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    1. NorCal
      Hey Truckie,

      Do you have a line on any online resources for research projects relating to Emergency Services? I met with my instructor yesterday and he stated we need to write a 7 page research paper outlining a major response and the things that went wrong with ICS, or not following ICS to be exact.

      I was looking into the Oakland Hills fire in 1991, but I'm not married to the idea.

      Let me know,

    2. not4profit
      I had her for that one as well. I believe she is the only one who teaches it. That one is actually quite a bit of work. She will have you write a pretty long paper (I thought it was over 20 pages), which will really synthesize everything from the course. I think she will also have you do the standard essay type mid term, which will also be some work. I don't know if you have had her for other classes, but she can definitely test your research/analysis skills with her assignments. If I remember correctly, she will also have each class member write a few essay questions that they might expect to see on the Comprehensive Exam. My advice is to save every single thing you are exposed to in that course, even other student's main posts. You will probably need them on the comps. Let me know if you have other questions. Dan
    3. shanerdaner
      I was wondering how difficult it is to get into APUS to teach? I will have my MM in 24 weeks and I want to teach online badly... Any insight would be great!
    4. legendcraft
      Can you share with me about the Fire Program at your school. I am about to pull the trigger on starting a program. Looking at BS and MS. I already have both degrees in education, and now looking to get the Fire degrees.

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