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Feb 7, 2001
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Rich Douglas

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    1. kuojason
      I am currently applying for Management distance learning PhD at University of Leicester.

      Any info or feedback on the university or PhD program will be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you so much for your support.

      Jason Kuo
    2. Pugbelly2
      Rich, do you know who I would contact regarding a problem with my account? I am a long-time user but my normal handle, Pugbelly, won't allow me to post anything, search, PM anyone, etc. I had to create a new handle (Pugbelly2) just to be able to do anything at all on the board. I'd really love my original account back, ya know?


    3. Attaullah
      Respected Rich Douglas,

      I am impressed with your comments about Clayton University St.Luis, Missouri.
      I need your advice and moral support as I am not looking for admission to Clayton University but I had already got my Master Degree from Clayton in the year 1987. I have already and unknowingly got admission in Clayton University like 25 yaers before. So what I am looking for: is a kind of protection that at least I have a genuine degree NOT fake and at that time, the Clayton University did posses a 3I3 accredition Status listed many a times in teh 80s on the HEP, Higher education program Directory from the US Education Authorities. My simple plea and request is that how can you show me a light in my support that though I had a low or poor or non accredited Degree but at least I attended classes, appeared in Exames, paid the fee and hold a real degree NOT fake

      Looking very much for your professional support

      A. Khan
      Peshawar, Pakistan [email protected]
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    Degrees completed:
    AAS, Education Administration and Methodology, Community College of the Air Force
    AA, Liberal Arts, The University of the State of New York (Regents External Degree program, now Excelsior College)
    BA, Liberal Arts (Concentration in Sociology), The University of the State of New York (Regents External Degree program, now Excelsior College)
    BS, Business, The University of the State of New York (Regents External Degree program, now Excelsior College)
    MBA, National University
    PhD, specialization in Nontraditional Higher Education, Union Institute and University
    Doctor of Social Science (studying Human Resource Development), University of Leicester

    Certifications (current):
    Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD), Association for Talent Development
    Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), HR Certification Institute
    Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coaching Federation

    (NB: Former Project Management Professional (PMP), Project Management Institute)


    Rich Douglas