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Moderator, Male, from Boston, MA

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    1. jheath777
      Do you have any info on Holy State University in Philadelphia PA?
    2. DonJuan
      i was trying to post from mobile and just noticed it needed approval from moderator ? could you take a look to see if it meet forum criteria

    3. Jan
      Hi Bruce,

      I sent a request to delete a post from FTFaculty, dated 1/29, relating to the thread pertaining to IUGS, whereby he makes a grossly inappropriate "diagnosis" indicating "There is a poster on this forum who is PROFOUNDLY DISTURBED..." (my capitalizations). This grossly provocative, flaming and undermining statemen,t used to express FTFaculty's personal animus towards a poster on that thread, even though he did not mention a speciific name, is not only unacceptable but harassing. To make such diagnostic assessments is equally inappropriate whether the poster, such as FTFaculty, is a layperson or a mental health professional, and if not deleted, sets a precedent that will allow other posters to engage in similar undermining flaming "diagnosis". I would appreciate your review of this post and that it be deleted. Thanks for your attention and assistance. Jan
    4. Ted Heiks
      Ted Heiks
      Bruce: Can either you opr Chip (to be read: one of the real moderators) come down from Mt. Sinai or Heaven or wherever you are and visit the Mod forum? There has been a long-running dispute (well, that's a little too polite a term to describe it) between myself and Airtorn. I would like to resign my Moderatorship but stay on as Distinguished Senior Mem,ber so i can finish out some from the great state of threads before i contemplate leaving this board forever.
    5. Hille
      Good Morning Bruce, Any thoughts on creating a sticky for foreign degrees that are legit? I have been following the India threads which look promising. Hille thanks.
    6. Hille
      Good Morning Bruce, I would like to see the listing and discussion of foreign dl universities and the acceptance in the US work environment. I have been searching out the Top Up Universities for my daughter but cannot get a feeling of the legit nature of some of these schools. New books on dl seem to have evaporated. Thanks. Hille
    7. rogersjd14
      Just wondering why my post isn't up yet. I tried posting 2 days ago. Thanks.
    8. Winterdawn
      Also, I apologize for putting that in your visitor messages. I recently registered and just noticed that there is a private message feature.
    9. Winterdawn
      Hello, my name is Winter. I was googling some information on the Criminology, Law, and Society and one of your posts came up. I noticed in your signature all of the degrees that you have and I found it very impressive. I was trying to find someone who had a lot of experience and education in the areas I'm interested in so that I could ask questions. I'm currently majoring in Administration of Justice at my local community college. I graduate at the end of this semester and I will receive an Associates in Applied Science in Administration of Justice. After this, I hope to transfer to a 4 year institution. The institution I hope to be transferring to is George Mason University and the major I plan on pursing is a BS in Criminology, Law, and Society. I was wondering if you knew of any career options for those with a BS in this major. Also, any tips you may have for me are welcome. I understand if you are busy and unable to answer me, but if you do I would appreciate it very much. :)
    10. LegendoftheSeeker
      Unfortunately, there have been no replies, much less cogent commentary. Do you know anything about the subject or know anyone who does? Or should I be in a different section of the Forum, or even a different Forum altogether, perhaps?
      Would appreciate any guidance you can give me.
    11. LegendoftheSeeker
      Bruce, thank you very much for the correction. I guess the editing doesn't extend to the titles of the posts except for administrators.
    12. LegendoftheSeeker
      Bruce, are you on?
    13. LegendoftheSeeker
      Bruce, I just posted a thread asking "Does the State of NY impose a limit on the age of credits?," but misspelled "State" as "Sate." I tried changing it by editing, but it would not let me. Can you correct my spelling for me or erase the post and I will re-post. It's kind of embarrassing.
    14. Pugbelly2
      Bruce, I am a long-time user but my normal handle, Pugbelly, won't allow me to post, search, PM, pr anything else. I had to create a new account, Pugbelly2, just to be able to use the board again. Do you know what might be wrong with my original account? I'd really love it back.


    15. Ted Heiks
      Ted Heiks
    16. Ted Heiks
      Ted Heiks
      Hi, Bruce! There's someone at thread who is looking for a bachelor's in criminology/criminal justice for under $15,000. I told her to go to your sig line and start clicking links on your wonderful foxfire lists. So, if you could show up on her thread, it'd be easier for her to find your sig line.
    17. brow276
      Hi Bruce,

      How are degrees from RA universities such as AMU looked upon by LE agencies?


    18. Hille
      Hi Bruce, Looking for the post that included information about Fragile X Syndrome. I thought it was a Harvard CE course but I cannot locate it currently. Thanks. HIlle
    19. DrGregory
      Bruce, I'm posting messages and they are not posted. Is there any way to get off this "moderated" mode? I posted a message at 1:15ish today, and it was never posted. I then posted it two more times thinking it was problem on my end. Never showed up. Spoke with a moderator, they were saying my messages will being moderated. (The thread in question is the AT Still University thread in the main forum).

      FYI, I've been a member for a few years, I just changed my account name from "Gregory Gulick" to DrGregory" for privacy reasons.

    20. tomC
      I think you said that iicts belongs to another group. I don't remember what group that was, can you please let me know the name of that group again.
      Thanks. TomC.
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    Boston, MA
    Police Officer/Adjunct College Instructor
    Shooting, Baseball, Football, Criminal Justice/Criminology issues, Military History


    Bruce Tait
    A.S. (Criminal Justice) Quincy College
    B.A. (Criminal Justice) Curry College
    M.A. (Criminal Justice) University of Massachusetts-Lowell
    M.A. (Forensic & Counseling Psychology) Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology
    Certificate (Investigative Psychology) CUNY-John Jay College of Criminal Justice

    Certificate (Disability Awareness and Support in Higher Education) University of Pittsburgh
    Certificate (International Criminal Law) Case Western Reserve University
    Certificate (Psychology of Criminal Justice) University of Queensland
    Certificate (Classical Sociological Theory) University of Amsterdam