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    I have ID that lists me a Rev. I would never be taken seriously though. I got more for fun.
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    High Priest of King Paimon? ;)
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    He he! I have a legal ordination from ULC.
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    Which qualifies you to do what? Officiate at Elvis impersonator weddings in Las Vegas?
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    Actually, it does.
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    He he! :)
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    Well, good luck! And tell me how it goes.
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    Nah, I won't be doing any weddings. I'll leave it to the experts.
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    A very few states allow ULC ministers to solemnize marriages. Whole story on that, here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Life_Church
    IIRC, the ULC offers many qualifications, from "Jedi Knight" at around $10, to "Dr. of the Universe" at about $100.
    If they have a reasonably-priced ministerial credential that will allow me to consign certain (Canadian) politicians to eternal hellfire - I'll take it.
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    [QUOTE=" "Jedi Knight" at around $10, [/QUOTE]

    Awesome. I'm in !! :)
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    I totally disagree with that assessment to believe that all unaccredited schools are subpar too accredited schools, some unaccredited schools, do not get accredited for various reasons, and they remain on accredited. South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary head fantastic courses that were of high quality including bh Caroll Theological Institute.. Dear courses was no walk in the park. Personally, I know a number of accredited courses from schools that provided less education than on accredited courses and walk out barely knowing nothing.. They have gone to those schools for all them years to learn very little with a degree that cost between $15-and $20,000 dollars. However, I have now become pro accredited school supporter. In my former post and comments about accredited schools are now withdrawn, so I support everyone on this website concerning accredited schools. However, I have a balanced view concerning education and not to debunk every institution because of their accredited or on accredited status.
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    There are no words....
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    Since this thread is resurrected, let me plug in an obligatory reference to St. Sophia's. St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Theological seminary is a flagship and only school in UOC-USA, and is still completely unaccredited.

    They have 10 full-time students, 28 total, which seems to be a high point for them (and likely serves the immediate need in vocations candidates, if they can sustain it). All faculty are acceptably credentialed. But more importantly, this is THE seminary for UOC-USA. Provost Abp. Daniel (secular name Dr. Volodymyr Zelinsky, DMin from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary) is a ruling Bishop of Diocese of the West, President of the Consistory and seems to be in charge of Vocations nd Christian Ed. Metropolis-wide. In this context accreditation is almost irrelevant. BTW the school has DL MA degree on offer, and a Hybrid MDiv; tuition for DL part seems to be $100/cr. Worthy option.
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    :emoji_sleeping: :emoji_zzz: :emoji_zzz: :emoji_zzz: :emoji_zzz: :emoji_zzz:

    And remember, only people in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church are saved. The rest of the world - Catholics, Baptists, Jews, Muslims, Presbyterians, and every type of Orthodox except Ukrainian - are all going to burn in the lake of fire and brimstone. :rolleyes:

    Besides, if it was not for the UOC, Chava and Fyedka couldn't have gotten married in Fiddler On the Roof. :D
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    St. Sophia's alumni have also gone on to continue their education at various other non-Ukrainian Orthodox schools such as St. Vladimir's and St. Tikhon's, both of which are ATS accredited.

    Though I also feel that St Sophia's had it right when they awarded an STL to their graduates before jumping on to the Masters bandwagon.

    AS for Chava and Fyedka, though never stated outright, we should probably assume that the church where they were married was under the Patriarchate of Moscow.
  18. Steve Levicoff

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    Not necessarily, not that it matters to me . . .

    Anatevka (which was established as a town after Fiddler) is in the Ukraine. Moreover, the character Perchik was from Kiev - also in the Ukraine. FWIW, most of the Jews I interacted with who came from (or had ancestors from) the then-Soviet union were Ukrainian, not Russian. (Including two of my grandparents, who were from Kiev.)
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    Right, but there was no claimed Patriarch of Kiev (or of the Ukraine in general) until 1921.
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    Neuhaus specifically said "under Patriarchate of Moscow", rather than non-Ukrainian. Moscow used Russian Empire's state power plus ambiguously-worded grant from Constantinople to usurp metropolis of Kyiv in 1686. The relevant letter was rescinded by HE Patr. Bartholomew last year, to loud protests by Muscovites. To this day, about a third of Ukrainian Orthodox still belong to deceptively-named "Ukrainian Orthodox Church" under Patriarchate of Moscow (which also holds the majority of Orthodox church buildings in Eastern and Southern Ukraine, and overall). In 1905, the only alternative to PoC would have been various semi-illegal sects; UAOC from which UOC-USA descends was proclaimed in 1921, and got recognized hierarchy in 1943.

    What happened to you, man? You used to at least glance at relevant Wiki pages before posting.

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