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  1. Shal916

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    So for everyone that thought I was mistaken in them saying Aspen University was not Regionally accredited and not accredited at all. We also emailed the Director of the MIS program. Please read for yourself:

    Dear Paul,
    It seems the issue is that your previous academic work was completed at an unaccredited university. You might want to read that section of our graduate catalog regarding what degrees are accepted by WNMU.

    The link is,


    check out page 360 where it states:

    Provide the Admissions Office with copies of official transcripts showing the

    award of a bachelor’s/master’s degree from an accredited institution recognized

    by CHEA (Council of Higher Education Accreditation).


    Jennifer G. Coleman, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology

    Chair, Interdisciplinary Studies

    Western New Mexico University

    P.O. Box 680, 1000 West College Ave, Silver City NM 88062

    ( (575) 538-6257

    * [email protected]

    FAX (575) 538-6529

    So if I was wrong in verbally understanding them there is a written statement from the Chair of the program...
  2. geoffs

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    Shawn I had a similar fight and all I can say is Aspen did not respond and as for DETC, the only response I got was: "I have followed your emails with interest." (DETC Director)
  3. NorCal

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    I don't know about where your from, but where I reside, DETC accreditation is not held in the highest regard and most placed won't accept there credits. I have heard places where DETC is considered a good accrediting body, but I believe it varies by location. Here in the San Francisco bay area, there are a ton of really good schools (big and small) that hold regional accreditation, and most of the career colleges and trade schools hold DETC accreditation. This is why I have always associated DETC with career colleges and trade schools rather than universities.
  4. Shal916

    Shal916 New Member

    I am in the Sacramento Area But I work out of San Francisco. I think California is very open to the DETC accreditation because it has more liberal policies than most other states. I have friends in Law Enforcement that have gained State Advanced officer Cert. from DETC schools. In the California Civil Service Code it states that an accredited degree is a degree recognized by the United States Department of Justice and CHEA which can be National or Regional accreditation. So just by that standard alone we can see that California is more Liberal in both the government sector and private sector.
  5. mcjon77

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    I wonder what WNMU is going to finally do. As I see it, they can go 3 routes:
    1) Reject the applicant again, and change their graduate catalog to explicitly state that they want RA degrees only.
    2) Accept the applicant, and accept future NA applicants into their program.
    3) Accept the applicant, but change their graduate catalog so that no future NA applicants are accepted.

    If I were a betting man, I would bet on option 3, then 1, then 2 last.
  6. NorCal

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    Marin County won't accept/ observe a degree granted from DETC (Or any N/A degree for that matter), and to received an advance a law enforcement cert through POST doesn't require any college. I have people in my department who have no college degree and have a advanced POST cert, so I fail to understand where your getting your information . . .
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  7. Shal916

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    To be on the same page to get a basic you need to complete your probation with a Law enforcement department. To get your intermediate in 2 years requires a undergrad degree from a nationally accreditited or regionally accredited institution. If one does not have a degree that cert will take 8 years to complete with just law enoforcement training. Further you talk about the advance with a undergrad from a NA or RA institution will take 6 years. With a graduate degree it takes 4 years but as you said you know people who have no college and have their advance it takes 12 years without a graduate degree and no undergrad or college credits.And about marin county I have friends from there including one of the sgt. That have a DETC degree from Calcoast and they got the incentive pay as well as POST pay. If you need more proof please go to Home - Commission on POST.
  8. Shal916

    Shal916 New Member

    Sorry I take the incentive pay back. I made a mistake on that but they are getting the POST pay with their DETC degrees and the advanced post. According to your union agreement Marin County does not offer educational incentives for degrees alone only P.O.S.T Certs. (As far as what I read in it)
  9. GeeBee

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    Irrelevant, since the catalog says that they require "a bachelor’s/master’s degree from an accredited institution recognized by CHEA," and Aspen is recognized by CHEA. If they are going to require RA degrees only, the catalog needs to say so.
  10. GeeBee

    GeeBee Member

    Just for fun, I went to the CHEA website and searched their database of accredited institutions. Perhaps your issue could be resolved by just sending this link to the WNMU admissions office and the program director?

    CHEA Database of Institutions Accredited By Recognized U.S. Accrediting Organizations

    After all, they are saying you were denied because the institution is not accredited, and the CHEA database shows the school as being accredited. Seems pretty obvious that WNMU is simply misinformed.
  11. GeeBee

    GeeBee Member

    Oops. Never mind.
  12. truckie270

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    I know you are probably at the point where you are operating on principle, but I would note that problems like this (obvious incompetence at some level) are just going to serve as indicators of future issues likely to be experienced with an org. that apparently does not have its sh*t together.
  13. cookderosa

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    I was holding my breat for lando to make a contribution that's helpful, but Maniac saved me.
  14. Shal916

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    So my brother received a call today from the Admissions Director from WNMU and she said that she wants in writing what the admissions rep told him. She said there has never been a time where such a situation has ever come up in which a student was denied admissions without proper information. She also said that she went to the CHEA website and found that Aspen University was indeed accredited and she will be processing the admissions work herself. She will also be investigating the way the admissions rep put the previous educational degrees down.

    Just for the heck of it, I called up Eastern New Mexico University who have the same graduate admissions requirements as WNMU. Eastern New Mexico University said there would be no problem with the Aspen University degree for admission into their Masters of Education program or MBA program. So when some of us said he might have gotten rejected because it wasn't the college accreditation but the program accreditation that might have caused denial the ENMU's MBA program is ACSBSP. Just for FYI.
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  16. landocalrissian

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    Man, they must be desperate for people in their program.

    I noticed they have a 100% acceptance rating...according to US News.

    Very rare that a state university would accept an NA degree.
  17. mcjon77

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    That is excellent news! Much better than I would have expected. Congratulations to your brother, and be sure to tell him that his effort will most likely result in other folks with NA degrees choosing to go to WNMU and ENMU.
  18. sideman

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    How diplomatic of you.
  19. Woho

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    What an in-your-face to all the quitter babbling in this thread.
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    Not so. I respect that you're new here, but this group is full of examples where assumptions and myths are shattered on a regular basis. This little forum is a collection of the most knowledgeable distance learning experts on the web. It's a pretty cool place to be. You might be interested in checking out a few stickies. Don't we have 1 or eleventy-seven of them regarding NA to RA degrees?
    Clearly you are here to cause trouble, so this will be my last time playing into your taunt. Have a great weekend :)

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