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    Slightly inaccurate. The title "Patriarch of Kyiv (sp)" was claimed by Patr. Mstyslav (also Primate of UOC-USA) in 1991. In 1991, head of independent UAOC (Vasyl' Lypkivsky) used the title "Metropolitan". Currently, the legitimate head of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine is HB Epiphany (Dumenko, *Metropolitan* of Kyiv; identical title is claimed by the head of Moscow's branch, Met. Onufrij. Title "Patriarch" is retained by Filaret, former head of UOC-KP, currently supported by approximately no one.
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    I still do - when the subject interests me. Nothing personal, Stan, but I have no interest whatsoever in the UOC. (Nor in most other liturgical denominations.) In terms of this forum - again, nothing personal - I find this entire discussion quite irrelevant.
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    I see. Posting about thinks one doesn't have knowledge nor interest is an affliction of many. That's why most people sound like idiots on Internet.
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    "They bypass toilet training and shoe-tying, yet they're experts on everything from brain surgery to running the White House." - James Lee Burke, The Glass Rainbow.

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