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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Chip, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. izz

    izz New Member

    Hello to everybody,
    I just registered because i found myself searching for DL and 100 new tabs, where somewhere between them there was ur address too. After surfing through ur topics i decided to register and introduce myself. See, there is this problem that i`m from Albania which is a non-eu country, so it is really difficult for me to find affordable and available Distance Learning degrees. Any ideas???
  2. CornCod

    CornCod New Member

    Hello! I just registered at this forum. I hold a B.A. in Political Science, an M.A in Social Sciences (History) and an M.S. in Criminal Justice, all from "brick and mortar" lower prestige, but regionally accredited state schools. My "day job" is as a counselor in a prison. I also adjunct at two institutions: one, a nationally accredited for-profit school and the other a public community college. I teach Criminal Justice at the "for-profit" and History at the community college. I have never done any online adjuncting, but would like to learn to do so.
  3. EvangelistWT

    EvangelistWT New Member

    Hello Everyone,
    I have been a longtime lurker and now a registered user. I am a minister outside of Nashville, TN. I have worked in higher ed as Director of Admissions. I look forward to joining in on the discussions.
  4. emmzee

    emmzee New Member

    Welcome Evangelist :)
  5. D.man15

    D.man15 New Member

    Hello Everyone,
    I'm D.man15, longtime listener, first time poster. I hold a BS in Health Sciences from Touro University International (08 Grad) and I am currently half way through my MBA at Liberty University and anticipate to take my finish my last class on Apr-May 2012. I am a former service member (Navy Vet/Hospital Corpsman) and was discharged at my 5 year obligation in 08. I am residing in my home state of California and I am a online learner because of lack of having the liberty to attend a B&M because I am a full time worker and my wife is an undergrad at CSUCI in psych. I look forward on joining in the conversations with everyone. :)
  6. b4cz28

    b4cz28 New Member

    Welcome to DI.....I will be asking you some Nations U to Lipscomb questions! :)
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  7. b4cz28

    b4cz28 New Member

  8. EvanMilberg

    EvanMilberg New Member

    Hi everyone!

    I'm about to graduate George Mason University with a BA in Communication. Ultimately, my goal is to work in media, whether it's print, online, television, or radio. I'm currently doing research on schools that offer an online Masters in Communication, Journalism, and Media Stdies. While Google has been helpful in gathering basic information, I'm hoping to talk with some actual people and perhaps some guidance on the process as a whole.

  9. aldenjones

    aldenjones member

    hello all. i am alden jones. i am here to collect information about the fake diplomas.
  10. sjackson_ca

    sjackson_ca New Member

    Hello, hello fellow members and forum readers.

    Just registered after having browsed for some time. I hail from northern California.

    I start the MBA program at TUI (Touro, TUI, Trident.....yes, it is apparently in <ahem> "transition") next month. I selected TUI for its affordability, convenience and reputation, particularly among the military. I completed my Bachelors in Management in 1999 through University of Phoenix on campus. I am in middle management with a large insurance/financial services company and have been in the insurance industry for 26 years. After recently completing an insurance designation program, I decided pursuing an MBA will provide a challenging goal and opportunities to learn from and interact with other students/professionals outside my company and industry. I really look forward to hearing perspectives from those in a different field. (Don't misunderstand....I love my job and appreciate my employer....just think it would be good to get some "fresh" perspectives. Sometimes things move a little slow in 150+ year old companies!)

    I have a daughter in college also. She is a junior at a college in New York, paying for it on her own dime (with the benefit of a Naval ROTC college scholarship.....yea, I'm skating, I know....)

    Thank you for the informative and, occasionally, lively discussions on here. I especially enjoyed the comments about TUI's new name. Honestly, the "dental" slant never crossed my mind when I first heard the new name.....perhaps I am more like the 1 out of 5 dentists who wouldn't recommend Trident gum for her patients who chew gum.....nothing against Trident.....just not a big on gum. And I rather like the naval/military/maritime connotation of Trident.

    Look forward to more reading and learning on this forum.

  11. toddsbiyj

    toddsbiyj New Member

    Hey guys,

    I'm new here and new to the distnace learning realm. Some of you might recognize me from IC as I've been on there for a bit now. My current plan is to pursue a Bachelors/Liberal BSLS which I'm hoping to complete in 1-1.5 years. I look forward to chatting with you guys and gaining all kinds of knowledge.
  12. aaronangelle

    aaronangelle member

    Hello all members

    I am new in this community. I am glad to become the member of this community. Nice meeting with all of you. I hope i enjoy in this community.
  13. cooky

    cooky New Member

    Hello alltogether! :smile:

    I'm searching for a BA language study and hope to get some help in this forum ...

    ... and maybe I will be able to help somebody when I was successful! :wink:

  14. erwintan

    erwintan New Member


    i'm Erwin, 26 years old. Indonesian. Hold BA in Mechanical Engineer.

    i'm thinking about changing my career path, and getting degree by distance learning is what i'm hoping for

    Can foreigner enroll in distance learning program in United States?

    Hope i will fit in this forum, this is my 4th forum btw
  15. RHanson

    RHanson New Member

    Hello All! I'm newly registered and delighted to have found you. My name is Robert Hanson and I'm the nephew (and now President) of the founder of Washington Institute for Graduate Studies (celebrating 35 years this year). I'm fiercely focused on taking the school to higher plateaus and, among other key/strategic "expert" sources, I'm looking forward to corresponding with you to learn more and more about the industry, technology, best practices, etc.
    Here's to the start of some new/great relationships!
  16. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    Hey! You guys ever gonna get accredited?
  17. RHanson

    RHanson New Member

    Yes. Though we've been operating/awarding degrees for 35 years, we are working on the labor-intensive SER to submit to DETC (shooting for January). For some time. . .interestingly. . .our student body recommended we not pursue accreditation. Generally, they were all self-employed and were looking for the "content" more than needing the degree for advancement/new jobs. Thus, they didn't want the school to incur the costs and raise tuition rates, etc. Also, since we've always financed the degrees for our students, they didn't feel they needed Title IV funding, etc.

    All that being said, we are now pursuing because I believe it will 1) help us improve/benchmark ourselves, and 2) because there is definitely a growing perception that "if a school is not accredited, it is illegitimate" . . . (I don't subscribe to this perspective, but I certainly understand why folks believe it. . .lots of "questionable" schools out there).

    I hope my response is clear/understandable.
  18. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah, we hear that a lot. Students just don't want accredited degrees. :tounge-in-cheek:
    Good luck.
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  19. RHanson

    RHanson New Member

    Thank you for the "good luck". . .
    Out of curiosity, is there any way for registered members of degreeinfo to see/learn of other member experience/roles in higher education? I've got lots of questions, but would like to know a little more about the experience/roles of folks responding, etc.
  20. jkwadlow

    jkwadlow New Member

    I've just completed an M.S. in Marketing from Texas A&M University-Commerce. Stumbled across this forum right after I saw my long awaited grades post. Considering going back in for round three.

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