Is European University Accredited??

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  1. meansgood

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    Anyone can advise me?? Thanks
  2. davidhume

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    Is this the full name? Any idea of website address?
  3. poloc

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    their website address is

    they seem to have all kinds of memberships, but no accreditation. To my knowledge their reputation, which was never significantly good, has been sinking over the past few years.
  4. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    From their web site

    Are above of any value?
    Are they on a level of state approved ?

    Or Portugal and Spain atorization makes them
  5. isa53359

    isa53359 New Member

    A diploma from this Uni is in Germany not recognized.


    VOETSEK New Member

    European University is basicely a play ground for rich kids with more money than brains.
    The school orriginates from Antwerp Belgium . But had to close down there due to a series of scandals. Phoney degrees and titles, aswell as fraudulent practises with affiliation agreements with American universities. Their level of courses offered was/is notoriously low. Nobody failed his/her exams because students were regarded as clients rather than students.
    Their pretention of having accreditaions is all too simple not to see that they have none. Not from the Swiss authorities not from the Catalon government nor from everywhere else, and that will stay this way because they never changed and they never will.
    Ask their dean Dirk Craen where he got his doctorate from.
    He is an undergraduate from this diploma selling institution. What accredited university would give him a doctorate?
    They claim partnerships with University North and Rand Vaal University of technology in South Africa. Do they actually know this school?
    The EU's degrees aren't worth the paper they are printed on.
    What would Dr. John Bear have to say about this school?
    Stay away from it. It is expensive and rubbish.
  7. isa53359

    isa53359 New Member

    I just ask the University about accreditation, that´s the answer:

    Dear Mr. Alexander, (nickname)

    Good afternoon from European University, Barcelona and thank you for your email.

    In response to the anonymous commentarial Blog that you have so inquired, please know that it is only an opinion or an inaccurate accusation. You may believe this statement that is perhaps fuelled by ulterior motives or coincidental events, but what we suggest is that you visit European University yourself and make your own valued conclusion.

    In addition, proving our reputable and well-respected University, we are officially recognized and supported by all of the following esteemed:

    Our University is member of following associations:

    · FSEP (Swiss Federation of Private Schools)

    · AVDEP (Vaudoise Association of Private Schools)

    · AGEP (Geneva Association of Private Schools)

    · Service Scolaire Suisse (Swiss School Service)

    · CEEMAN (Central and East European Management Association)

    · CIS (Council of International Schools)

    · AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business)

    · FIBAA (Foundation of International Business Administration Accreditation)

    Furthermore, we are in the process of accreditation and recognition in following international associations:

    · AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business)

    · FIBAA (Foundation of International Business Administration Accreditation)

    In addition we would like to emphasize that the National Agency of Superior Education of Sweden (Högskoleverket) recognizes our programs and therefore grants a scholarships to students interested in continuing their studies at European University.

    Within European educational system, European University is accredited by following Ministries:

    · Ministry of Education, Culture and Science of Holland

    · Ministry of Education of Estonia

    Also we are in the process of accreditation in following countries:

    · Ministry of Education of Malta

    · Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan

    European University’s undergraduate and graduate courses and methods of teaching are officially recognized and authorized by:

    · Generalitat de Cataluña, España–(Government of Spanish region Catalunya)

    · Department of Education and Youth of Swiss canton Vaud

    Anyone may say anything about anyone; this is the entitlement of opinion. However, as you can see above in fact is that our authenticity is defined many times over.

    Again, we warmly welcome you to visit our campuses (Barcelona, Munich, Montreux, etc) in order to recognize for yourself an authenticated and successful educational institution.

    Kind Regards,

    Michonne Proulx

    Admissions Assistant

    European University

    Ganduxer 70

    08021 Barcelona


    Tel: + 34 93 201 81 71

    Fax: + 34 93 201 79 35

    [email protected]

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    VOETSEK New Member

    EU claims a lot of honour by memberships with a lot of private organisations. Only FIBAA is of interest to us since FIBAA is the German accrediting body that accredits universities in Germany and Switserland namely in the german speaking parts.
    Ask mr. Detlev Kran at FIBAA about this well-respected university, i have spoken twice with him about EU. His e-mail address is [email protected]
    EU claims to be in the process of accreditation by FIBAA for several years and always accreditation is imminent and always ... delayed why?
    Association with the by EU mentionned organisations doesn't mean a thing, everybody can become a contributing member.
    This doesn't bring them an inch closer to accreditation and respectability.
    Phone or write to the ministry of education, culture and science of Holland, ask them whether this well respected university is accredited by them. Why did they leave the Nederlands? Why did they leave Belgium?
    Write to Estonia, why are they accredited in a country they are not located in?
    Who gives a damn about what Khazakhstan says.
    Ask EU dean DR. dirk craen about his academic credentials.
    Ask the flemish ministry of education in Brussels what they think of EU and their academic staff they were previously located in Antwerp. Write to flemish newspapers like "De Morgen" or "Het laatse Nieuws" ask them about EU.
    They were previously in France too why did they leave France?, ask the ministry of education in Paris.
    In their all too long an answer they never give a real proof of accreditation.Why not contact the ministry of education in the Generalitat de Cataluna in Spain. Accredited???? They have a sort of certifacate that allows them to open a school in those countries but that is a mather of constitutional rights.
    If you want to know more i only can suggest you to contact the above mentionned institutions and governments, very illuminating
    don't let you brain wash by this nitwits,
    let us know what you found out.
  9. isa53359

    isa53359 New Member

    I can just tell you that European University is not accreditad in Germany. I just ask the ministry of education in Munich for information about European University, they told me: EU it´s not accredited.
  10. isa53359

    isa53359 New Member

    I just talk with a Lady from the Ministry of Education in Holland, the EU is not accredited in Holland.
  11. Unregistered

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    VOETSEK New Member


    EU Portugal has a professor Mrs. Ann Maria Martins who claims to have a PHD from FAIRFAX UNIVERSITY Louisiana USA. EU newsletter 2005. Doesn't this ring a bell? This socalled university is blacklisted by the people from mr. Contreras in Oregon USA, being a diploma mill. Not allone has the dean not a decent degree one of his academic? staff shows off with a fake degree.
    Dr? D. Craen claims important international agreements with University Nord, Estonia and Vaal University of technology in South Africa. when you visit their web site under international relations you find a lot but not a single word about the EU. I wonder why.
  13. Cameron_Baty

    Cameron_Baty New Member

    European University has ACBSP accreditation.

    The European University (EU, is an ACBSP accredited multi-campus private university, established in 1973, with headquarters in Switzerland. It operates campuses in Switzerland (Geneva and Montreux), Spain (Barcelona), and Germany (Munich), with an executive facility in Yvorne, Switzerland.

    ACBSP (Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs) is a US accreditation agency that is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA,

    EU is also in a process of gaining other respected accreditations, depending on the organisation, it takes from 5 to 9 years.

    This is a good University
  14. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    Yet another example of a newbie who digs up an ancient post in order to promote a questionable school. I'd also point out that Cameron has not cited his involvement with the school. Are we to believe that he is just a neutral but interested observer of this school? Not an administrator? Not an instructor? Not a student?
  15. CalDog

    CalDog New Member

    ACBSP is in fact a widely recognized accreditation agency in the US, and ACBSP does in fact list the European University campuses in Barcelona, Geneva, Montreaux, and Munich as accredited.

    However, ACBSP is recognized as a "programmatic" accreditor in the US, not as an "institutional" accreditor. ACBSP specializes in the evaluation of business and accounting programs; it does not accredit entire institutions.

    So ACBSP's accreditation of four EU campuses may or may not apply to every degree program offered by these schools. For example, EU offers (among other degrees) a Bachelor's of Business Administration, and a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Management. It seems possible that the former degree may be ACBSP-accredited, but that the latter degree may not be.

    If US-recognized accreditation is a concern, then you might want to contact ACBSP or EU to determine the exact scope of ACBSP's accreditation.
  16. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    Once the school achieved recognized accreditation I personally don't think its a bad thing if a student or faculty used the site to promote the school.

    It can be done more honestly by simply stating that hey I know this school was discussed in the past here is an update .
    Our school in number of countries achieved such and such accreditation.

    I'm an employee of the school and hope this post will increase interest in my place of employment :)

    European University - Barcelona Barcelona None ES Baccalaureate/Graduate Yes
    European University - Geneva Geneva None CH Baccalaureate/Graduate Yes
    European University - Montreux Montreux 2 None CH Baccalaureate/Graduate Yes
    European University - Munich Baccalaureate/Graduate None Yes

    I assume that the degrees from EU from the above 4 locations are accredited.

    CHEA Board of Directors reviewed the recommendations of the CHEA Committee on Recognition regarding the recommendation and recognized the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs.
  17. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    Very good point.
    Business programs are accredited in this case not the institution so IT program may not be accredited.
  18. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    As you suggest, it comes across as cheap and smarmy.
  19. Cameron_Baty

    Cameron_Baty New Member


    I am EU student, and I do not see anything wrong with promoting my school.
    I am currently on an internship program, and I have a great job ahead of me.

    Of course I do not like when I see something bad written about University I attended.

    Should I mention that after 5+ years of process, in 2010. and 2011. EU is scheduled for final decision at another two reputable accreditation organizations. Of course that is not a guarantee; they are yet to make a decision, but so far so good :)
  20. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    There is nothing wrong with promoting your school. It happens all the time on this board. However, promoting a school without disclosing your relationship with the school can seem somewhat deceptive. You are obviously not objective as your own interests are served if the school is seen in a positive light. When you don't disclose this at the beginning you run the risk of seeming to deceive others. I'm glad you're having a good experience. Others may disagree with your choice. That's ok too.

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