Northcentral U. achieves initial regional accreditation today

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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Bye!

    In this, my last post to this thread, I would like to clarify some of my opinions and positions that are being paraphrased by others and, intentionally or not, being distorted.

    Concerning ACCS
    I have nothing personally against ACCS, nor have I ever asserted that the school or its programs are substandard. The only reason I even broached the subject of ACCS was an alumni claimed (and another alumnus corroborated having a similar experience, although he interpreted the outcome differently) that ACCS officially admitted him into a doctoral program based solely on a telephone call and a credit card payment without examination of official transcripts.

    Contrary to what some are saying or implying, these were not my contentions; these were the assertion of alumni. In fact, I doubted that this was the case many months ago, and continue to doubt it now. It is important to note, however, that the assertion of official status by one of the alumni was self-serving in that it alleviated potential ethical ramifications. Like I said, I don’t personally have a problem with ACCS or its programs. However, when an individual publicly posts credentials and opines that it is ethical to so because the school informed him or her that they were officially admitted, where then, does the fault lie?

    However, if in the unlikely event that this individual’s assertions are correct, and ACCS is officially admitting people based solely on a telephone call and a credit card payment, I want my position to be perfectly clear: I would consider that to be extremely unseemly behavior on the part of an institution of higher learning.

    If, on the other hand, and as is infinitely more likely, ACCS is admitting individuals on a provisional basis, or contingent upon the receipt of transcripts, that is in line with what many other institutions do. Once again, not once have I even suggested that to do so was improper. However, if the statements by alumni on this forum (who report being told that they were admitted and enrolled and nothing else) are to be believed, it appears ACCS needs to do a better job apprising students of the fact that their admission is contingent on other factors.

    No one has seemed to have directly attacked my position on this, choosing instead to make it seem as if I had some kind of problem with ACCS instead. In fact, my sole concern with ACCS was within the larger scope of the ethics and norms of how and when to list credentials. This is my opinion plain and simple: It is unethical to list oneself as having a doctoral degree (even one in progress) without having been officially notified of admission into the program by the school. Feel free to disagree.

    That’s it. If someone wants to discuss this in general and academic terms, I’ll be glad to do so—in a different thread. I will not respond, however, to any discussion as to when ACCS “officially” admits its students. ACCS alumni can’t seem to agree; and I don’t care. It’s the alumni who should be concerned about how the public perceives their school.

    I did not want to mention Wes, but unfortunately the biggest distortion of all currently being perpetuated concerns my responses to his posts. Contrary to what some believe, I’m not out to “get” Wes. When he stopped posting erroneous information concerning programs and licensing requirements, I stopped replying to his posts. When he stopped posting to this thread for a while, I thought it was a wise thing for him to do, as nothing he was saying or doing was helping him further his goal of licensure in the State of Tennessee. When he returned, chock full of vitriol, his posts an incessant stream of ad hominem attacks, I sadly realized Wes does a far better job of undermining his own positions and opinions (and unfortunately sabotaging his own goals in the process), than anything I, or anyone else, can say or do.

    Strangely, however (and I’m sure quite unintentionally), some of his antics do bring up larger (and as such vastly more interesting) ethical and educational issues. These, hopefully, we can discuss in other threads, in general terms, without having bring up anyone’s name.

    That’s it. Read and reread my posts, if you like. Comment all you want, I will not be responding to any other posts in this thread. If you want my opinion, send me a private message. And if you can somehow twist my words so that they present a different argument or viewpoint than I’ve presented here, perhaps you should consider applying for the job of White House Press Secretary. :D :D :D
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Wes, seek help.

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    Oh, Gus is gone? I posted above before reading his departure statement. But now that I am alone here on stage, let me direct your attention to a discussion in Biblical theology? No, huh? Oh well, where is Russell anyway??
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Wes, seek help.

    Just because Gus/Computer says it's right, doesn't make it right. Gus/Computer is backing out because others have experienced his tactics and have seen first-hand how he twists everything he says or is posted to his advantage.

    All this BS Gus/Computer created with it's ill-will, which it masks as helping someone, BS!

    For the record and anyone can read through my past posts, gaining an LPC license has never been high on my list, but since it appears -- after completing my Christian Counseling program -- I will be well postioned to do so, I have entertained the idea. Gus/Computer though has done a good job of making a HUGE issue of his, in his attempt to help me, right!

    Had I maintained an interest all along I would not have enrolled in Northcentral because the six industrial psychology couses I was required to take are not applicable. Of course, we all know that a CCU doctorate will not permit licensure except in California.

    I have long desired to complete additional education and since I already have two masters degrees I decided for professional reasons that I should add the doctorate. Gus/Computer will have you believe that my motivation is only in obtaining the title "Dr." which is inaccurate. Gus/Computer can't seem to understand that a person can have multiple interests and professional needs which permits his/her studying more than one subject area. I have researched DBA, psychology -- industrial and general, counseling, and even vocational education programs. Gus/Computer will have you believe that this means I don't know what I am doing, BS!

    Mr. Computer, I'll stay out of your path, if you'll stay out of mine?
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Wait! DWCox, don't go! This is important!

    In the interest of Degreeinfo please refrain from criticizing a persons' use of the English language. I personally don't care or take offense by your comment. However this type of comment might very well intimidate new members or guests from posting for fear that someone -- possibly you -- will try to belittle them. In this event the opportunity to share valuable information might be lost.

    We both know that the vast majority of the messages posted on this NG do not demonstrate perfect use of the English language. This type of comment is why many members and guests of Degreeinfo find the NG to be quite Elitist in nature.
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Wait! DWCox, don't go! This is important!

    That's a load of crap, Wes. The only people who tend to get upset by what's said to them are those who seek only to argue or push their agendas. The times when people seeking assistance have been disappointed in how they were treated are tiny compared to other fora.

    If you didn't take offense, you would not have commented.

    "Elitist" should be "elitist," by the way. (People here DO tend to refrain from commenting on grammar and spelling, unless invited by the poster's comments. Your unsolicited dragging of me into your dispute with Gus--plus your lies about me--were enough for me to criticize you in any way I can until you get off my ass. I'm simply not going to take it from you.)

    This board is not elitist; participation in it is open to all except those who violate its TOS. It excludes no one else. I certainly don't have a say in who posts here and who does not. And if this board is "elitist," then you are, too, for you are a part of it. Now, you could remedy that....:rolleyes: But I would rather you just left me alone, and quit lying about me.
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    thump thump thump thump thump
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Wes, seek help.

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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Wait! DWCox, don't go! This is important!

    [/B] [/QUOTE]
    Yes I agree too, when I see people here critique other's spelling and grammar as a side part to a debate or argument I always read a level of uppityness and stuckupness (are those words?) which I never liked in people.[/B] [/QUOTE]
    Bob Crisantes


    As you can see many members do maintain a dislike for this type of behavior.
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    I think this thread needs to end. Probably no participant is 100% correct in all they say. I am not, for I think North's response more favors Gus' conjecture than mine.

    But if this thread doesn't die, then I just may get out one of my 1911 target .45s and cap it a few times;)
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    Unless I'm mistaken, Tuoro University International already has a accredited PhD program with no residential requirements.
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    Will TUI go for AACSB accreditation?

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