California Coast University or Pacific Western University(California)

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  1. Rich Douglas

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    Re: How come KWU is linscened in WY?

    Because Wyoming is tolerating them, not approving them.

    Why is their license in Wyoming when the school is run from California?

    Why did Idaho deny their license, forcing them to move yet again to Wyoming?

    Food for garbage.
  2. DaveHayden

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    Re: Bere is a U


    It is pretty obvious you are putting us on. K-W and Berne are not second rate schools they are jokes. CSU on their website specificly requires both transfer credits and degrees to be from RA universities. If they are doing otherwise I bet their regional accreditor would be VERY interested! Let's be serious. If you believe the investment of your time and money in K-W is good idea, go for it. Don't mind all the laughter you hear.
  3. Rich Douglas

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    Re: Bere is a U

    "No class" is more like it.

    Which "CSU" are you referring to?

    There is no accredited school that I've ever heard of that has as its standard operating practice the admission of students from unaccredited schools. An anecdote or two does not prove a point, especially when you do not provide the source.

    Get a spell-checker along with your fake degree, huh? (Sorry. I know it is bad form to criticize spelling and grammar, but it's rather silly to read an argument about academics when all that being demonstrated is illiteracy. The poster makes one assertion after another without citing sources, leaving one with nothing but his/her own words to determine the veracity of the statements. Those words don't add up to much once the mangled ones are removed.)
  4. RJT

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    Diploma Mills give you an automatic degree for Money.

    KWU makes you complete coursework, and will fail you if you don't know the content. They make you do a thesis. they are fully liscened and auditred by a State DoE. They emoloyee RA professors with Ph.D.'s. Tolerated, KWU is the sole sponsor of the WY "Teacher of the Year" for WY DoE. That sounds like a strong positive realationship. ... The past problems are the past, leave them there, perhaps they did make errors, but I believe that they have moved on and done so legititamately.

  5. BillDayson

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    Re: Legit

    I don't know if they are a degree mill or not. Perhaps some of their students do real work. But you can do real work reading in the library, too. Why do you need a university?

    This is interesting. K-W say that they offer doctoral degrees. They say that they have a distinguished faculty.

    So could you please give me references to some scholarship produced by K-W scholars? Journal articles, conference proceedings and so on.

    They are what?

    In reality, Wyoming has no established and effective higher-education oversight mechanism at all, do they?

    There is talk of site visits, but the WDE's site (the site's web address is indicative of the WDE's emphasis) also speaks of licensing out-of-state schools that merely operate through Wyoming agents.

    Does anyone really believe that the WDE actually visited Senior University in Richmond BC Canada? Did they fly to London England to check out American City University? When did they visit Thousand Oaks CA to check up on K-W?

    Either no site visits were ever made, or else somebody treated himself to some pretty cool junkets.

    If schools like K-W are just as good as RA, why do they need to brag about having RA graduates as professors? Again, I would like references to some scholarly contributions that have come out of K-W doctoral programs and research.

    It sounds like K-W agreed to pick a percentage of the cost of the state Teacher of the Year banquet. It probably didn't cost very much, and their shills can certainly make use of the publicity. Call it a marketing expense.
  6. Bill Huffman

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    Re: Legit

    The best predicter of future behavior for both individuals and organizations is past behavior. Defense lawyers would love to get you on a jury if you really believe what you just wrote.

    So now you're arguing that we need to forget and forgive all of the K-W past and just simply believe the advertising hype on the K-W website? I don't think that it is going to happen nor should it happen.

    Your definition of a diploma mill is reasonable but just barely strict enough not to include K-W.

    BTW what about all those other questions? Especially the third question, you know the one about K-W being fully legit and legal. You seem to repeat that same false claim again in your last post?

    1. So what about that Ed Commissioner? Who is this guy? I hope he has a name.

    2. What about this Fortune 500 company that has researched and approved the K-W program? What's the name?

    3. What about K-W being illegal in the state of Oregan? Do you still claim that K-W degrees are fully legit and legal? If so please reconcile your position for people that live in Oregan or want to apply for a job in Oregan.

    4. Why does K-W have a physical operation address different from their business mail address?

    5. Why does K-W not admit students that are California residents?
  7. RJT

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    KWU all business/Engineering

    I justed to inform all (with my opinion of course) that I randomly asked professionals if amd what they thought of KWU and recieved nothing but positive feedback about the school being a good business school, etc. This is the value of a KWU education that they are respected in business ... much more so than a Liberial Arts (and likely liberal minded) RA School.. I feel the ultmate reason they do not pursue RA is that they make all thier students take nothing but either Business/HR or EE courses ... Why waste your time anyway on a humanities calss? What maters in business is sales, marketing, accounting, production, etc. This is where KWU excells (in all but OR - there go RA).

    Enough said!:eek:
  8. Bruce

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    Re: KWU all business/Engineering

    Well, I asked the US Secretary of Education, the Presidents of all Ivy League schools, the ghost of Albert Einstein, and my Uncle Ed, and they all said that Kennedy-Western stinks.

    Of course I didn't, but see how easy it is to make unsubstantiated claims? When you post anonymously and make claims that can't be verified, your credibility is zero.

    Yes, I'm sure that all the Fortune 500 company headhunters are at this very moment shredding resumes of Harvard MBA's, and frantically looking for all those K-W grads (but they can't, because they don't know which state to call to get the school). :eek:

  9. DaveHayden

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    Re: KWU all business/Engineering

    I am beginning to love your posts RJT. They definately bring a chuckle to my day. :)

    !. You have yet to answer ANY of the questions that have been proposed to you.

    2. I bet you failed to inform those "random professionals" that K-W is unaccredited, constantly moving to escape regulation, unable to enroll students in the State of California, illegal in Oregon, and totally unrecognized by academic institutions.

    3. Did you mean just, amd(?), received, EE, class, matters? You may want to work on your writing. My high school English Teacher definately would have failed you.

    Ah yes, K-W that great strong hold of academic quality. Lol!
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  10. Bill Huffman

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    Re: KWU all business/Engineering

    After seeing the results of Bruce and RJT's experiment, I decided to do an experiment of my own. I personally asked 5 million people what they thought of K-W. Here's the results, all but 212 said, "I never heard of it." Of those 212 with an opinion, 208 of the respondents said, "That K-W is a diploma mill". 4 if of the repondents said, "I think it's a degree mill but since I don't want to be bothered with a nuisance lawsuit, I'll just call it an inferior choice." My own personal opinion is that K-W is less-than-wonderful and a person would get much more utility out of an accredited degree than any unaccredited degree.
  11. Re: KWU all business/Engineering

    Because Humanities and other Social Studies make you a more well rounded member of society and gives you the ability to see a broader perspective on various issues.



  12. Dave Wagner

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    Many, many business colleagues don't understand the difference between RA, State-approved, DTC, unaccredited, etc., but it doesn't change the significance of those classifications. Invest your money in the most appropriate RA program regardless of the degree level. With Stafford Loans you can afford to pay more for a better school. That's my advice.

    From personal experience, I'll say that I have worked on a DBA from California Pacific University over the years. The program is just as difficult as my RA AACSB MBA. Being enrolled in the program has been helpful to my years as an employee and my consulting practice. The only real difference between the progam and an RA DBA program is that my doctoral project is not closely supervised (that's expensive and the non-RA schools don't have the money/personnel to properly supervise a dissertation), which was an advantage for me because it gave me chance to study in an organized fashion what I wanted to, but at the same time this application orientation doesn't qualify as "academic research." I'll probably turn it into a book for my clients and prospective clients (i.e., I'm finishing it soon). It's been great and time-consuming, but it isn't regionally accredited, so when I teach college classes it's on the basis of my RA MBA. When I started at California Pacific University, there were no completely DL doctoral options for what I wanted to research. Now a few are popping up here in the States and overseas, so if I had to make the decision now, I would probably consider them. California Pacific University has been a great learning tool for me and I would recommend the program to anyone who was certain that they weren't going to teach full-time at the college level.

    As for studying at the bachelors or masters, level there are many, many RA DL options and some intriguing options outside the States. Consider these before doing a non-RA school. I just can't imagine that one couldn't find a RA DL bachelors degree in your field of interest and in your price range.


    ([email protected])

    P.S. Just a pot shot at recruiters in HR... Many of them don't have the time or the training to understand the DL education options out there. Accreditation means your degree might be good. No accreditation means your degree might be bad. Note that I said "might" be good or bad. Might be good gets you in the door. Might be bad keeps you outside the door. It's as simple as that...
  13. I've been away for a few days and not tracking this thread, so I apologize if the following points have already been covered:
    1. The chairman of a "US commission on higher education" mentioned several times presumably refers to the chairman (or former chairman) of the New Mexico Commission on Higher Education. At one time, the chairman of the NMCHE claimed a doctorate from Century. This was discussed here last year.
    2. One post above claims that Columbia Southern will accept credit transfer from Kennedy-Western. This was certainly true at one time, but apparently no longer. Here's a quote from a student on the K-W board:

      "I sent my unofficial transcripts over and the Dean of Students [at Columbia Southern] reviewed them. He said, we don't take KWU credits (I'm paraphrasing). I said, there's a student from KWU (Safety Eng) that transfered about half (30) of his credits over and said he's really happy with the program at CSU. Why wouldn't mine transfer? He said, things change. I said, that's unfortunate...what changed? He said, he didn't want to get into a debate and left it at that."
    3. The utility and legitimacy of Kennedy-Western degrees are certainly questionable. But I don't think that K-W is a scam, and I doubt that it's fair to imply that the academic level is a joke (compared to, say, the lower quartile RA institutions). It's certainly fun to pile on, but does anyone have any factual information about the academic level at K-W?
  14. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Well-Known Member

    Nice post Dave, I agree with what you say. I was speaking from the perspective primarily of bachelor degrees. There are more exceptions for advanced degrees to the rule that RA is the way to go. The problem with the few unaccredited degrees that might be an exception for some people (never or almost never should K-W ever be considered IMHO), is that I think most people that know a little about accreditation are going to assume that unaccredited means a degree mill where no work is required. I'm sure that you went into your current situation fully understanding all this. That is what is most important.

    For RJT's benefit, the reason that I say people should probably not even consider K-W is because of those other things that you don't want to talk about, RJT, like bouncing business addresses, business address different from operating address, and not accepting students from California.
  15. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Well-Known Member

    IIRC, a few months back someone posted that he and his wife (or perhaps it was "she and her husband") had both independently applied to K-W. Both had RA credits that they wished to transfer. They had significantly different number of credits and class types. K-W told them both that all their credits would be accepted and they could each earn their K-W degree by completing the same 5 classes each.
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    Hi Brandon,

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