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    Indeed. Remember the Principality of Seborga, unrecognized by the Italian Government? Many schools. Remember Hutt River Province (Australia). Now that one had to be recognized to some degree. Created by a very clever farmer, Prince Leonard (Casley). At one point, both "countries" registered a few, um - "borderline schools of colourful pedigree," as Stanislav put it.

    However, I can easily think of some "real" countries that beat these two hands-down for registration of dud schools. Starting with the current champ - Pakistan... moving on to South Pacific... and thence to the Caribbean.

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  2. Messdiener

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    I wrote to the Principality of Seborga some years ago and specifically asked about educational institutes. The response clearly came back that there are no educational institutes of any level.

    Did there used to be?
  3. Stanislav

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    The fun aspect of Euclid is its mystery - it's origin story is convoluted and suggests a fake school, but it is not at all clear if it is fake, per se. They certainly don't appear to sell papers on anything approaching Axact scale; they seem to have a focus on diplomacy and inter-religious dialogue (even if it appears amateurish); faculty members are fringe but possess real degrees. Fr. Laurent is an example - his credentials are non-traditional, to be sure, but he is a cleric in a canonically-valid Church with a Masters and, arguably, a recognized Doctorate, a (self-published but pretty good) book and four peer-reviewed articles. So for me, enrolling in this school is too risky if done for any career purposes (unless, you know, you're African diplomat doing it for free), but a degree from there is not a time bomb like Seborgan degree would be. It's an "interesting" school on par with, maybe, Azteca, but with funner people involved.
  4. Stanislav

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    Almost forgot - the best fake country for this discussion is Lomar! It currently appears to be taken over by John Kersey AKA Mar Edmundus, Prince-Patriarch of Everything. The guy seems to vacuum up any orphaned fantasy entity with more than a paragraph of back story. Maybe we can coordinate with the country's original founder, Fr. Cleenewerck, and stage a revolution against the San Luigian invader. Dibs on Prime Minister post.
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    Or an undoubted sovereign state with a stronger reputation for corruption and instability than for credible higher education.

    States have the legal authority to create, recognize and regulate higher education institutions within their borders, but that doesn't always give those of us outside those borders very much useful information about the academic value of those institutions. In the case of foreigners using the country as an off-shore address-of-convenience for a DL enterprise, it's even worse. It's often impossible to know what kind of academic oversight that enterprise receives from the locals (if any). Approvals might just mean that the right people were paid off. (We saw precisely that with St. Regis and Liberia.)

    I remain hugely skeptical.
  6. Stanislav

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    Yes, and this is the biggest issue with Euclid. There is just no credible outside oversight. It seems that they attempted to create one by helping build the accreditation agency in The Gambia, but that country is, charitably, an unproven entity right now after the departure of a long-term dictator.

    Side note: it's highly doubtful Fr. Laurent can pay off anyone. Orthodox Church in America pays poorly, and it doesn't appear that his other activities are money makers.
  7. mbwa shenzi

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    Oh yes, quite a few actually. But that was before Sir Geoffrey Taylor (Southern Pacific University) fell from grace with Prince Leonard and relocated to Vanuatu.
  8. mbwa shenzi

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    Here's a list of universities that were registered in Hutt River:

    Southern Pacific University
    Pebble Hills University
    Johnson Davids University
    Australasia International University
    Hutt River University
    Bryce University
    Gordon University
    University of National Union
    American Culture University

    American Culture University claims it's still registered and licensed by Hutt River, but according to the HR Companies Gazette, ACU was de-registered on May 13, 2011.
  9. Johann

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    "Universities" - registered and "accredited" in Seborga? Oh yes - and how! Over 20 of them, back in the day. We have old threads on practically ALL of them. It was hard to keep up.
    Given a little time, I could come up with a comprehensive list of them but ... why? The local authorities put a stop to it all, quite some time ago.

    "The law stepped in and called it sin
    To have a little fun."

    * (from the movie - New Orleans, 1947 -sung by Billie Holiday)

    Here's one of the old threads.

    * I saw that movie a few years later, when I was 9 or 10. The music and Ms. Holiday's singing made a lasting impression on me.

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  10. mbwa shenzi

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    Apparently, I completely missed that Messdiener was asking a question about Seborga and not Hutt River. I'm sorry about that.

    As far as Seborga is concerned, it was once home to Pebble Hills University and linked to the International University of Fundamental Studies, Russia. There are few if any universities claiming recognition from Seborga nowadays, with the possible exception of the New Age International University.

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