what is really accredited?

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  1. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Well-Known Member

    Sorry sir but you stating that something is legal does not make it so. You continue to ignore the fact that con-artists like to sell their scams as legal. Even after a degree mill has been proven fraudulent in a court of law, I've seen cases where the con-artist continues to claim that the degree mill is legal. They used your exact argument, that the school used to be fraudulent but they were now an excellent school on the road to accreditation.

    BTW, have you sent your bank account number to that Nigerian prince yet? He promises that there is absolutely zero risk to you!
  2. Jeff Hampton

    Jeff Hampton New Member

    And how can you know if the offer is legitimate or not if you don't have any personal experience with it? You just have to assume it is legitimate, right?
  3. Frankie

    Frankie member

    How about this for a "real fact?" :rolleyes:

    Warning regarding so-called "Liberian" degrees:
    Any degrees issued by St. Regis, Breyer State, Concordia, Knightsbridge or any other entity claiming to be authorized by the "National Board of Education" in Liberia are illegal for use in Oregon and should be regarded as not meeting the standards expected of a U.S. degree.


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