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Feb 28, 2021
Jan 3, 2001
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Feb 28, 2021
    1. Ian Anderson
      Ian Anderson
      Cuurently forum message can't be opened - I keep getting a problem message. [IMG] Database error The DegreeInfo Distance Learning - online degree forum database has encountered a problem.
    2. AdjunctInstructor
      Chip how do I have my profile deleted. I do not trust this site any longer. Why participate in a forum that is mainly just a platform to be ridiculed and attacked by several smart alecks?. Certainly I no longer want to participate. At one point my my identity was revealed or at least the poster assumed it was me. They attempted to discredit me I let that go. However it seems that many just want to attack. I have know desire to be part of this forum. I personally believe DegreeInfo needs to delete my profile. I understand that DegreeInfo thinks it amusing when someone threatens a lawsuit. It is my intention to have my profile or account or whatever deleted and if this is not done I am going to see if my rights of privacy were violated I do intend to seek relief, if it is available. I respectfully request that you delete my profile from DegreeInfo.
    3. Ted Heiks
      Ted Heiks
      Chip - I moved the MEd Sticky and the EdD Sticky to the Education Degrees sub-forum. Unfortinately, that sub-forum does not seem to exist yet. Is it possible to save those two Stickys? Or have I irrepairably killed the two Stickys?
    4. underdog
      Thanks for your input.
      Tom Conroy
    5. Robbie
      Hey Chip! I am a member of signalnet now. hopefuly it will be successful.

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