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    As i said before the acceptance rate as nothing to do this this. And accreditation has nothing to do with this. There are others in the same accreditation as WNMU who will take NA credits hands down. So to say accreditation or 100 percent acceptance rate has anything to do with this is looking and in mirror and making yourself think its another person. I think whenever someone has a case in which they know they are right," leave it your wasting your time" should not be considered. If WNMU changes their policy which i think they will to either only RA or CHEA but an appeal if its NA is their right. To make them follow their current policy is the students right. As said in previous treads many Universities wont accept NA but the once that make policy such as WNMU and then try to look the other way it should be a rule to challenge them. All in all, SIR good degree should know that whatever plans he/she had to discourage anyone from forcing a school to go with their own policy didnt work and instead we were able to shove their own policy down their own throat and make them accept a new student. Good try though maybe you will get a better chance at the Preschool playground..
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    "So to say accreditation or 100 percent acceptance rate has anything to do with this is looking and in mirror and making yourself think its another person."

    Come again?
  3. Shal916

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    As in don't fool yourself.....
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    Oh ok. Couldn't really understand what you were saying due to your grammar...or lack of.
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    Everyone makes mistakes on a discussion board from time to time.
  6. Shal916

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    And I think typing from a cell phone also can cause it .....
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    :drive: this thread just keeps going, and going, and going, and going....
  8. SteveFoerster

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    Not to mention that we're not all native speakers of English, so someone's flaws in language usage doesn't necessarily have any bearing on whether they can formulate good ideas generally.

  9. Shal916

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    Well I guess it does to people who have well qualified state university degrees that like to tell others what the real American way of doing things should be.
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    I'm more of a lurker these days, but I wanted to say well done to the OP! Way to stick to your guns.
  11. Sorry for bringing this thread back from the grave. I am looking into WNMU and they still accept NA degrees for entrance into a grad program. However I'm not graduating from an NA school exactly. You see I will be graduating with TESC, TESC accepted my A.A from Penn Foster only because the courses we're ACE accredited. However I have so many "Pass"/Fail credits on my transcript, in order for me to be accepted into a grad school most likely I will have to show all my transcripts from previous institutions. In addition I will have 30 RA credit from a community college and Fort Hays State University but I don't believe that will be enough. Will WNMU calculate a GPA from a Penn Foster transcript? Or should I just send the 30 RA credit and just the ACE transcript with the 90 ACE courses on them? Some are Straighterline as well.
  12. Shawn Ambrose

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    Best advice - e-mail WNMU graduate admissions directly and ask them.

  13. Psydoc

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    Now Shawn, that is just too easy!
  14. Chip

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    I want to comment on this thread just to clarify a couple of things about DegreeInfo's viewpoint, at least from the perspective of its owners.

    First, I don't think many people will disagree that DETC is not as widely recognized as an accreditor (in terms of the level of acceptance of credits and degrees, particularly in academic settings) as are the regionals. Clearly this is changing, and I think the language we're starting to see ("accredited by a CHEA-recognized accreditor" instead of "regionally accredited", which was pretty much the *only* language used years ago) is an indication that DETC is starting to gain traction in that regard. But for the moment, as the OP discovered, having a degree from a DETC-accredited school still presents hurdles that a degree from most RA-schools will not have.

    Second, there are plenty of RA schools that are selective about what credits they accept from *any* school, regardless of accreditation. I remember talking to the Oberlin registrar at one point and she was saying that there are a number of schools from which Oberlin will not accept transfer credits because Oberlin does not believe those credits represent the level of rigor they expect. So regardless of accreditation, credits are not universally transferrable, and that's something that has been long discussed in the 10+ years of DegreeInfo's history.

    Third, while DegreeInfo represents the collective views of all of its contributors, the owners do take certain positions on certain issues, and our views have evolved over time as the educational landscape has changed. We used to be pretty strongly anti-DETC (so much so that DETC itself mentions us, though not by name, in their FAQ, which I find rather amusing.) But we were strongly anti-DETC at a time when DETC itself was making some downright terrible decisions about accreditation -- accrediting schools with abysmal histories, deceptive marketing, fraudulent accreditors, etc -- and for whatever reason, DETC seems to slowly be raising the bar; they've rejected several unwonderfuls in the past several years that would have gotten a pass in prior years, and I'd like to believe that the combination of noisy voices from members here and at other places, and changing political environments has perhaps helped a tiny bit in influencing those decisions. And there are also quite a few really good DETC schools now, so it's not fair to simply dismiss DETC accreditation when positive steps, and better decisions, seem to be happening.

    Frankly, I think it's fantastic that the OP took the time to challenge this viewpoint and end up with a solution that worked. I would hope that this sort of discussion might help other students to learn how to challenge the status quo at other institutions.

    There's still work to be done. There are still some pretty crappy DETC schools. But there are also indications of some pretty terrible regionally accredited schools now as well, thanks in no small part to the proliferation of for-profit schools owned by huge conglomerates. And, of course, there's a huge problem across the board with academic fraud and plagiarism, and an awful lot of schools that, from the top down, look the other way at it.

    But in the meantime, I suspect that most of the DegreeInfo regulars, as well as DegreeInfo's owners, would acknowledge that DETC as an accreditor has a place at the table, and DETC degrees shouldn't be dismissed. That said, one should also go in eyes-open and realize that some RA schools will reject DETC credits or degrees, and some of those cases may not have the positive outcome that this one did. So I still feel like, all other things being equal, one probably has more options with an RA degree than with a DETC one. But cost and other factors can, for some people, make a DETC-accredited degree an attractive choice.
  15. Ah okay! I will email the admissions office of WNMU and ask them directly sorry for the hassle.
  16. Bruce

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    I agree with almost all of that, but I believe it was more than a "tiny bit".....*much* more than that.

    I freely admit that I used to be one of the anti-DETC snobs, but have changed my position over the years as the DETC has made improvements (does that make me a flip-flopper?). For example, if someone came here 10 years ago looking for a degree program that would qualify them for federal employment, I would have strongly advised them to go for an RA program, and specifically discourage them from a DETC program. However, the federal government (even the FBI) now accepts DETC (and other NA) degrees for employment, so I no longer do that.
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    Can someone shed more light on this statement? I haven't heard this before.
  18. skidadl

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    Hey Jennifer, what can you share further about only needed 12 credits from EC if you have a NA degree?
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    No hassle intended, but for specific questions such as your own, it is IMHO best to get the information directly from the source.
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    Hummm...I went back and read the thread carefully. Somewhere around post 10-14 I believe something might have been edited or deleted that both Lerner and I replied to? I can't put my finger on it now, sorry.

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