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    Sounds fishy to me.
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    Rushmore, for a long time, was run from its late founder's home office in his basement, although it was domiciled in the Caymans for financial reasons. Dr. Cox's degrees were real, but I don't think the same could be said of the degrees issuing from the Rushmore critter. Rushmore degrees are still on all the "State Lists" that can get people into trouble, I believe.

    Apparently, the dream is:

    (1) attain CMI recognition (done)
    (2) become a Corporate Learning organization Accredited Provider (not yet done)
    (3) On attaining (2) apply for EFMD membership (not accreditation) See below:

    EFMD - European Foundation for Management Development

    (4) On attaining (3) start working on EQUIS accreditation (EFMD is EQUIS parent org.) See below:


    Now that (EQUIS) is good European business program accreditation. But hey, that's four degrees of separation away! This is anything but a done deal. It's a long process they've laid out and just because step 1 has happened, (ta-da! at last!) that doesn't mean any of steps 2 3 and 4 are guaranteed do-able by Rushmore.

    It looks to me to be somewhat like saying:

    (1) My unaccredited school - Johann's University of Management, has just applied for California BPPE licensing
    (2) Once we've achieved that, we'll apply to DETC for accreditation
    (3) Once we've got DETC accreditation, as we surely will, we'll apply for RA
    (4) We'll also apply for an AACSB membership, with a view to eventual accreditation.
    (5) Once WASC loves and approves us (RA) we'll apply for AACSB - and they'll approve us easily, of course

    ..and won't THAT be wonderful? :jester:

    I can tell you - even non-smokers have pipe-dreams. Right now, there are many places you can't use a Rushmore degree. And its utility is severely limited anywhere else.

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  4. RAM PhD

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    Nuff Said.............
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    Rushmore is also accredited by the Kizmet Institute of High Quality Stuff, or at least it will be if I can get my printer back online and if they ever send me that check for $100.00.:irked:
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    Isn't CMI Royal Chartered and offers their own Qualifications in Management.
    I can be off, but if Rushmore will award CMI award level 4 in management.

    The award maybe recognized in UK, on their Qualification Framework etc.

    For example CMI - do they have graduate diploma in management ?
    Can RU "degree" now be accepted toward the Diploma?

    Just a speculation.
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    Shouldn't Rushmore University be located in the Dakotas somewhere? Rushmore University of the Cayman Islands just sounds geographically illiterate.
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    IIRC, it started in South Dakota, then later moved to the Caymans.
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    When a university has a geographical name, it should have to change names when it moves.
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    Western Carolina University is in western North Carolina. North Carolina is on the east coast of the United States. The United States is in the western hemisphere. Yet, the United States is north of South America. And if that isn't challenging enough, the United States is south of the North Pole. I'm confused already.
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  12. Ted Heiks

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    That's okay, IUP is in the city of Indiana in the state of Pennsylvania.
  13. airtorn

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    Pennsylvania's regional state schools are named after the local town. Once you know that, locating it is pretty simple.
  14. SteveFoerster

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    Does that mean Wake Forest University should have to change its name? It moved from Wake Forest, N.C. to Winston-Salem, N.C. in 1956, more than a hundred miles distant.
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    Perhaps a similar rule could be applied to branch campuses. By the same logic, you could argue that the "University of Pittsburgh at Bradford" doesn't make sense, given that Bradford, PA is 150 miles from Pittsburgh.
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    My favorite of these: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, "between Bradenton and Sarasota," Florida.

    Then, in roughly a reverse of the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, LECOM added a third campus at Seton Hill University in Greensburg, PA, about 150 mi south from Erie… in suburban Pittsburgh.

    (Meanwhile, Seton Hill University is completely distinct from Seton Hall University in NJ.)
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    No, IUP includes Pennsylvania in the title as does University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, and they also have a campus at Johnstown PA. So I don't think the a name change is needed. Penn State as branches all over the state and they are titled Penn State at xxxxx which is the town with one new exception. The McKessport campus was renamed Greater Allegheny, if you know the area you understand why.
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    The location stuff is great.

    Let's get back to discussing how Rushmore is a mill.
  19. John Bear

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    My visit to Rushmore University

    When I was in Atlanta a few years ago, Marina and I accepted Dr. Cox's invitation to stay overnight in his very nice home in a suburb. We had gotten acquainted when I read a Rushmore ad that said one could call at any time of the day or night and speak directly to the President. So I phoned at 4 am, Georgia time, and sure enough, Dr. Cox answered on the first ring, sounding quite wide awake. He knew who I was, and we had an interesting talk, leading to the invitation. At the time, he actually did have an address (at a secretarial service) in Sioux Falls.

    As Johann says, the university was in his basement in Georgia. There was a folding table, and Cox would turn on a video camera, run and sit down, and deliver a lecture. He said he had a contract with AT&T to provide continuing education courses to their employees. Rushmore evolved from that.

    Cox seemed sincere, but wildly misguided. I believe he is no longer with us, and I do not know who is minding the store, as it were.
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  20. CalDog

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    Certainly IUP, or "Indiana University of Pennsylvania", has "Pennsylvania" in the title.

    But how does "University of Pittsburgh at Bradford" have "Pennsylvania" in the title?

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