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  1. John Bear

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    Kizmet: "...that sort of [medical] degree can't really be completed through distance learning. There may be one or two places where you can take an individual course through distance learning but there are no real degree programs that I know of."

    John: But it's definitely in the cards, and in the works. The initial announcement was made seven years ago:

    "Led by Scotland's University of Dundee, an international group of medical schools is trying to create the world's first online medical school. More than 50 institutions in 16 countries have helped plan the International Virtual Medical School [IVIMEDS], which its organizers plan to open in the summer of 2004...

    The virtual school would allow students around the world to pursue a medical education through a combination of computer-based learning and clinical experience in local health facilities.... Degrees would be granted by the participating medical schools, each of which is already accredited."

    A fair amount of progress has been made. See: The US partner schools are Brown University, the U.S. military's Uniformed Services University, and the New York Institute of Technology.
  2. Josep

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    Trying hard

    Hello everyone.

    Josep is the name, currently QA Tech in one of the water plant in Iraq.
    I got BS degree in computer, halfway to MCP certificate and Comtia A+.
    Being far from my home country (Philippines) its hard for me to continue those certificate. But still, trying hard..

    I will be 30yrs old this year. And planing to get my first Master degree in Information System which is a DL study. Hope can make it. :-(

    Good to be here. :)
  3. Tom H.

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    Is the anger management training offered by DL? If not, does this outfit have anything to do with DI's own Ian Anderson? If the answer is negative for both then the whole anger management reference flew right over my head.
  4. Kizmet

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    1) Yes
    2) Not to my knowledge

    You could have just looked at the website. It's all there.
  5. LXIQ

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    Hello there.

    I am a mature student who is interested in a postgraduate degree in Mathematics by external study. I have completed an Honours Maths externally but the university won't accept post graduate external students. So I am looking. I live in Australia.

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    I recently joined this forum and would love to say all you guys the happy new year with all the blessings of God.
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    Chicks Dig Ivanjak

    Hey All- Just finished BS in Business Ops and was looking for GMAT testing information. Have been in IC Forum for last couple of years and am now efforting an MBA but need to take GMAT yesterday. Any relevant feedback is appreciated. Thanks.
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    Diploma mills etc

    Hi everyone,

    My name is John Baxter, I live in Perth, Australia and am working on an online collaborative resource to assist universities, employers and immigration departments to run background checks on international applicants. The purpose of this is, of course, to protect the reputation of the institution or company and it members of staff and students from fraud and physical harm.
    Part of the resource will list diploma and degree mills so I am hoping I can find useful information on this site and also meet people with an interest in this subject and an interest in working on the resource I am building.
    I look forward to participating in the discussions.
  9. Dr.B

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    New in Town...


    My name is Susan, but my students call me DrB, hence the username.

    I've been teaching philosophy in traditional and online environments for about 9 years, now, and do online for traditional schools, online for-profits, and an online not for profit. I also do blends/hybrids for some of my on campus courses.

    I can't believe I've not run across these forums before, but am happy to have. Always interested in what other folks have to say and their experiences and in learning new perspectives and ways of approaching the work.

  10. Kizmet

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    Hi Susan - Welcome to degreeinfo. We know a little about earning philosophy degrees through distance learning. Maybe you can add to our knowledge. Here's a question right off the top, what do you think about the philosophical gourmet? I mean specifically in regards to the rankings.
  11. Dr.B

    Dr.B New Member

    Thanks for the warm welcome!

    Hey, Kizmet,

    Many thanks for the warm welcome and a very long answer to a very short question...

    In qualifying my answer to your query, first, I didn’t earn any of my degrees online (although I have taken some courses online), and, second, I don’t hold a philosophy degree, but one in Interdisciplinary Humanities. The majority of my coursework within the IH degree was in philosophy which I fortified with my Ed.D. research in moral reasoning and development. I further supported my experience, by way of that degree, in instructional systems in online design and development.

    Anyway and with all that said, looking to those on the advisory board of the Philosophical Gourmet, I see several folks whose names I recognize and some whose work and academic endeavors I admire (e.g. Annas and Chalmers). Taking a rather pragmatic view, though, I don’t know that the ‘Gourmet’ would necessarily have influenced me as prospective student, although it might others. I am quite happy with my choices, yet it’s not difficult to figure that the top 13 in the US and the top 4 or 5 in the UK are what they are.

    In my small world at a southern regional (where there is no Ph.D. program), I’ve been quite fortunate to have professors from Harvard, Temple, Boston U., Yale, and others. I have mentors who have attended Oxford, Stanford, UC Berkley, and so on. My committee chair also was at the Max Plank institute. For me, it’s the next best thing to being there, which is rather, at least to my mind, intended to be a part of the experience no matter which school one attends. I would not change or exchange my experiences for another’s in any case.

    I am exceptionally interested in any conversations concerning online philo degrees because I think there is great potential there, although I think many died in the wool are in denial (only IMHO); I am quite interesting in learning more about that conversation.
  12. Kizmet

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  13. Dr.B

    Dr.B New Member


    Thanks, Kizmet, 'tis much appreciated!

  14. tvbracket

    tvbracket member

    Hi, I am shashi from India new here. Happy to see you all. Hope I ll get good stuff here
  15. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    I'm not connected with this outfit in any way
  16. keithong

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    Keith here from Singapore. Found this website through search engine.

    Currently pursuing my Bachelors degree online. 1-2 years more to go...
  17. Will_T

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    Greetings DegreeInfo posters and lurkers,
    I am a minister in a small town outside of Nashville, TN. I also have worked as an administrator for a small Christian University as Director of Admissions. While I have already earned a graduate degree I am currently researching MTS programs to prepare me for doctoral studies.

    This is a wonderful site with a lot of good information.
  18. victorsans

    victorsans New Member

    Hello everybody, my name is Victor. I am new to this site.
    I hope you can help me. I am a mature person with a long job experience trying to get a degree, if possible, through examinations alone. I live in South America and it is relatively expensive to travel to the US.

    I can read classical Latin and Greek since I am a kid. I Have written several books of essays. Also have a good knowledge of math, from calculus to more advance stuff.
    Is there a way to use this knowledge to get a degree?

    Thank you in advance for your help.
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    Hi there! I'm a complete newbie to this site but my mom is a regular. Her name is Lindagerr. I'm so proud of my mom for getting so far! I'm following in her footsteps (kinda) and going for my own Associates now! I'm unemployed right now and that makes money a huge issue. I'm hoping to use either the Tuition waiver program, which I'm not crazy about, or some other kind of financial aid. My biggest problem is that I know next to nothing about what to do! Thank goodness for mom!
  20. Kizmet

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    Welcome Bookwyrme. Two generations of degreeinfo members! Is that a first?

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