Salt Lake Bible College??

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    There's also this:

    Approved Universities to run Post Graduate Programmes | National Universities Commision

    The Nigerian NUC apparently keeps a tight lid on which universities in Nigeria are allowed to offer postgraduate degrees.
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    OK, well I'm not sure we actually had any questions about any of this but, so long and thanks for all the fish.
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    I suspect the point of his post may have been to drive more business to his school by people looking for a cheap (er...inexpensive degree). He really gave us his bio and cleared up nothing. This school does not have accreditation recognized by the US Dept. of Education or CHEA. I suspect it could not get a foreign credential evaluator to say the school grants and accredited degree.

    It is cheap. Not sure about the rigor because there is no recognized entity authorized to evaluate degrees at that level doing so. I am not sure what the point of this school is when there are so many options available with more utility.
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    Nothing wrong with that at all. A desire for free, quality education is what drives the current trend in MOOCs.

    That's lovely. But that could all be done without degrees at all. Certainly the education would have been just as valuable even if you only received a diploma or a certificate of completion?

    I'm a bit confused by this statement. If the point of "Bible College" is not to receive a degree then why does this particular bible college award them? If it was all about the theological training and spiritual development then why not pursue a course that doesn't lead to any credential at all?

    I, personally, support the right of schools to award academic degrees under religious exemption. But I question why schools, and their supporters, keep saying "the degrees don't matter" while awarding degrees.

    I think the criticism of SLBC, Trinity College and Seminary (Newburgh) and many other schools would be greatly lessened if they were only awarding diplomas.

    Within a denomination I get why the degrees "for internal use only" might be of some value. But, in a non-denominational setting, there really is no "internal" usage. The degrees, by their very nature, are designed for "use" outside of the walls of the school awarding them.

    Naturally, if the school is actively pursuing accreditation they might need to award degrees before they are even eligible to apply for initial accreditation. But trying to latch onto the affiliations of a sketchy university in California doesn't do much to create a positive image.
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    As heirophant pointed out, the University of America is ASIC accredited. Another affiliate of the University of America and Salt Lake Bible College is the Springs of Hope Biblical University, http : / / sohbu dot webs dot com. SOBHU is also an affiliate of Cambridge International College, Jersey, UK.
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    I think it's been pretty well established here that ASIC "accreditation" doesn't mean nearly the same as US regional or national accreditation means.
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    I don't think I've ever said anything to the contrary. I was sued by Dr Okpala of Charisma University for saying, among other things, that I consider ASIC accreditation meaningless.
  8. Johann

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    Something doesn't add up here. Springs of Hope Biblical U. site says Cambridge International College is accredited by ASIC. Cambridge International's site doesn't mention ASIC - at all. ASIC Directory of Accredited Schools does not include Cambridge International, either. :question: :question: :question:


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    Or say whut. It's not as weird as Idahosa Charles' Board of Quality Standards though (remember Ballsbridge University, johann?), an organisation that makes reference to AAHEA, the American Association for Higher Education and Accreditation as a partner organisation and, in another section of its website, includes it in a list of unrecognised and fraudulent higher education organisations.
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    How could I ever forget that name? :smile:

    "Chartered by the Commonwealth of Dominica." Inventors of the Ballsbridge Qualification Framework, to which I often see reference, as on this site "dedicated" to a now-defunct school:

    Note: "The qualification of Paramount California University is recognized at the Ballsbridge Qualification Framework (BQF) regulated by the Board of Quality Standards..." Ballsbridge U. is here: www-dot-acedu-dot-org

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    Equus mortuus est. Ne verberare. The horse is dead. Let's stop whipping him.

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    Nonsense of course. Equivalent to "Chartered by the State of Delaware" for mills that incorporate there.
  13. Johann

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    It certainly is, exactly as you say. I was just quoting their hyperbolic, sweeping statement - not endorsing or believing it.

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    Paramount California University…well, a Dutch bloke and an American guy seem to have very different opinions about what actually happened and who is to blame for what and also if there was more than one school called Paramount California University.

    PCU was listed as ”Newly accredited” by ASIC on 8 February 2015 but was missing from the list three days later. It wasn’t in ASIC’s directory of international schools on 10 January 2015 so PCU was accredited for a fairly short time.
    International Colleges Directory | ASIC

    Paramount California University was allegedly founded in 2014. I don’t know if it was a new name for Pass Christian University or if Pass Christian forgot to re-register pcu dot edu but prior to June 2014, you ended up on the website of Pass Christian University, not Paramount California if you followed the link.

    PCU’s contact person, according to the information in ASIC’s directory, was Professor Yanni Zack , who together with Fred DiUlus was also in the list of faculty, see, pages 77-80. It’s interesting to compare PCU’s list of faculty with that of TransPacific (formerly known as Hasaca National) University, http : / / hnu-edu dot us / Hnu _ catalog.pdf
  15. Johann

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    Numerous people who list Pass Christian / Paramount California degrees in their web-resumes write that they started at Pass Christian U. "which became" or "which was sold to" Paramount California. Any way you read it, they started with one and finished with the other.

    I believe the domain originally belonged to Plantation Christian University -which later became accredited and changed its name. Then Pass Christian (which - strangely, perhaps, was never located in Mississippi despite its name) took up the domain. later, there was a ... transition, I guess, to Paramount California.

    I notice CUFCE has recently removed Paramount California U. from its list of affiliates.

  16. mbwa shenzi

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    A name change, it seems. Pass Christian University's degree awarding authority came from California University FCE.

    Pass Christian University - Online University - College Courses Online
  17. Johann

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    Well, I guess that makes it all right, then. :wink:

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  18. This SLBC is nothing but a way to get money from people. I studied 5 years to get a bachelor degree to only find out how much of a scam it was when I applied to final accreditation in my country. Only then did I find out that this college is not a college. So I did some research (A lot). Their campus is a trailer behind the church. Their degrees are not even worth the paper it is printed on. For 5 years the same message appear and the same excuses given why you cannot access higher levels to complete the degree (cough). It is a waste of over 5 years of study. A person who runs it gets a double doctorate from his own college. This does not sound strange at all. Then I did more investigation. One of the associates who happens to be connected directly with SLBC in the Philippines runs a seminary school (really wonder). Well, it seems strange that a person who is impersonating an ordained pastor who really is not ordained (only in their mind - information confirmed) received an honorary doctorate degree from Dr. Dayogo (Received money for it). How an a person receive an honorary doctorate when they only have a bible study certificate?

    So many people have been deceived. I have lost so much time. I am pleased to say that I have signed up with a real seminary college and will finish my education properly. People beware of SLBC. It is 100% scam.
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    Depending on your country and how they feel about Nationally Accredited vs Regionally Accredited degrees, you might want to switch to Nations University.

    It is self-paced, free or extremely low-cost depending on your country, and it is Nationally Accredited. Unfortunately, National Accreditation is not seen as "legitimate" accreditation in some countries, even though they are 100% legitimate in the US, so your country might view them in a similar light to the unaccredited SLBC. It's definitely worth taking a look, at the very least, to see if this will work for you.
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    Assuming that most if not all of your students actually live here on this earth, perhaps you might consider mentioning that you're not accredited on the main webpage?

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