Union Institute, DETC accredited degrees on "Quackwatch" list

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by laferney, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. Dennis Ruhl

    Dennis Ruhl member

    So Union is 4,978th not 5,000th. A vast improvement.

    Kind of like a jock discussing a casual sexual relationship - "I'll be 43rd but I won't be last."
  2. Dennis Ruhl

    Dennis Ruhl member

    There was a heated discussion going on when I showed up - just injected a little common sense into the fire.

    Watching Levicoff and Douglas skipping hand in hand through the tulips is hard to take. Unity for the sake of Union??
  3. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    L'Union fait la force?
  4. Dennis Ruhl

    Dennis Ruhl member

    Where's Gus

    Where's Gus when you need an, unbiased, intellectually based opinion on a school.

    Please Gus, point out a worse doctoral program than Union. There are supposed to be 22 of them.

    Thanks Gus

    Your friend Dennis
  5. Jeff Hampton

    Jeff Hampton New Member

    If we are talking about rankings, then no matter how low Union is ranked, your CCU docotrate will be lower, even if it is a DETC accrecdited degree (or just plays one on TV.)
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  6. Jeff Hampton

    Jeff Hampton New Member

    Luke! Utilisez "La Force!"
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  7. picklehead

    picklehead New Member

    all hail the great Union grads..

    I think the original poster was just trying to be informative. Maybe a flawed attempt, but that is no reason to attack the poor guy. I guess It made you feel better. I do agree that someone looks an ass in this post, but it is not laferney.
  8. Charles

    Charles New Member

    Hi Rich,

    In this thread, I am in almost total agreement with you and Steve.

    Keep up the good fight.

    However, there are a few folks with DETC-accredited master's degrees teaching at RA schools. I have listed the ones from AMU, because it's my school. I'm thrilled (probably more than anyone else here) that AMU/APUS is now a candidate for RA accreditation. Expect to see the official press release from AMU/APUS very soon. Never the less, these folks were teaching at RA universities with DETC-accredited master' degrees.

    Victor L. Tumilty, Major, USA (Master Instructor)
    M.A. American Military University


    Hernandez, Leonardo, Colonel, Professor of Naval Science and Head of Department. (2001) B.A., Texas A&M University, 1973; M.A., American Military University, 1994.


    Navarro, Joseph .................................................................................................................History
    B.S., University of Alaska; M.A., American Military University[url]www.sandhills.cc.nc.us/catalog2002-04/06_personnel.pdf+%22M.A.+%2B+American+military+University%22&hl=en&ie=UTF-8[/url]

  9. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member


    That's why I hedged my post with an "all?" qualifier. Thanks for the excellent post. I'm glad there are examples of people with NA master's degrees teaching at RA schools. But there are schools (I don't know how many) who will not accept faculty members with those degrees. I hope this disparity will disappear.
  10. Jeff Hampton

    Jeff Hampton New Member

    And no reasonable person would disagree.

    Yet, as you well know, tomorrow, on other forums, the very people who stand up for the integrity of NA degrees will be called RA Nazis, or worse.

    And somehow, the accusers think that makes their degrees more respectable.

    Well, they are wrong. And that's just tough.

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  11. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator

    Me, a RA Nazi? :D

    My opinion is that not all DETC schools are created equal. I have nothing but the highest respect for AMU, and I'm confident that they will be RA relatively soon. I don't have nearly the same respect for some other DETC schools.
  12. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    'ey Jeff: Calls for kreyol and unusual punishment.
  13. Anthony Pina

    Anthony Pina Active Member

    Dennis, my friend, I'm afraid that your numbers are a bit off. There are only 249 (not 5,000) universities in US News' Doctoral category, including Union U & I. US News surveys 324 comprehensive bachelor, 217 liberal arts bachelor, 574 comprehensive master and 249 doctoral granting colleges and universities (just under 1,400 total).

    In fact, if you were to add together all of the public and private universities in the U.S., plus all the community colleges, you would get only about 1/2 of your 5,000 figure.

    Tony Pina
    Faculty, Cal State U. San Bernardino
  14. Dennis Ruhl

    Dennis Ruhl member

    Re: all hail the great Union grads..

    Someone provides useful information and gets dumped on. Do you think that has ever happened before???

    Why would everyone be so sensitive about my opinion of Union?? Only because it is a widespread opinion. I didn't hear a whole bunch of people chiming in saying Union is not the least respected R/A school Suchandsuch University is.

    Tony - sure my numbers are off - bite me. I am not offering a freaking scientific study just my opinion.
  15. Bill Grover

    Bill Grover New Member

    Re: Re: all hail the great Union grads..

  16. Dennis Ruhl

    Dennis Ruhl member

    Tony - sorry, I take that back

    Bill - bite me
  17. BillDayson

    BillDayson New Member

    Re: all hail the great Union grads..

    I agree with Picklehead.
  18. GENO

    GENO New Member

    This hissing, spitting and now biting has gone too far.

    Next thing you will be throwing sticks and stones at one another.
  19. Dennis Ruhl

    Dennis Ruhl member

    I'm outta here.
  20. BillDayson

    BillDayson New Member

    I think that Nosborne is right.

    I guess that 'Quackwatch's' beef is that Union encourages self-designed doctoral programs and in the past has allowed students to design programs around medical theories that the website's author considers disreputable.

    To some extent I agree with the warning. It suggests that a Union graduate with a doctorate that has a health related dissertation title can't simply be assumed to be an orthodox practitioner.

    I appreciate what Union seems to be trying to do. It's hoping to stimulate creativity by encouraging students to think "outside the box". But if students are free to wander too far from the orthodox disciplinary box, the results are apt to be all over the map.

    That's both a good thing and a bad thing, I guess, depending on the results.

    But I'd hate to see Union persecute the heretics and turn itself into just another over-priced, vocationally-oriented DL B-school.

    The world needs a Union Institute.

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