetual grad student; sometime ranch hand; somet
    perpetual grad student; one who has moved around the country from Ohio to Tennessee to Michigan to Colorado to Washington and back to Ohio

    collecting obscure old history books; doing applied culinary history; going to grad school DL; making arrogant comments at degreeinfo; singing karaoke, chain smoking, chain-drinking Diet Pepsi & flirting with pretty bartendresses


    Theo the Educated Derelict
    BA, History/Political Science, Western State College of Colorado, 1984
    MBA, Entrepreneurship, City University of Seattle, 1992
    MBA, Marketing, City University of Seattle, 1993

    Politics is made from two words: "poly" meaning "many" and "ticks" meaning "blood-sucking insects."