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  1. Shal916

    Shal916 New Member

    So my and my brother tried to apply to Western New Mexico University's MIS. The catalog states the following as an admissions requirement:

    Provide the Admissions Office with copies of official transcripts showing the
    award of a bachelor’s/master’s degree from an accredited institution recognized
    by CHEA (Council of Higher Education Accreditation). Page 360 of catalog

    I had no problem getting into the school however my brother has a MBA from Aspen University and they told him that his degree was "not accredited" as DETC is not a real accreditation and he was denied admissions. Now I know that Aspen University is on both CHEA's database and also on U.S. Department of Education website. But after about a 30 minute argument they said to him that he had to have a regionally accredited degree. However I looked over the requirements and it does not say anything about regional accreditation. So what should he do now?
  2. Tireman 44444

    Tireman 44444 Well-Known Member

    I would fight it for the matter of principle.
  3. Psydoc

    Psydoc New Member

    Does your brother have a Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university? Since WNMU does not issue a PhD via distance learning does he have to have a master's degree to gain admission? Just a thought.
  4. Shawn Ambrose

    Shawn Ambrose New Member

    He needs contact WNMU and ask about the procedures for appealing the decision. If there is no formal appeal process, I would write a letter to the Dean of the Graduate School. I would quote chapter and verse from the catalog (you are correct, I checked), and provide documentation that Aspen University is listed the CHEA database.

    Good luck!

  5. landocalrissian

    landocalrissian New Member

    I think it's just an understood principle that a regionally accredited, state university would require a regionally accredited bachelors degree for admission into a graduate program.

    Just saying.
  6. cookderosa

    cookderosa Resident Chef

    how did he get his MBA without an undergrad degree? He must have an undergrad from somewhere, and perhaps THAT degree is the one that's unaccredited. I wouldn't think the MBA would even come to play since a graduate degree isn't part of the application process.
  7. cookderosa

    cookderosa Resident Chef

    tisk tisk, not true. Without having read the preceeding 359 pages where it may have said RA, if they havn't closed this loop-hole, I think it's going to be a battle.
  8. landocalrissian

    landocalrissian New Member

    There is no battle. The school requires RA degrees to get into it's graduate school. Unless WNMU changes it's policies regarding NA, they aren't going to budge.

    These schools have to follow strict regional accreditation standards. That means not admitting students with NA degrees.

    I do agree with you cook on one point. Why would a student use an NA MBA to get accepted into a graduate program?

    Perhaps if the brother reapplies using the transcript showing the bachelor's degree, he may stand a better chance(that's only if the undergrad degree is RA). Is his undergrad degree NA as well?
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  9. Shawn Ambrose

    Shawn Ambrose New Member

    I totally disagree. I used the search feature while looking through the WNMU catalog. The language is clear in the WNMU catalog, a degree from a CHEA institution meets the requirement.

    Also, although I am not an expert, I am familiar with the HLC Criteria for Accreditation since I am the co-chair for the HLC Steering Committee at my institution. There is no requirement that RA schools must exclude NA degrees. This is an institutional decision. The HLC fully recognizes DETC as a legitimate accreditation organization.

    In short, I believe the OP has an excellent case for appeal if the other criteria are met. He should appeal the decision.

  10. Shal916

    Shal916 New Member

    Ok to be on the same page, he has a NA BS degree from Aspen University as well. He submitted both transcripts but they said that ASPEN UNIVERSITY IS NOT ACCREDITED AND DETC IS NOT AN ACCREDITATION AGENCY. He put the MBA up front because it also states in the catalog that a 3.0 in an previous graduate degree will cancel the GRE requirement. Also for those of us who are saying RA institutions have to "follow a strict requirement" not to accept NA credits lets get our facts straight in line before we make statements. WNMU is accredited by NCA-HLC as are RASMUSSEN College and Capella University and Ashford University (which accepts NA on a case by case basis and we had already checked with them and they accept Aspen University degrees) which do accept NA degrees and credits into their masters programs. So about that issue about strict guidelines please get facts straight. As stated above it is up to the institution to accepts degrees and credits. And WNMU is pretty much going against their own rules. So I will make sure that he calls tomorrow and gets this straight with them. We looked at many other universities that accept NA degrees into Masters program but the cost of WNMU is much lower than many of the other university costs.
  11. landocalrissian

    landocalrissian New Member

    They aren't going to budge.
  12. Psydoc

    Psydoc New Member

    NOPE! And, I love the school; 6 hours and a comprehensive away from the MAIS in English/Writing.
  13. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    I think this is not accurate.

    Did they say this in writing? or they just verbal over the phone?

    You have better chance if they provide a letter that is stating
    I have hard time to believe that they told anything like that.

    Maybe they told your brother that they don't accept NA degrees.

    I plan to call admissions tomorrow.
    Its sounds like inaccurate story.

    There is a way to convert NA degree in to RA degree in general studies. One will have to take 12 units with EC.
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  14. edowave

    edowave Active Member

    UF "requires" 1000 on the GRE, but just because you make 1000, doesn't mean they will accept you automatically. People with higher scores get denied all the time.

    Likewise, WNMU may only "require" a degree recognized by CHEA, but if everyone else who applies has an RA degree, the one with only NA degrees is probably at the bottom of the pile. I'm guessing they gave your friend the wrong reason for his denial.

    That being said, I would fight this. Also, your friend might also negotiate to be conditionally admitted as a nondegree student at first. If his grades are acceptable after one or two classes, get them to allow him to proceed as a regular master's student. Also, taking the GRE and getting a decent score might go a long way to them changing their mind.
  15. Shal916

    Shal916 New Member

    The phone call was made and during the 30 minute argument he placed the call on speaker phone. Not once did they say DETC is not an accreditation agency but 4-6 times. Emma of the admissions team told him that she was very sorry for the denial and also sorry for the money that he spent on an "UNACCREDITED DEGREE". As I said on my posts before I am law enforcement so I do have ears that catch words. She also told him to maybe contact Thomas Edison State College (one that she was aware of) so maybe they can accept the credits because they have a very good transfer policy. But as we all know they don't accept NA degrees into their Masters programs or even in their undergrad programs unless the ACE requirement. So if anyone wants to verify this because they think I might have heard it wrong please do so. I will make sure that he appeals this in someway.
  16. Shal916

    Shal916 New Member

    Sorry for the misunderstanding what is meant by EC? do you mean Excelsior College? But I think its more of a policy correction thing right now. Taking another 12 units for no reason is not a priority.
  17. landocalrissian

    landocalrissian New Member

    This is going to be a waste of your brother's time trying to argue. They have strict standards. They are not going to accept an NA degree...period.

    There are other options for your brother...unfortunately WNMU is not one of them.
  18. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    In my dealing with these universities I found that in many instances they deny acceptance of NA credit is because the program is also professionally or Specialty accredited.
    Again I can be wrong, but it is known that DETC credits or at times other RA credits are not always accepted by RA's.

    Maybe Western Governors University or American Public University etc can be a good choice.
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  19. cookderosa

    cookderosa Resident Chef

    Of course there are HUNDREDS other schools he could choose (there are lists here), that's not the point.

    If it were me, I'd rock out 12 undergrad credits at EC while fighting this denial. First, get your denial in writing. No more speaker phone. Second get DETC on your side- call them, maybe they'll help you? You'll need a lawyer, and at the end of it all, they'll likely let you in. They have the power to say yes/no, this isn't an accreditation issue.

    Of course, after they told me yes, I'd have to tell them thanks but no thanks. I'd take my EC undergrad (which you'll be finished with in 1 semester) and I'd apply to their competition- The University of New Mexico. They don't have an online MAIS, but a dozen other online grad programs to could choose from. Cheap too. (besides WNMU is raising tuition, so they are not the deal they once were)

    Of course, I'm a "for the principle of it" kinda girl, and I don't like hearing no. I'm also a bit of a bitch and love this kind of thing, so your personal satisfaction may vary. :)
  20. Shawn Ambrose

    Shawn Ambrose New Member

    I think he should fight it because if the only reason he was denied admission was the NA degree, WNMU is in clear violation of their stated policy in the graduate catalog. He needs to get his appeal to the right person, which is the Dean of the Graduate School, and provide all the documentation required.

    Furthermore, he should contact both Aspen and DETC for assistance. This reminds me of my daughter's struggle to get her credits from COSC accepted to Southern Virginia University (SVU). SVU was going to deny all of her credits earned by CLEP/DSST; however, we appealed the decision, noted that the SVU Catalog was silent concerning CLEP/DSST - and we asked for a portfolio evaluation as stated in the catalog. We also included a letter of support from the American Council on Education concerning CLEP/DSST Exams. After appealing to the Provost and a long conversation with him, my daughter went from 18 credits accepted to 42.

    Yes, the school can decide yes/no; however, schools are obligated to follow their own policies. The OP needs to get his appeal to the right place.


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