Is European University Accredited??

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    Voetsek, you seem pretty aware about this school.
    I am not sure I have enough knowledge to speak about this school but one of my best friends went to this school and he is doing perfectly good at the moment. The diploma wouldn't seem to annoy his new employer being P&G.

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    I was wondering to study Enterprenuership MBA in European University, until I found this thread, seems to be a bit dissapointing. Any opionions about MBA's there?
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    Who necromanced this old thread and why? :lmao::lmao::lmao::lmao::lmao::lmao:
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    Good afternoon,

    I've been reading all kinds of issues about EU. Although I'm not into convincing people to study (or not to study at EU), one 'issue' was rather interesting: one of the respondents wondered how dr. Craen got his doctorate... For as far as I can see, nobody had the answer. Here it is....

    By the end of the nineties EU worked 'closely' together with the University of Dallas in the USA. The dean (at that time) was dr. Paula-Ann Hughes. She issued a so called 'doctor honoris causa' (in Dutch it is 'ere doctoraat and in English it is a honorary doctorate degree) to Dirk Craen. Although Craen has a good sense of doing business (and window dressing), he did not do any doctorate studies. The doctor honoris causa was awarded for all of his contributions to academic development in education.

    Anything else needed?
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    I have a friend who works at the european university and the stories she tells me are very bad. The school has changed names lots of times for legal reasons, and they also fire a lot of staff for not valid reasons. Also she says everybody working there hates the management of the company, mainly “Dr” Dirk Craen (who received his title from his own university) and his son Carl, the manager of the Barcelona campus. Its a family business, its not a university (I think the Barcelona campus now has to be called ‘European College’ or something and its accreditations are from UK universitys- but not good universitys. I wouldn’t waste my money with a degree from this “college” that will maybe change again to be called “European school’ in a couple of months.
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    I'm not here to say good/bad things about the school -- but I don't believe that's accurate. I wondered for a long time about the source of Dirk Craen's doctorate, thinking it was probably honorary, awarded by his own school, or both. Poster Sherlock Holmes (above) provided the answer:

    So - his Doctorate is honorary, but not awarded by his own school. That's my only point, here. Not trying to endorse or vilify his school. I believe Dr. Craen is a DI member - I'm sure I remember seeing a post or two, under his own name.

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    Hi all,

    I have been enrolled at EU Munich, but after reading the whole thread I am seriously thinking of withdrawing.
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    Ummm, sure. Will you zip over to Starbucks and get me a latte?:biggrin:
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    dont do it!

    EU Munich is apparently the worst. the dean there was fired, and he now has his own school. Im sure if you ask him how European University is he' will tell you some stories. His name is sasha I believe. Eureopean university is not accredited school in Germany. That's FOR SURE.
    The Managing Director they have now is a woman for the munich campus –she worked in communications for the university in Barcelona and then quit her job to go traveling during a year. She came back to Barcelona and they offered her a new job. (because thats the type of company it is) She has no experience of managing schools at all, and doesn’t speak german. On her resume she even lies about being the “editor in chief” of a Miami magazine. I can confirm that she WAS NOT the editor in chief.
    The dean of the Barcelona campus has a PGCE (which in UK means she can teach in the primary school and secondry school but not higher education-you can check on Wikipedia.) Look her linkedin if you don’t believe it. She has no other qualifications. (a part from a TEFL) She teaches adults about business! is this a school where you want to learn business and pay 10s of thousands of euros?
    My friend still works in the school- and my brother was in the munich campus when they had big problems (that involved the police) in 2014. I think it was some accounts fraud- but I can’t confirm. I hate because my friend is very unhappy there-just like all the workers. one friend of my brother couldn't apply to most schools with the qualifications he has from this school. they are uselss.
    I know is that the people who work for the craen family are miserable and none of the employees are passionate for the job. You can ask ANY member of their employee team- they all hate who they are working for.
    My friend also told me that there was a funny story when dr craen didn’t want to put any black people in the brochure for the school because it gives a very bad impression. I won’t say if that is true or not- but that’s what she said and she doesn’t lie.
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    Exactly how is this story funny? I can think of some adjectives a lot more à propos... :sad:

  11. harrywintour

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    Obviously there is nothing funny about it- it is funny the way it is so ridiculous. Don't misunderstand my reaction.
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    Most of these post are rampant BS. I think we have the same person posting under different names acting as the protagonist. There is no way they have the business related accreditation they do no staff.
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    (funny = humorous) v. (funny = peculiar) I'm guess he meant the latter.
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    Sorry but I'm not sure what this means. You are proposing that someone has multiple logins? It's easy enough to check. But assuming there's no supporting evidence you are complaining that several people agree with each other?
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    No! Only mine! I demand credit for all rampant BS in the thread. Leave the innocent alone! :jester:


    "Sufficient unto the thread is the rampant BS thereof."
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    Sorry I had quoted a few things that did not show up in my post. I guess I look like a nut? I was saying that a lot of the negative random posters to this thread are full of crap. Not you Johann :) A few posts up some one was claiming they only had one female instructor that was not qualified. I seriously doubt this to be the case. This thread is just dragging on.
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    Perhaps, but right now you're the one dragging it. Let me give you a hand by dragging it a little further. In that effort I would like to point out that the newbie posters above are not only posting from different ip addresses, they are posting from different countries.
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    Heh! :smile:
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    I contacted the Swiss government and they told me that EU Business School is not a state recognized university in Switzerland. They literally told me that the paper of the degree has more value than the academic degree itself.
    I then contacted the Spanish government, not easy - nobody feels responsible, but in the end I was lucky and they told me the same as the Swiss. In fact they told me that EU is not allowed to offer any university programs in Spain.
    In Germany it was easy - I called the Ministry in Munich, they speak English, and Mrs. Harich told me that EU is not recognized and that they are only allowed to offer the courses they are doing together with two British universities - Roehampton and Derby.
    If you want to check my infos, here are the links to the institutions I contacted:
    Switzerland -
    Spain -
    Germany - Welcome to the website of the Bavarian State Ministry of Education, Science and the Arts

    I also contacted some students of them on Facebook and as it seems they had some problems with the tax authorities in Spain and Germany. One told me that Dirk Craen was sentenced for tax evasion but he had no links to fact it up. He also said that in Munich former students had sued EU and had received their money back.

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