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  1. worldtraveler

    worldtraveler New Member

    I forgot to include a link with all member institutions including, candidate and accredited in my earlier post. The list is fairly extensive and includes Charisma University. What does everyone have against Charisma University anyway?
  2. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    You are welcome to come back but please don't come back just to shill for Charisma. Shilling is a TOS violation and more importantly, it makes me work harder than I want. As for your choice, you haven't really answered my question as to why you would choose Charisma over the 300+ other online MBA programs in the world. You said it's because they are newly accredited, reasonably priced and fantastic staff. While those are all good qualities, it hardly distinguishes Charisma in any significant way. Lots of schools can say that, and much more. So, why Charisma? If you ever put together a real answer I'd like to hear it.
  3. worldtraveler

    worldtraveler New Member

    Kizmet, Maybe it was by sheer definition, I do not know. No one is shilling here as far as I am concerned. If one ACBSP school is the same as the other, I guess I like the name. Let me see how I do in their program and I will let you know. I will be the first to withdraw if I experience anything negative.

    By the way, I noticed in another thread here that Caldwell University received only two negative mentions for defrauding millions of dollars from US Military Veterans. They are ACBSP accredited also. I sure wouldn’t choose them as my logical choice, simply because they have been around a lot longer. If I can ask, why are the members here being so critical of Charisma University?
  4. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    That you ask this question demonstrates a dangerous ignorance regarding degrees issued by foreign entities. I suspect it is intentional.

    This has nothing to do with Charisma in particular. Instead, it applies to every school awarding degrees from jurisdictions that are not well known.
    Your characterization of my comments is completely wrong. I've not discouraged anyone.
    Uh huh. I have a judgment in a lawsuit against him. He was so helpful that he sued me for some rather innocuous comments I made on this board. He tried to sue others but couldn't find them to serve them.
    So was the judge in the lawsuit. That's why I not only won, I countered with an anti-SLAPP motion and won that, too.
    Oh, you are very welcome.
  5. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    That thing would get zero mentions on this board if it wasn't for the shilling of it done by you and Peter. By the way, are you Peter?

    The best part of my interaction with him was when he called me to beg me to drop the counter-suit against him after the initial judgment. Hah!
  6. tadj

    tadj Active Member

    This university is now listed by the International Association of Universities "World Higher Education Database" at It is shown as a "United States of America - outside USA" institution. At the same time, the website has the "" domain. Interesting...
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  7. AsianStew

    AsianStew Active Member

    The only program from them that interest me is their Ph.D in Cyber Security Administration that can be had for $22K USD.
    All other programs are expensive for a degree without much accreditation. They have three degrees that are ACBSP.

    ACBSP Institutional Link:
    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Business Administration
    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Cyber Security Administration
    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Forensic Accounting and Audit

    Oh, and I wrote about them last month on the sister board.
  8. tadj

    tadj Active Member

    very expensive indeed...
  9. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    In my own opinion that is perhaps the worst reason to choose one school over so many others. In the end I don't really care, I'm just interested in how people make these choices. Personally I think it's a bad choice. If it were the only online MBA program it might be different but with so many others available I can't imagine that I would choose Charisma. I know of nothing that makes this school a better choice than any other school. I honestly think I would choose UPeople over Charisma or maybe I'd choose some ultra-low tuition RA school or even UNISA. Personally I think the name makes it sound like a Cosmetology school but maybe that's just me.

    As for the shilling piece, I'm glad to know that you don't think you're shilling. However, I have to point out that, for better or worse, it's the Moderators opinion that counts in these matters.

    And as for Caldwell, I believe that I'm the one who started that thread. It's simply a news story that was posted for peoples interest. It requires no comment and so that is likely the reason that it did not get many. Best of luck
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  10. mbwa shenzi

    mbwa shenzi Member

    I was sued but never served. I think, but I'm not sure, that I was sued for knowing a bit too much about the history of Charisma and of things Nigerian. I received a PM (over at another forum) from 'surprises', who asked me to send him or her my contact details so that I could be served. At about the same time as I was sued for libel, 'surprises' asked me, in a post, if I was "from the Boko Haram group". Best part of my interaction with Charisma University.
  11. mbwa shenzi

    mbwa shenzi Member

    Interesting answer, considering I wasn't asking who you are. So it is Robert Ray Hill?
  12. tadj

    tadj Active Member

    Exactly. Why would anyone choose this entity over more affordable options? Unless Charisma chooses to substantially lower their tuition, I don't see how it could be a serious competitor in the world of "non-elite MBA school" online business programs. California's University of the People offers the MBA degree for $2,460 in total. It also offers much bigger benefits with national U.S. accreditation as opposed to professional accreditation and localization within an overseas territory.

    Charisma's MBA tuition structure looks like this:

    $205 USD x 48 credits needed for the MBA = $9840
    + Technology fees estimated for 12 courses ($45 x 12=$540)
    + Master's thesis fees ($1200)
    + Graduation application fees ($500)
    Total: $12,080

    That's getting close to a $10,000 difference in tuition between Charisma and University of the People. We're not even talking about the doctoral degree tuition.
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  13. Steve Levicoff

    Steve Levicoff Well-Known Member

    Nope, neither cosmetology nor personality. Those familiar with the religious scene (regardless of their own position) would be quick to associate the name with the Pentecostal/Charismatic movements. Indeed, according to Chrisma's current catalogue:

    "The university’s name, Charisma University, takes root in the word “charisma” (n; Theol*)–an extraordinary power, such as the ability to work miracles, granted by the Holy Spirit. We believe that an individual coming to our University receives an “extraordinary power” to learn and to develop one’s self in cooperation with the Creator: A wise man will hear and increase learning, and a man of understanding will attain wise counsel. –Proverbs 1:5 (NKJV)."​

    The doctrinal basis of the word rests in the so-called gifts of the Holy Spirit, generally with an emphasis on being able to speak in unknown tongues as the primary evidence of baptism in the Holy Spirit. Thus, for example, almost all schools in the Assemblies of God denomination will ask applicants, "Have you been baptized in the Holy Spirit according to Acts 2:4?" (Y'all can look it up yourselves.)

    Most major evangelists, TV preachers, etc. in the U.S. (including Pat Robertson, Oral Roberts, Jim Bakker, the TBN crowd, and the Texas mega-churches) come from a Charismatic or Pentecostal background. The exceptions are those from a Fundamentalist background (notably the Falwells , Charles Stanley, Bob Jones, etc.), who specifically believe that the gift of tongues is no longer a valid spiritual expression.

    What's the difference other than that? Pentecostals and Charismatics are simply nuts, and they have lousy hair styles.

    If I knew nothing about Charisma University - and I wish I didn't, since I consider them insignificant twits - but simply heard the name, I would immediately assume that the source of the institutional name is exactly as they describe it. But that's because I am literate about religion, and the rest of you are not. Perhaps that has something to do with my RA non-profit Ph.D. Or perhaps not. As usual, I take none of this seriously. :D
    Like mbwa shenzi, I was also allegedly sued by them but never served. I don't recall if surprises asked me for my contact information, but if so I wouldn't have provided it - if someone wants to sue me they have to do their own work for that kind of information. It's like any other kind of research. It pays to be hard to find.

    I believe that Johann was in the same situation - they wanted to include him on the lawsuit but couldn't find him. Ultimately, I think that the only person who they ultimately had served was Rich. Although it was ultimately expensive and time-consuming for him, their suit was his baptism of fire - both John Bear and I had already been sued (unsuccessfully), and lawsuits are merely one more way of affirming the credentials and credibility of someone who busts degree mills. Insane, ne c'est pas?
  14. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    That's correct.
  15. worldtraveler

    worldtraveler New Member

  16. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    OK, you know that whole shilling thing? You know, the one where you don't think you're shilling and then I say that the Moderators are the ones that make that decision? That one? Your post above tips the scale for me. Understand?
  17. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    It reads like a press release. It has no author (which indicates it is a press release). It is undated (which is not good). Zero people are quoted. One person from the school--the founder and the guy I crushed in court.

    The page mentions the ACBSP accreditation, but does not mention that it is "conditional." ("Conditional" accreditation means there are matters to rectify, thus the school's accreditation is reviewed in 4 years.)

    A search of Google News does not turn up this press release nor any other news about "Charisma University." A search on Google using an excerpt from this press release shows this company to be the only source of the press release; it doesn't appear to have been picked up anywhere else.

    An examination of the page indicates it was published last year.

    Linking to this article adds nothing to what is already known.
  18. worldtraveler

    worldtraveler New Member

    Please forgive me Kizmet. I wasn’t trying to be a shill. I was just trying to share an article that I read while doing research today. That is all, so I am hoping that you understand that I am merely trying to show you and the other main contributors that there is some merit to my selecting Charisma University to do my MBA.
  19. Vonnegut

    Vonnegut Active Member

    If that is your goal, it is certainly not coming across as such. If you are shilling for the school, sort to speak, quite honestly you're doing that guerrilla marketing/astroturfing campaign a disservice. If you're honestly a working parent trying to advance in life, I'm saddened to hear that this is the route that you're pursuing.
  20. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Not with that press release you won't.

    Please note that there is no one writing about that school anywhere.

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