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    1. benjenkinsv95
      Hey there!

      I'm a student currently enrolled at TESC and shall be completing my BA in CS pretty soon. I was planning on pursuing a ALM in IT with a concentration in Software Engineering at HES and was wondering if you could help answer a question for me. In your experience, how many courses a semester do you recommend someone taking if they are a full-time student without a job? I've heard the courses can be pretty tough on the forum boards and even from my dad when he enrolled in an XML course with HES. Do you think 3 courses a semester and putting in about 60-80 hours a week of studying/homework is doable? If not, how many hours a week should I expect to put into studying/homework per course?

      Sorry about all the questions. I'm just pretty anxious and it's honestly pretty cool to find someone who completed the degree I plan to take.

      Thanks for your time! :),

      Ben Jenkins
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