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    Hello All,

    I have seen several posts about Euclid University but most of them are over 5 years old. Then I look at the webpage of this African institution and I see that they are doing an effort to at least look legitimate, including the publication of books, etc.

    Can anyone share insight about this institution?

    Thanks! JFOSJ
  2. Kizmet

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  3. Johann

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    I note your location is in the U.S. Accordingly, I think this is the relevant point, from Euclid's own page:

    "From a US perspective, EUCLID is a non-CHEA accredited foreign institution. EUCLID students who desire to use their EUCLID degree in the United States will first have their education evaluated by a 'foreign credentials evalutors' such as WES or NACES member private agencies. EUCLID provides extensive institutional and academic documentation to students who may need to accomplish this process."

    Well, good luck with the process, then. Maybe if anyone's been successful with it - they'll post here and let us know which NACES-member agency evaluated their Euclid degree.

    Whole thing is here: Pole Universitaire Euclide --- EUCLID University accreditation

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    Ah, old E University: the Republic of Lomar, the Comoro Islands...

    As to the former, the Prince-Abbot of San Luigi (whose university is called Western Orthodox University) serves as Royal Protector of the Regency of Lomar, whatever's left of it, as to the former, well, the Comoros is a good place for all sorts of enterprises.
  5. Johann

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  6. jfosj

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    International Covenant on Online Defamation and Breaches Privacy Rights????? There's no UN document with that name...

    Amazing! Thank you for that link, it was enlightening to say the least.

    Regards, JFOSJ
  7. jfosj

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    I wasnt looking to enroll. Just doing some research about various universities "sponsored" by international organizations.

    Regards, JFOSJ
  8. Kizmet

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    Oh yeah, and it would be oh so nice if it is NOT some anonymous newbie who makes all sorts of claims that can't be verified.
  9. Johann

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    Awww. Kizmet! It might have been such fun to draw 'em out of the woods, into the open... :smile:


    "And whack 'em and whack 'em and WHACK 'em!" (Toad, Wind in the Willows - Kenneth Grahame)
  10. SteveFoerster

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    Since no regular posters here have been willing to touch Euclid with a bargepole, that may prove challenging.
  11. jfosj

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    I have to say that after reading your comments it makes sense that at Euclid’s websites one can find some text that can be perceived as attacks on US approach to higher education:
    Americans Doubt the Rigor and Quality of Online Education - Euclid Consortium of Universities

    BTW, is anyone familiar with the Best College Review page? It lists Euclid University as the best Online MBA Programs In Sustainability, which is weird since Euclid's page doesnt list any permanent faculty for that degree:
    The 23 Best Online MBA Programs In Sustainability - Best College Reviews

    Regards, JFO
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    If being open and honest is challenging then so be it.
  13. SteveFoerster

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    Scroll up. I meant only to explain why there won't be any regular posters in a position to do the NACES/AACRAO test, so it will have to be a newbie who reports on that.
  14. Kizmet

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    Scroll up yourself. I said an anonymous newbie.
  15. Neuhaus

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    A lot of schools want to, at least, look legitimate. But publishing books today is a pretty easy affair. Jump on Amazon, upload a book, create a custom imprint and boom, you're a publishing house. So I never let that indicate anything.

    Is Euclid legit? No idea. I never actually reviewed them. I did heavily scrutinize the University for Peace for a friend. That was equally as obnoxious to try to wrap my head around because their website uses a similar word salad approach to explaining accreditation. UPeace, however, appears in government directories in a country that isn't known for awarding bogus degrees.
  16. jfosj

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    I consider the University of Peace to be completely different from Euclid, although their online courses website needs a lot of improvement. The University of Peace offer graduate degrees that are accredited by Costa Rica’s education authorities, it has great reputation within Costa Rica (although everybody agrees it is expensive to attend), published several peer review journals, full time faculty for their B&M degrees, established physical study programs in Asia, Europe and Africa, and offers dual graduate degrees with reputable universities throughout the world:
    • Korea: Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
    • Austria: Innsbruck University
    • Colombia: Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali
    • Monaco: International University of Monaco
    • United States: American University, Brandeis University
    • Philippines: Ateneo de Manila University

    Also, many of its MA graduates have been able to pursue a PHD in some of the best universities around the world.

    As mentioned before, I was looking at different universities “sponsored” by a multilateral organization and the only one that looked suspicious was Euclid University.
    UPEACE is more transparent, their website provides the following information on accreditation:

    In any case, I will be interviewing them in a few weeks to get more information.

    Regards, JFOSJ
  17. SteveFoerster

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    Country this and country that, but this seems to me to be the recognition that matters the most.
  18. Neuhaus

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    They're worlds apart because UN charters don't accredit universities. These universities have to have authority to operate wherever they are. Degree authority comes from their home jurisdictions rather than the UN.

    UPeace followed that process and is fully accredited in its home nation. Euclid? Well, I haven't verified their affiliation with the UN for starters. But even if it is there they are in a country that lacks a basic infrastructure. UN or no UN, Euclid is likely going to be regarded as a similar offshoot to the Liberian schools that brought so much ill-repute to that area's educational system.

    Still, I'd be curious what would happen in a degree evaluation. My suspicion is that it wouldn't be favorable. Then again, I have a similar suspicion about SMC and there are definitely people on this forum who take a more favorable view toward the school anyway.
  19. John Bear

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    This "Best..." website recommends quite a remarkable assortment of um, universities along with Euclid. Having visited Euclid in Trinidad, CA, as Johann reminds us, I had the intent to look another another "Best" school, the San Francisco Institute of Architecture, located not in San Francisco but across the bay in Alameda ( Even though their website lists only a PO Box, Google search found them at 2021 Clement Ave, and Google Street View has a clear picture of that building, a huge windowless warehouse, that is the home of the Alameda Aikikai
  20. Johann

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    From your field operation and expert Googling, John, it seems we're dealing with one "huge windowless warehouse," (SFIA) and one "nice doublewide," (Euclid). Neither with US accreditation of any kind, both on the "Best" list. :shock:

    From SFIA's website: "Part of SFIA’s strategic plan is to become accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting body in the near term. The accrediting agency is recognized by both the United States Department of Education (USDE) and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA)."

    I hope that means a yet-unnamed US accrediting agency and not some company that CHEA and USDoE recognize only as a foreign accreditor. We'll wait and see, I think.

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