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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Chip, Mar 30, 2009.

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    A lot of people have this as a criterion. Given how it would broaden your choices, though, perhaps take it and see what happens? If you do better than you expect, you have more options. If not, well, the opportunity cost was pretty low.
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    All-I-could-eat CLEP/DSST tests from the military got me my first associate degree back in the day. Switched to Thomas Edison for my bachelor's, obtained with many more tests. Now retired, I lurked here and found out about WGU. MBA was quick, M.Ed. less so. I was considering pulling the trigger on Walden's Tempo Learning M.S. in psychology, but the 50% off deal seems to have dried up. I'm pondering my next move.

    Some of the information I learned here while lurking helped my son when the pandemic hit. He was attending community college the traditional butt-in-seat way when schedules went haywire, and he just needed some electives to finish. He was quite happy to knock those out with The Institutes and TEEX cyber 101/201/301.

    I appreciate the forum!
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