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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Chip, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome to the group. If you have questions please post them and I am suer you will get some great responses.
  2. Rock Howard

    Rock Howard member

    Rock Howard here! I'll be glad to share & seek knowledge about Online Degrees.
  3. Firefishe

    Firefishe New Member

    Greetings All, Name here is Stephen, out of Jefferson City, Missouri.

    I'm enrolling in Jones International University's BBA-Generalist (Bachelor of Business Administration-Generalist) program. I'm segueing out of a bad experience at a local technical college to a completely online curriculum, this primarily so I can work and *actually make money whilst going to school!*

    I'm aware of JIU's regional accreditation which is partly why I chose it. (Incidentally, I am also aware that there are many fine schools with National Accreditation, and That's Just Fine Too. :) The CHEA doesn't discriminate.)

    It is my hope that I may be an active and contributing member of these forums, and I also welcome any pertinent advice that would help me in my decision making processes whilst enrolled at JIU, or any other programs that I will attend in the future.

    Please feel free to ask me anything. I am a very open person, and respect fully all opinions, peoples, creeds, orientations, etc. I consider myself a diversity-based individual, and am eager to learn about other cultures, which is why I'm focusing on business, as it is truly a global phenomenon that is bringing together may diverse peoples, focusing upon a common bond: Self Sufficiency!

    I look forward to sharing.

    Warmest Regards,
  4. Abner

    Abner Well-Known Member

    Welcome aboard!

    Abner :smile:

  5. Toranoko

    Toranoko New Member

    Hello there,

    My name is John Price. I'm a mid-career professional looking to transition into collegiate-level teaching. I've taught before, both in my graduate program and as an adjunct at a community college, but it's been quite a while. Over ten years, in fact. I stumbled onto this site while looking for something else. I was browsing around and noticed Dr. Bear, and a couple other interesting posters, and I got hooked. Thanks for the amazing info, everyone!
  6. SurfDoctor

    SurfDoctor Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome, John. Here is some info for new members: I hope you enjoy your time on our board and I hope you find some good information. Feel free to start a thread on the main discussion board if you have a question.
  7. LinfieldADP

    LinfieldADP member


    Thank you for offering a place to introduce ourselves. At (spam deleted), we offer a wide range of (spam deleted) for adults to go back to school without relocating or changing their schedule. Whether you are looking into online education for accounting, management, marketing, RN to BSN or others, online education is a great place to change a career or advance your training.
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  8. SurfDoctor

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    You are so welcome. So sorry you had to post spam links and get yourself banned.
  9. Lanceperry

    Lanceperry New Member

    Greetings everyone,
    My name is Lance and I am new here. I am looking to get a degree in Computer Programming, hoping I can find some good information about which college/university to attend and where to go to get some extra credits etc. Look forward to getting to know you, learning and in the future, sharing what I know with others.
  10. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Lance - Welcome to DegreeInfo! Be sure to visit our IT forum as well as our CLEP forum. Take some time to bounce through some of the threads and then start asking questions. We've got great members who can answer just about any question.
  11. Distance_Learner

    Distance_Learner New Member


    Hello everyone.

    I am close to getting my Bachelor's from Columbia College online (Missouri).

    I am thinking of continuing with my Master's. I have been looking at several programs, specifically a MBA from U. of Louisiana Monroe, Masters in Quality Assurance (CSU Dominguez Hills), and Masters Regulatory Affairs (San Diego State U).

    All are within my price range so I do not go broke going for these programs. I do not need the degree for my current job, but am looking to branch out to other fields in other industries.
  12. ComputerDiva

    ComputerDiva New Member

    Hello all!!

    I just finished my BS-IT Management at WGU! Looking to start my master's in the fall. However, I won't be attending WGU. Still undecided!
  13. frobel

    frobel New Member

    Greetings; my name is Fred.

    I'm joining up with the hopes to get an economical plan for me to get a Bachelor's degree. By economical, I mean both in my time and my money. Both are in short supply these days, as with most of us.

    My education background is a combination of formal, work training, and experience.

    I have an Associate Degree from Lansing Community College, from 1992. In addition I have other credits there outside of that degree program, which was in Aviation Maintenance Technology.

    I have been working in my profession of aviation for almost twenty years now, and I've been blessed with a range of activities to have participated in. Standard Technician stuff, such as sheetmetal and mechanical work on the airplanes; Inspection work; Technical publications work, making FAA compliant manuals and forms; and training, where I got to be an instructor on various work related topics.

    Outside of that more career oriented group, I have a serious hobby with my writing. I mostly write short form things, such as poetry, or serialized stories. I have published my first book recently, a monster volume collecting all my poems from 2011 (one a day!). That was published both in physical soft cover, and in electronic format for the Amazon Kindle. I did all the editing and formatting myself. It didn't turn out half bad. But I'm not here to pimp my book.

    Given all the above things I've done or accomplished, I really want a Bachelor's degree. I feel that not having one, tends to limit my employment opportunities somewhat. For example: I applied to Northern Michigan's Aviation College to be an instructor. I had hoped they would cut me some slack for not having a four year degree, since maybe I could get one there while I was in residence, but no such luck. Four year degree required. Other things have also passed me by for similar reasons.

    Hopefully, someone can read this, and give me some ideas. There must be a relatively easy way for me to achieve a four year degree, given what I've done over the last 20 plus years. But I really don't know which route would fit my limited means the best.

    Thank you so much for reading this!

  14. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

  15. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome aboard!
  16. rachelscott

    rachelscott member

    My Name is Rachel Scott and i am financial specialist with background in accounting. I joined this forum to help others who are facing problem regarding careers and finance.
  17. Jon77

    Jon77 New Member

    Hi Rachel, nice to see you on here. I am new here and thought to reply to your post because it's great to see people of diverse backgrounds who can contribute positively to a PA forum.
  18. wassimk

    wassimk New Member

    Hey guys,

    I am new here, though I might introduce myself :)

    I am an IT professional with over 10 years experience, never got the chance to properly go to Uni... now things are better financially so I got my Bsc in Computer Information Systems and now planning on doing my Masters Degree, hence joining this forum and asking for some advice before making the final decision...

    Cheers and see you around!
  19. Maria Soledad

    Maria Soledad New Member

    Thanks Chip. I just registered and I am not sure how to navigate around this site.
    I hope somebody will read this post.

    This is what I am looking for: a Ph.D program that can link art, psychology & spirituality.
    I am bilingual in spanish and English. I would appreciate some guidance. Thanks.
  20. Jonathan Whatley

    Jonathan Whatley Well-Known Member

    I think you'll want to look closely into each of these:

    Saybrook University
    Union Institute & University (you could be the next Clarissa Pinkola Estés? but better!)
    Fielding Graduate University
    Pacifica Graduate Institute
    California Institute of Integral Studies
    Sofia University (California; no relation to the one in Bulgaria. formerly the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.)

    Either all, or a very big most, of these involve some, "short" in-person residency requirements, usually in intensive multiday workshops distributed through the degree.

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