Is European University Accredited??

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    I wander how will NACES member foreign credential evaluation service will evaluate such degree.

    Since the university is not in US it is considered foreign.

    Am I wrong to say that EU has no institutional accreditation?
    Or it has an approval that can be seen as equivalent to US RA?

    Majority of US credential Evaluation services evaluate universities as equivalent to US RA.

    Unless its in a profession like Social Work for example, then the Accreditor has a service that evaluates foreign SW degrees.
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    If you do not have any knowledge of EU, how come you know about Crean's picture?
    Yet another EU mercenary that is shamelessly promoting a fraudulent organization.
    All these accreditations and rankings are the result of Craen's talent to manipulate, influence, and buy people.
    European Association of Universities is listing 17 Swiss universities (what you would expect - IMD, ST-Gall, Lausanne, Zurich) and EU is not one of them.
    Despite that, 'DR' Craen claims EU is no 3 in Switzerland - this is a subject of amusement among its students, who know better.
    Can Craen indicate those 14 universities that are worse than EU?
    Just go to visit the Geneva 'campus' - few rooms rented in an office building, with primitive teaching equipment, no library (except a locked bookshelf with some 30-40 old books), no room for students or professors, plenty of rooms for all marketing people, whose job is to'sell, sell' the scam.
    It is about time the Swiss authorities take their responsibilities and put an end to this organization that is a black spot on the reputation os Geneva and Switzerland.
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    Because it was posted on the Internet for all to see. I have no personal experience with EU -- but I do have an Internet connection.

    I have no personal knowledge of EU, good or bad. I am arguing only that EU has accreditation from ACBSP (which is a legitimate US professional accreditation agency), and that it has connections to US schools like Nichols College and College of Charleston (which are legitimate US institutions). Do you have any evidence that these points are untrue?

    OK, so you agree that EU does have accreditation. If you think that they don't deserve it, then perhaps you should submit your objections to ACBSP, since the whole point of an accreditation agency is to provide oversight. The procedures for submitting "Public Concerns and Complaints" are listed here.
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    I forgot that EU is also accredited by IACBE (another legitimate US professional accreditation agency). The procedures for submitting complaints to IACBE are listed in Section 5 of the Accreditation Process Manual.
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    I suspect that the bigger advantage for Nichols is that the EU connection facilitates "Study Abroad" opportunities for its US students. With the EU relationship, Nichols can offer prospective US students the opportunity to spend a semester or two in Barcelona, Munich, or Switzerland. That might be impressive to many applicants.

    I agree that this would be a better choice for most US students. And if you must study in Switzerland, there are better options than EU. But there are probably worse options than EU as well.
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    CalDog makes a valid point. EU may not the best (or even a very good) option in terms of value for money, past reputation etc., but they are certainly not the worst either. They seem to have made genuine efforts towards gaining legitimate accreditation and partner relationships with decent institutions.
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    So, why would one consider it? Are lingering doubts and being a "not-very-good" option (i.e. mediocre at best) grounds for any kind of significant money/time/effort commitment?

    I think this is precisely the sort of school one weeds out at the first or, more charitably, second winnowing of the possibilities. I think this forum is (or should be) primarily about making good choices for study -- and avoiding poor ones. Why labour long and hard to somehow legitimize a school of dubious repute which is, at best, a mediocrity?

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    Perhaps organizations and/or institutions do move on and try to improve themselves for the better. A university reform campaign program anyone? :rolleyes:
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    EIE – enjoying legal immunity

    He [= Antonello Cappitta, who runs the European Institute of Education (EIE)]
    managed to dupe over 40 students by enrolling them in diploma, first and second degree courses run by the Malta Centre of the European University (EU) based in Switzerland – a bogus institution which serious educational authorities abroad (but not in Malta) list in their websites to warn their citizens of fake universities before registering for their expensive courses.


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  11. Mohammed

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    I just don't see why there is a need to prolong this thread. Discussions have all been done and dusted, insofar as the past and present status of EU is concerned. This post and its comments are hackneyed at best.
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    The answer is yes, and their people are actively involved in ASBSP.
  13. Johann

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    If that's all you can muster for the cause of EU, then I think we should be done, here.

    We know about ACBSP programmatic accreditation at EU - and we're all agreed that ACBSP doesn't accredit bad or substandard business programs. We're also aware that ACBSP marches to its own drummer about what it considers "sufficient degree-granting authority" in a school's own country. Examples were given - schools with Swiss Cantonal Permission - that met ACBSP's degree-granting sniff-test, but were still highly problematic in degree-acceptance (both in Europe and U.S.) due to lack of generally accepted insititutional accreditation or equivalent.

    As I said before - at this price, $19,200, one can earn an MBA with absolutely bullet-proof school AND program accreditation. First principle of business AND business education: Get your money's worth. As I see it, this school is not it.

    As someone else said - "Perhaps organizations and/or institutions do move on and try to improve themselves for the better."

    Some do, some don't. This one has a lot of baggage to overcome. the Malta situation doesn't help it. I don't think anyone should spend $19,200 or even a fraction thereof, out of sympathy or in the hope that the school will do better.

    Unless someone finally wants to tell me where Dr. Dirk Craen got his doctorate (see earlier) I'm done, here. :sad:

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    I Googled Dr. Dirk Craen, and did not see where his Doctorate was from, however, apparently he has a UNESCO Chair position in Education.
    So that would be a pretty decent outcome.
  15. Johann

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    So did I -- a long time ago. Could have saved you the trouble. Also, his UNESCO job is not news -- per the EU Wiki:

    "The current president of the school is Dirk Craen, who is also UNESCO Chair in International Relations, Business Administration and Entrepreneurship."

    I'm neither impressed nor unimpressed by that. Could be a reflection of good PR and schmoozing skills, leveraging the EU job - could be much more. Some day, maybe I should make a list of Ph.D. holders from totally bogus schools who have weaseled their way into top Government jobs, think-tanks, NGOs etc. I'm not saying Dr. Craen would figure on such a list -- I still don't know where he earned his degree.

    If you find out before I do, please let me know. As you hold a Ph.D. from a known school, (and I don't) I'm sure your research abilities extend far beyond Google. :smile:

  16. Johann

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    I tried! A long-ago poster (somewhere) wrote that if you read Belgian Google in French you'd find the source of Craen's degrees. (He's of Belgian origin.) Bin there - done that, most of the afternoon -- sans aucun succès, malheureusement... :sad:

    Only clue I got (in a flattering article) referred to Dr. Craen as an economist - and that prior to his EU days he had worked representing Swiss business interests in Belgium. No idea where he obtained an economics - or any other - degree.

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  17. Johann

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    Dirk Craen's doctorate -- it's gonna keep me up nights, yet...

    This is my guess. I could be wrong - I'd even like to be. And if I am, then I'll take it back... but due to the paucity of info and mists of time, I'm thinking that Dr. Craen's Ph.D. might be

    (1) Honorary AND/OR
    (2) Conferred by his own school - EU

    ...Anybody? :question: :question: :question:

  18. anabele

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    Hello dear all,
    i studied in European University Barcelona for my bachelor and European university Geneva for my masters... Biggest mistake of my life... I wanted to continue my studies in London, only two universities were ready to enroll me, and ATTENTION they wanted me to study for two years for the same degree i obtained in EU and than continue with other degrees. Ive also received a confirmation that European Uni is not recognized in England.
    Furthermore i wanted to try something else and decided to apply to Webster... Guess what, a private american university denied my enrollment. They said i can only start over as freshman, because European University degree is not recognized by american instituitions.
    I adressed this question to administration of European University Geneva, after a while they just started ignoring my letters.
    Plus i dont know if this issue was adressed in this forum (havent had the chance to read all). European university Barcelona had several law cases and probems... and there used to be a European University Lisbon, which just closed.... (i wonder why)

    So, i highly recommend, to check for a different Uni.

  19. XForce

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    Celebrities bluff with fake PhD-Titles (Diplomas)article by Alan Cassidy, Saturday, Juli 13, 2013 - translated from the Swiss newspaper "Schweiz am Sonntag", obtained from:

    Schweiz am Sonntag - Prominente bluffen mit Doktortitel

    Schweiz am Sonntag

    The private "European University" regularly assigns "honor degrees" to celebrities. But that school will soon lose the right to call itself a university.

    André Dosé is the previous Swiss-chief and current president of the grasshopper-club in Zurich. What many do not know: He also carries an "honorary PhD-Title". He even used the title in his commercial registry (Handelsregister). But Mr. Dosé left out the required addition "h.c." that differeniates an "honor degree" from a legitimate academic title. Whether he did so by accidental oversight or on purpose could not be determined. Mr. Dosé did not respond to numerous requests made by the "Schweiz am Sonntag" (newspaper).

    Mr. Dosé, who absolved the traffic school in Biel and the pilot school in Geneva received the "honorary PhD" title from the European University. This private institution, which operates from office buildings in Montreux (Switzerland) and Geneva (Belgium) refers to itself as a leading business school. In Switzerland, almost no one ever heard of them (knows who they are). They've gained recognition mostly for an advertising campaign to their own advantage: They generously issue "honorary PhD Titles" ("honorary diplomas").

    Swatch president Nayla Hayek carries the (fake) Dr. h.c. title of the European University with pride. On the website of the watchmanufacturer, the title is shown next to her name. Hayek dropped out of an archeology study program before enrolling in a management course at the "European University". Her son Marc is also a graduate and "honorary PhD" carrier of that school. The school also honored her previous mentor and superior Moritz Suter. In her online appearance she lists the Crossair-founder - with his last name spelled incorrectly - as a prior guest speaker.

    The latest person to receive an honory PhD-title (from the European University) is (Swiss politician) Adolf Ogi. He received an "honory PhD in June for his "accomplishments in sports". Prior to Ogi, Steve Guerdat, the Swiss Olympia-victor in show jumping (with horses) received the "honorary" title (from the European University). «Steve Guerdat est un docteur» the «Tribune de Genève» (newspaper) anounced in May.

    This business school that was founded in Belgium and which opened a campus in Switzerland in 1985 has referred to itself as a "university" for a long time: This year they celebrated their 40th anniversary. But now they will soon have to find a different name. With the new law ("Hochschulförderungsgesetz") that was passed by the (Swiss) parliament in 2011 which is set to go into effect most likely by 2015 the government is tightening the rules. (When the law becomes effective) only schools or universities which are accredited in Switzerland may call themselves a university.

    But the European University is not accredited in Switzland. The government and counties have set high criteria (academic standards). Much too high for a school, which on its website lists a woman as "Professor for Marketing" who's only "academic experience" is a diploma from the Luzern journalist school MAZ.

    President and head of the school is the belgian-swiss dual-citizen Dirk Craen. He replied to a request that he was "concerned" about the new Swiss law. Instead of the non-existant Swiss accredation, Mr. Craen prefers to discuss the school's international accredations. These include accredations from the ACBSP and the IACBE, which are common accredations among business schools.

    Apparently, the school is firmly entrenched (engaged) in issueing business certifications. According to their own figures 98% of the student body of the European University comes from abroad. For a diploma they pay a hefty fee: 24, 000 Swiss Franks for a bachelor in business administration and 32, 000 Swiss Franks for a Master's degree. The school claims to have had 25, 000 graduates.

    While the European University in Switzerland has received little attention so far, they had to fight repeated acceptance problems abroad. International branches run by the school currenly include campuses in Barcelona, ​​Munich and London. But governmental accedation is lacking in all of these places. In 2007, ​​the Catalan authorities in Barcelona revoked their official recognition that the European University had enjoyed for several years. In Malta, the European University made ​​headlines because of a partnership with a local school that, according to the "Times of Malta", was sued by a (considerable) number of former graduates.

    The relevant online discussion forums are also full of criticism. A user in writes:
    "The European University is basically a playground for rich kids who have more money than brains."

    That the school has been in business for so long is due to their enterpreneurial (inventive) president. Craen regularly convinces celebrities from politics and business networking events to vouch for his institute. Apparently, this sometimes even results in a business opportunitiy. In 2002, Mr. Craen announced together with the former Swiss chef André Dosé a "European Aeronautical University» at the Euro-Airport in Basel. The school sought to educate (indoctriate??) "policy makers from within the aviation industry" in the Swiss-building at the airport. In this way "our people can earn an MBA from within the same institution" (at the same time), said Dosé to the "Basler Zeitung". But the project never got off the ground.

    The situation regarding the alleged UNESCO Chair "for international relations and entrepreneurship», that Craen allegedly held at his school since 1999 is similar. A check with the Swiss UNESCO Commission in Berne reveals that the chair was never even active: The European University and the UNESCO Commission have had no contact whatsoever for numerous years. The school also failed to submit to UNESCO the required annual progress report on the activities of their department. UNESCO is currently reviewing all of its chairs and has let it be known that the one from the European University is about to be abolished.

    Craen claims he has not benefitted from the association with the (UNESCO) chair anyways for some time now. His attention is currently focused on the 40-year anniversary of the school of which he is proud. (Craen claims that) his graduates have found good jobs which (Craen alleges) is a testament to the quality of the courses.

    Jobs are indeed generated by the school for Craen's own family: His sons run the campuses of the European University in Switzerland and Barcelona.


    Schweiz am Sonntag

    Prominente bluffen mit Doktortitel
    Von Alan Cassidy, Samstag, 13. Juli 2013 23:30

    Relevant Excerpts in the original language:

    Die private European University stattet Schweizer Persönlichkeiten regelmässig mit Ehrendoktortiteln aus. Dabei darf sich die Schule bald gar nicht mehr Universität nennen.


    Auch in einschlägigen Online-Diskussionsforen stösst man rasch auf Kritik. Ein User auf schreibt: «Die European University ist im Prinzip ein Spielplatz für reiche Kinder, die mehr Geld als Verstand haben.»


    Ähnlich verhält es sich mit dem Unesco-Lehrstuhl «für internationale Beziehungen und Unternehmergeist», den Craen an seiner Schule seit 1999 inne hat. Eine Nachfrage bei der Schweizer Unesco-Kommission in Bern ergibt, dass der Lehrstuhl gar nie aktiv war: Zwischen der European University und der Kommission besteht seit Jahren kein Kontakt. Auch die vorgeschriebenen jährlichen Fortschrittsberichte über die Tätigkeiten des Lehrstuhls hat die Schule nicht an die Unesco eingereicht. Derzeit überprüft die Unesco alle ihre Lehrstühle, und aus dem Umfeld der Unesco-Kommission heisst es, dass jener der European University wohl abgeschafft wird.

    Craen sagt, er habe ohnehin schon lange nicht mehr auf den Lehrstuhl hingewiesen. Seine Aufmerksamkeit gelte derzeit dem 40-Jahr-Jubiläum der Schule, auf das er stolz sei. Seine Absolventen, von denen die meisten gute Stellen gefunden hätten, seien ein Beweis für die Qualität der Lehrgänge.

    Stellen generiert Craens Schule auf jeden Fall für die eigene Familie: Seine Söhne führen die Campus der European University in der Schweiz und Barcelona.

    Schweiz am Sonntag
  20. XForce

    XForce New Member

    In reply to "Prominente bluffen mit Doktortitel", translation: "Celebrities bluff with fake PhD Titles",
    article in Swiss newspaper "Schweiz am Sonntag" by Allan Cassidy, July 2013


    Anyone who wanted to know whether the European University was a Diploma Factory now has the answer:

    The article by Allan Cassidy in the Swiss newspaper "Schweiz am Sonntag" leaves no doubt that the European University is a diploma factory that uses the same celebrity-targeting tactics as Scientology to gain cheap-shot publicity for themselves. With Scientology, its Tom Cruise and John Travolta. With the European University, its people in the Industry, a considerable number of whom dropped out of legitimate academic courses.

    Industry leaders and "celebrities" who allow themselves to be used for such promotion in exchange for a fake Title or Diploma do more harm than good: They allow Dirk Craen and his machinery to trick gullible and often naive students from third world countries to part with their parent's hard earned money for what is really a useless, academically valueless title or diploma not worth the paper its written on.

    As one such parent, G. Pace Bonello, wrote to the Times of Malta in an online forum on the issue of the European University:



    Oct 20th 2009, 10:29
    "We parents go through tremendous lenghts to give our children a good educaction. These persons organising such unrecognised courses should be elinminated from the the education sector immediately and not be authorized to work in this same sector ever again. No one likes to be cheated and I am sure they would not either... Shame on them!!" ... 77#.UlrNBti0nrQ


    G. Pace Bonello is synonymous for so many of them!

    Although he may very well have obtained the cheapest possible accredation since then, in 2009, everyone agrees, the European University was *not* accredited. And yet, Dirk Craen had no qualms about tricking Third World citizens who can't afford a decent living into parting with their hard earned money for a piece of worthless bullsh*t only to sail off into the sunset and leave these poor people hanging there with all the money saved for their children's education drained down a useless black hole.

    Celebrities and Industry profesionals who accepted "honorary PhD's" from the European University have helped him do that.


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