Northcentral U. achieves initial regional accreditation today

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  1. simon

    simon New Member

    NCU has been successful in obtaining initial regional accreditation from NCA today.

    I haven't learned the paticulars re: whether NCA will require students to have some form of residency. The initial goal of NCU was to offer doctoral education without residency requirements but through the use of video cameras mounted on students' computers. We will see. However, the big three DL schools will now have a viable contender to deal with at currently reasonable tuition.

    Congratulations are in order!
  2. Homer

    Homer New Member

    NCU has been successful in obtaining initial regional accreditation from NCA today.

    Even =recommending= accreditation amounts to a (very) good day!

    However, the big three DL schools will now have a viable contender to deal with at currently reasonable tuition.

    Here's hoping the tuition remains that way (I'm betting on at least a small markup, though).
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest


    If NCU gains full approval by March 2003, how will this impact SCUPS?

    1. Will SCUPS fade away?
    2. Will NCU, on a case-by-case basis, accept SCUPS credits?
    3. Will SCUPS continue to be a cash cow for its NCU owner?

    Any thoughts?
  4. simon

    simon New Member

    Re: Re: Northcentral U. achieves initial regional accreditation today

  5. simon

    simon New Member

    Re: SCUPS?

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  6. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    I don't necessarily agree with Simon that accreditation is a stone-cold lock for NCU. But it seems very close to one. I think the bigger question remains whether or not NCA will require changes (particularly as it relates to residency). I think not; NCA likely would have held off from its recommendation until such changes were implemented, observed, measured, etc. So, no guarantee, but really, really close.

    Regarding SCUPS, I have to agree with Simon. Two operations, two financial setups, etc.

    I bet SCUPS earns a better profit margin. (Probably larger gross profits, too, for that matter.)
  7. simon

    simon New Member

    If NCU maintains its current policy of charging a relatively moderate tuition for course hours taken rather than a high monthly charge as is the practice at two of its major competitors, NCU is going to grow exponentially. This wll be especially true if NCA does not require NCU students to participate in a residency.
  8. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator

    I agree. If I were able to pay tuition on a per-credit basis for a doctoral program at Capella, Walden, or Union, I would have enrolled already. Even for a non-business person such as myself, the cost/benefit analysis of paying $4000 a semester when I could only take one or two courses didn't make sense to me.

    Hopefully, NCU won't get greedy if and when they receive accreditation, they'll keep the per-credit tuition, and expand their program offerings.

  9. Toonces

    Toonces New Member

    Does anyone (anyone else) think that it's kind of odd that North Central University could be accredited by the North Central Association? Couldn't that lead to some confusion among potential students, as they're both 'North Centrals'?

    I'd like to think it wouldn't, but...

  10. Andy Borchers

    Andy Borchers New Member

    Interesting point - in the late 1950's a small, Christian liberal arts college called North Center Christian College started operation in Rochester Michigan. The school changed the name to Michigan Christian college (and subsequently to Rochester College) because of concerns for the name's similarity to the RA agency.

    Regards - Andy

  11. Homer

    Homer New Member

    Something's got to happen here, right? What about the NCU in Minneapolis that already has NCA accreditation? Of course, that NCU is sort of where one would expect it to be........north and pretty much central (in contradistinction to south and west). Can the NCA condition accreditation on a name change (e.g. Northcentral University of Arizona)?
  12. hfc

    hfc New Member

    I cannot imagine how North Central association could insist upon a name change for Northcentral University in Arizona considering they already accredit North Central University (in Minnesota), North Central College (in NCA's home state of Illinois), Northcentral Technical College (in Wisconsin), and North Central State College (in Ohio).

    These are in addition to North Central Kansas Technical College, North Central Michigan Technical College, North Central Missouri Technical College and Purdue University-North Central which are also within NCA's jurisdiction.

    I'd think that the NCU in Arizona would want to consider a new name just to avoid confusion.
  13. Homer

    Homer New Member

    Good point, really. I just thought perhaps they might (in a rather affirmative tone) "suggest" that NCU consider a name change. I figure NCU, not wanting to jinx their chances here, would most likely comply with such a "request".
  14. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    I have been baffled by the name change from "North Central University" to "Northcentral University," and then still referring to it as "NCU." The claim was that the people in Arizona (which is neither north nor central) decided that on their own, and were not asked by the accreditor.

    Why would one voluntarily go to a non-word name? Southernmethodist University. Notredame University. Georgewashington University. Southerncaliforniauniversityforprofessionalstudies.
  15. Charles

    Charles New Member

    How about "North Central Public University"? ; )))))
  16. simon

    simon New Member

    Regardless of its name, NCU has come a long way from its origins. It has succeeded in separating from SCUPS and is in the process of possibly being approved to provide a doctorate without a period of residency by NCA.

    Quite frankly, whatever the application of the school's name, they have successfully negotiated a difficult path. Just did not want this thread to stray to far from this significant accomplishment.
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  17. hfc

    hfc New Member

    This is quite true and you are right - this is a significant achievement and will, hopefully, provide competition for the DL institutions, public and private, that are so much more expensive.

    And, after all, there's a Northwestern University which is not in the northwest of the US (or of it's own state even), so why not call a university in Arizona, Northcentral University? At least IT is in the north central part of Arizona
  18. Homer

    Homer New Member

    .....there's a Northwestern University which is not in the northwest of the US (or of it's own state even)....

    Just in the FWIW department, that's because Northwestern has been around for quite some time and was originally named after the area it was founded to serve..............the Northwest Territory.
  19. dwkelly2

    dwkelly2 New Member

    Regardless of the institution's name, NCU has broken new ground. Their accomplishment in not requiring a residency, hopefully, will assist all distance learners in accomplishing their goals. As with all institutions of higher learning, I hope the cost-benefit is reasonable for those who want to obtain an education at an affordable price.

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