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  1. mbwa shenzi

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    Atlantic International University is now listed as a member institution by ASIC, Accreditation Services for International Schools, Colleges and Universities, United Kingdom. Member institutions are not accredited by ASIC as they have not gone through the accreditation process.
  2. John Bear

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    Another geographical curiosity: Atlantic International, with an address in Hawaii.

    At one time, they claimed their accreditation from the dreadful and unrecognized "Accrediting Commission International" formerly of Beebe, Arkansas.

    Perhaps someone with better search skills than I can learn something about what one finds at their campus address, 900 Fort Street Mall, #40, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813.
  3. Bruce

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  4. Johann

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    According to their current page, they still claim ACI accreditation:

    "AIU has chosen private accreditation through the Accrediting Commission International (ACI) which is an independent agency and not regulated or approved by the US Department of Education..."

  5. John Bear

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    That means I can mention, as I do every few years, my article for University Business Magazine, entitled "Great Moments in Accreditation: The Case of IAC, ACI, and The Three Stooges"

    I should also mention that Dr. John Scheel, founder of ACI, publicly called me a liar for stating the information in that article: that ACI offered instant accreditation to all members of the disgraced IAC. When I posted a copy of Scheel's letter of 12/22/88, making that offer to all IAC school, he stopped calling me a liar (as far as I know).
  6. Johann

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    That article is a true classic, Dr. Bear. It is well worth a periodic re-read. :smile: Things like that should never be forgotten.


    "The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interrèd with their bones." - Shakespeare, Julius Caesar.
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  7. Kizmet

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    He may have stopped calling you a liar but I'll bet he started calling you something else.:yikes:
  8. Michigan68

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    Actually, AIU received full ASIC Accreditation yesterday.
  9. ntzanza

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    Why are people always like to confuse themselves and others. Why don't you support hardworking universities such as Atlantic International University.
    This University has been accredited by ASIC. Please inquire and stop writing nonsense!
  10. Rich Douglas

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    ASIC accreditation is meaningless as it applies to whether or not a school is considered a university and whether or not the degrees it issues will be considered comparable to those issued by other, properly recognized, universities.
  11. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    Dear ntzanza

    You write, "Why are people always like to confuse themselves..."

    Dear N T Zanza
    Why indeed. Since the Zanza software company runs on Microsoft NT, I deduce that you are writing from that company. Is that correct? Are you writing in an official capacity as a spokesperson for the company? Are you perhaps the person initialed E.Y. or P.C.? Are Atlantic International degrees accepted at Zanza? Do you have one? Just curious. Thank you.
  12. mbwa shenzi

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    I see this thread now has its own 'surprises'. ASIC neither validates nor confers degree-awarding powers, according to ASIC itself. Among the hardworking universities with ASIC accreditation we now find Akamai University, American Liberty University, Hasaca National University, the University of America, the University of Science, Arts and Technology, Warnborough, Horizons University to mention but a few. Paramount California University was accredited for a short while and then imploded or something. ASIC works with organisations like QISAN, the Quality International Study Abroad Network, and ASIQUAL. I'd recommend you to inquire about those, ntzanza, it's quite interesting. Not to mention ASIC's global licensing initiative, see asiclicense dot info.
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    Off track: mbwa shenzi, what does your signature mean? "Character be like belle, una no fit hide am forever": I tried to find it on the inter-webs and found only a reference to a Nigerian Proverb.

    Funny Pidgin Proverbs - Culture - Nigeria

    Just curious. Thanksl
  14. Johann

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    Dr. Bear, I hope this person will reply to you -- but one can never be sure. In the meantime, Google informs me that Ntzanza appears to be a valid surname in South Africa. Not common (on the Internet, anyway) but at least known. So -- that increases the possibilities. Makes it interesting. :smile:


    Tout le monde hate me, wey I don't know pourquoi. (Cameroon).
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  15. mbwa shenzi

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    Oh, it's just a proverb in Nigerian Pidgin: it translates as "character is like a belly, you can't hide it forever".
  16. novadar

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    Thanks for the update. It's kinda funny and true! LOL.
  17. Legal Eagle

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  18. mbwa shenzi

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    Thank you Legal Eagle. Yes, that's pretty much what was being discussed.

    I know: it's quite often singled out for mention.

    Correct, ASIC is perfectly legitimate and does what it's allowed to under UK law.

    I'd like to ask a question though: what, to a US university that is neither regionally nor nationally accredited in the US, are the benefits of being ASIC accredited considering the fact that 1) ASIC neither confers nor validates degree-awarding powers - "Applicants wishing to study at any institution, including those offering distance education programmes, should always satisfy themselves that the level of recognition of a relevant award is sufficient to meet their needs"- , 2 ASIC doesn't accredit courses - "ASIC accreditation covers an institution not a specific course. You will need to contact your chosen institution to confirm whether or not a course is accredited/validated"? Quotes from ASIC's FAQ.
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  19. scaredrain

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    Could someone complete a degree at ASIC and have it evaluated by WES and/or ECE? This may be an avenue to having the degree accepted in the US. Just a thought.
  20. SteveFoerster

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    Well, ASIC is an accreditor, not a school, so no.

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