Marijuana Legalization

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Kizmet, Oct 31, 2016.

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    Economics, definitely. There's so much money spent and resources drained (tax money, police, health care...).
    Heirophant, do all the research you need. Take as long (and as much) as you want. Please don't start posting until it's all worn off, though. :smile:

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    Yeah - I think I was right. Beer vs. Marijuana is a restatement of the classic Guns vs. Butter economics problem I was introduced to in College. My instructor (great guy) substituted a bit. His version was Beer vs. Onions, because he helped run a family-owned onion farm - and he liked beer. Here's the original problem:

    Can I have my doctorate now? No? Well, can you hook me up with some ganja, then? :smile:

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    Hmmm. Not exactly. Beer and marijuana can be substitute goods. Guns and butter, not so much. Unless you find a creative use that they are both capable of filling. Now THAT would be quite the dissertation :saeek:
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    Oooh, and I decided against marijuana smelling incense due to the obvious problem of giving others the false impression that real marijuana is in my apartment, when nothing could be further from the truth!

    Maybe some kind of essential oil or even a scratch-n-sniff that can be used in short range :D :D :D

    I've probably overthought this whole thing.
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    Not much of a difference, really. Both articles say one chemical in marijuana can (sometimes) help in certain cases of epilepsy.
    Neither article says it's a cure-all for epilepsy and neither suggests using whole marijuana leaves for this condition - or smoking any part thereof. Especially if the patient is twelve years old.
    I was surprised that marijuana for glaucoma patients didn't make the (very short) benefits list. That was the first medicinal use I heard of, donkeys' years ago.

    I tend to believe the second article: "So what would be the purpose of legalizing marijuana? For one, greed. Look at all the money coming from taxes, regulation and distribution." I'd add to that - legalization tends to make supporting politicians wildly popular. Look at our Prime Minister. Exceedingly good-looking + Pro-pot = star-power. Good luck to him when the money's all gone and the party's over.

    You can't argue with greed. Or social media popularity. Neither will listen.

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    The main chemical in Marijuana that gets people high is THC. There are elixirs, capsules, etc that are derived from marijuana with THC removed, leaving all the (supposedly) medicinal properties of every other chemical intact. Why in the world can't THAT be legal? :zx11pissed:

    There are literally dozens (on the low end) of herbs and supplements that would be more dangerous and with more questionable claims to health benefits than THC-removed cannabis. You can KILL yourself with a couple of tablespoons of nutmeg. Oy vey, what is causing Big Gubmint to drag its feet on this one?
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    Nevada just rolled out (in Zig Zags?) its first legal marijuana stores on July 1. There are 42 of them, 36 in the greater Vegas area (where else?), 1 in Laughlin, 4 in Reno and one in Pahrump.

    Several of the ones in Vegas opened with a splash, tour buses pullling up, blocks long lines, strobe lights, booming reggae music and seachlights. Police shrugged and reported no issues.

    Here in California we voted for legal recreational marijuana, but commercial sales seem to have fallen down a bureaucratic black-hole. But trust Nevada and their anything goes old-west mentality to navigate their way through.

    Californians can now legally purchase pot in Nevada, I guess, and possession is now legal here in California. So... maybe it's time to go visit the Silver State.
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    Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.:sigh1:
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    We'll get to be first! We'll start by building a hidden, illicit pipeline to Mexico - including the Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera TUNNEL under the Wall! Make El Chapo great again!

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    He he! Those guys are good at building tunnels (tunels). :smile:
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    ¡Muy injusto! Los federales bloquearon nuestros túneles. ¡Hacer los túneles grandes de nuevo! (Very unfair! The feds blocked our tunnels. Make tunnels great again!)

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    Chingos! Vamos hacer los tuneles estupendos de nuevo - Damn, lets make the tunnels great again. :smile: But you said it better than I did.

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