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    Howdy everyone and greetings to our moderator/facilitator:

    I am an RN with a BSN from University of Phoenix online July 2010. Currently I am enrolled at University of the Rockies online pursuing my MA in Psychology: Mental Health Administration specialization. I won't graduate for another year yet (June 2012). After obtaining this degree I want to back and obtain another Masters in nursing. I don't know for sure but I would like to be a nurse practitioner and/or a nurse executive or both.....just don't want to be in school forever though you know? But I stumbles upon this site where people share their online experiences. Several years ago I attended Southwestern University in their BSN program and they crapped all over me. After transferring to University of Phoenix online, I graduated on time with little complications degree-wise. Their financial aid process was a real joke though but other than that, it was a rewarding experience. I have to get off of the floor as a nurse because my body has taken a real beating over the years from being in this profession. So I plan on applying next summer to an NP program here in Kansas somewhere. I have applied at many universities statewide but the criteria is unrealistic. I have not been accepted anywhere yet, even with an undergrad BSN average GPA of 3.69 and 15 years of healthcare experience. The profession hollers about the shortage and when qualified candidates apply for graduate level education, they find some bogus reason to turn them down. I figured that with a Masters degree soon, maybe they will look at me for admission....I want to desperately change healthcare will be interesting to see where the journey takes me and I only pray that the God of Abraham, Moses, and Jacob cover me throughout the deal and beyond......forever !!!! Thanks for letting me post.
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    Hi Forum ! Since there is an introduction thread, I would like to introduce myself as a "ntboi" and thanks to all. Newbie is working professional of Middle East originated from Nepal. And he found degreeinfo as a center for research to degrees and a community of shared experience. Well, we can share a lot ! Basically I will be benefited from you :) Cheers ! With learning.
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    Hello! just found out about online learning here and I'm fascinated by the process and hope to learn more.
  4. franknelson

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    hi i am francis poavri
    i am very happy to join the group.
  5. farmboy

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    Greetings to all,

    Moderator: Are we all in a circle?
    farmboy: Is it my turn?
    Moderator: You may proceed.
    farmboy:Hi, my name is farmboy.
    circle: Hi farmboy.
    Moderator: What is your problem farmboy?
    farmboy: I am a lurker.
    circle: "gasp"
    Moderator: How long have you had this problem farmboy?
    farmboy: About 5 years or so, maybe more. You know how reading one post just leads to another and another and another and another and another and another....
    Moderator: interupts Yes, yes we get the idea. So 5 years?
    farmboy: Maybe 6.
    Moderator: What are you looking for?
    farmboy: Reasonable answers for my many questions.
    Moderator: What are those questions?
    farmboy: You will have to wait until I post them like everyone else

    maniacal laughter:tongue::Eyecrazy::headbang:​

    circle: :werd:disperses:pat:
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    I lurked for a while but dang, five six years? Wow! Any who welcome and I think your gonna fit in well around here.
  7. Kizmet

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    We waited 5+ years for you to decloak so I guess we can wait another 5-6 years for your questions.:sleeping:
  8. farmboy

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    But really, wasn't it worth the wait?
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    Hello All!

    I'm new to the forums and I am very thankfull that I found your boards. I've been with my company for 12 years and have just been promoted to an Operations Manager. I'm currently looking at going to school to get a degree in business in order for me to progress in my company. I really enjoy reading all of the post here and look forward to asking for and providing help (when I'm able to ;) ).

  10. Abner

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  11. daabels

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    David from Louisiana
  12. wigintonb

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    Hello, I was hoping to find a message board to get me moving in the right direction. I have been out of school for over twenty years (BS in Marketing/Psychology) and its time that I pursue a Master's degree for advancement opportunities. I'm in Operations, distribution/logistics to be exact, and am interested in a Master's in Operations Management, although open to an MBA. I'm a little hesitant to study something I'm not involved nor interested in, but I will do what I have to do. My GPA in college was poor, 2.5. I don't even know if there is a school that would accept me. I'm looking for a program that I can take 100% online. I'm hoping someone here could just send me off in the right direction ("you need to do this first, and then this, and then this" etc.) Thank you.

    Also, money is a concern. I'm not necessarily looking for a cut rate deal, but I can't afford the best school, either. My current employer, for example, would probably look down their nose at certain online degrees, but one from a relatively good school they might accept.
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    You might want to re-post this elsewhere, like under General Distance Learning Discussions, where it will get more attention as a result of it being its own thread.
  14. journi

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    Hi, i am a new member of this forum,and i want to share my ideas and feelings and learn something new in this forum.
  15. Bruce

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    Welcome aboard!
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    Hello, I am a new member and have seen posts for Online instructors @ Ashford University and others. I am wondering how you even go about filling out an app for this? Should I talk to one of my advisors? I graduate in Feb with DBL Degrees one in Social science and the other in Behavioral science..


  17. Jonathan Whatley

    Jonathan Whatley Well-Known Member

    Are you graduating with two Doctor of Business Leadership degrees in, uh, social and behavioral sciences? Or do you mean you're graduating with double degrees? Are they bachelor's degrees? Bachelor's degrees will not qualify you to be an instructor of record at a university, except in the most exceedingly rare cases, like a master professional in woodcarving hired to teach applied associate's-level courses in woodcarving, that sort of thing.
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    Hey all, just wanted to greet this, what it looks like to be, wonderful community. I am really glad I've found this information goldmine!
  19. Bruce

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    Welcome aboard!
  20. rews

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    Hi, to everyone on the forum. I've been browsing this site's forum for a while and finally decided to join. I' m a student from Puerto Rico, currently finishing up my BBA in Entreperneurship in the RA Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. I came across this site when i was researching distance MBA programs. I'm still 24 credits away from graduation and in a traditional semester based university like mine, it translates into a December 2012 graduation date. I guess it's never too early to research and get informed. I'll be seeing you guys around .

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