Marijuana Legalization

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Kizmet, Oct 31, 2016.

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    Marijuana should have never been made illegal. It does not make any sense. Growing cotton should have been illegal if governments were looking for a plant to ban.
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    HA! Or would it be twice as big? The government had a "War on drugs" and now it seems twice as bad as it ever was. :dead1:
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    Yeah, but I still think you want to snort that fancy chocolate! Geez! Talk about dry sinuses! :smile:
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    Drug problems in Nevada! State declares emergency! Not enough marijuana!

    Nevada running out of weed, ‘statement of emergency’ declared |

    The state admits that it seriously underestimated demand for legal recreational marijuana in NV. Retailers in the state's 47 'dispensaries' (up from 42 on July 1st, as small rural towns in remote parts of the state get in the act) are running out. So the governor has made a 'Statement of Emergency' (as opposed to a State of Emergency, which is for disasters) that allows the state to address supply and distribution using abbreviated procedures. The plan seems to be to license liquor distributors to distribute pot too. I don't know where the liquor distributors will get their pot.
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    Never heard this one before, but I love it!
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    Yeah - things might have been (a little) different:

    When I was a little bitty baby
    My mama done rock me in the cradle
    In them old GANJA fields back home.

    It was back in Louisiana
    Just about a mile from Texarkana
    In them old GANJA fields back home. (Apologies to The Beach Boys)

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    Beach Boys?
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    Yep. American rock band the Beach Boys recorded "Cotton Fields" on November 18, 1968. True that.
    "Cotton Fields" (traditional) was written and first recorded in 1940 by Huddie Ledbetter, "Leadbelly" . Apologies to him, as well. I believe he also recorded the original for this:

    "Gonna jump down, spin around, smoke a lid of ganja
    Jump down, spin around, smoke a lid a day.
    Oh, Lordy..."

    Oops. More cotton-pickin' apologies to Leadbelly, I guess.

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    Yeah. A lot of people have recorded that song
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    Aw, they just want to spoil all the fun.
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    Illegal Marijuana Farms Dump Shocking Amount of Toxic Waste - Illegal Marijuana Farms Dump Shocking Amount of Toxic Waste

    Mourad Gabriel, an ecologist with the Integral Ecology Research Center in northwest California, tells Reuters the problem is much worse than researchers and officials previously thought. He estimates illegal marijuana sites on federal land in California—where most of these pot-growing farms are found—contain 731,000 pounds of solid fertilizer, 491,000 ounces of concentrated liquid fertilizer and 200,000 ounces of toxic pesticides. These wastes are potent enough to harm law enforcement officials investigating the crops; contact with these toxic material during raids or searches of illegal marijuana farms has sent at least five officials to the hospital for skin rashes and trouble breathing, according to Reuters.

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