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    You are omitting much information on the above individuals. Apparently you did so to attempt to validate your argument. For example, Dr. Hayden has the D.A. from Ball State. Dr. Mac Lynn well if you did your research before writing about him you would know that he has a S.T.D. from a prestigious seminary and is a long time educator at several universities. Woods is an Ed.S. in Educational Leadership candidate. If you want to paint a bad picture do so with honesty and do not omit information. It is important to verify your information before you send out an attack on others, otherwise, you risk being exposed as biased having veracity issues. Your argument is weak and misleading.
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    Wow! Nice post! Adjunct Instructor, thanks for showing me I was indeed wrong. "Very fine" is obviously premature, when it comes to describing Nations in the academic sense.

    I hope that in time, Nations will merit this description, academically. We both agree the school has upped its game considerably in recent days. Whether or not it is accredited, I will still always feel Nations serves well. It strives to improve its quality, while providing religious instruction at no cost in countries where it cannot be paid for, and at a nominal fee of $100/yr. in the U.S.

    If I had the necessary religious conviction, I'd have enrolled long ago, but unfortunately, this conviction is not going to happen. However, to all grads and those who go to Nations in the future, I wish you and your school well.

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    William Hayden, Associate Professor of Music and Academic Advisor, has been teaching college music majors since 1976. His areas of expertise include violin and viola performance, chamber music, string pedagogy, orchestral conducting, and music literature. As an administrator at USF, he was previously Coordinator of Advising for the College of The Arts for three years, Associate Director of the School of Music for five years, and Program Director for Graduate Studies in Music for four years.

    Prior to his tenure at USF, he served as Director of Strings and Orchestras at Houghton College, Liberty University, and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Hayden was a recipient of the prestigious Teaching Incentive Award of Florida's State University System for his excellence in undergraduate teaching in 1994. He was selected for the Outstanding Undergraduate Advising Award at USF in 1999 and 2004.

    Hayden completed his Doctor of Arts (D.A.) degree in violin, orchestral conducting, and post secondary music education in 1981 at Ball State University after attending The Juilliard School from 1970 to 1976 where he earned his BM and MM degrees as a student of Dorothy DeLay and Joseph Fuchs in violin and William Lincer in viola. While in New York, he was Concertmaster of the Juliard Repertory Orchestra and the National Orchestra of New York. He also holds the Master of Religious Sudies (MRS) and Doctor of Biblicaal Studies (DBS) degrees and is an experienced teacher of adult Bible classes.

    University of South Florida (n.d.). Retrieved from William Hayden - School of Music - College of The Arts - University of South Florida
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    Thank you. I just want to be honest and objective as possible. It generally takes several years to develop into an accredited university. It seems that, as far as NationsUniversity's academic reputation, there is a polarization in that some people hyper-inflate it's reputation, and others dismiss it as a degree mill. Neither assessment is accurate.
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    Information that you failed to inform.
    Mac Lynn, B.A. (Morehead State University), M.A., M.R.E., M.Th. (Harding Graduate School), STM,
    STD (San Francisco Theological SeminaU\), Professor of Bible

    Retrieved from http://www.lipscomb.edu/academics/Faculty.print

    Not such a big deal that Dr. Lynn values his honorary degree from The International University. His academic qualifications speak for themselves.
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    Interesting that we hear about Lipscomb U. (RA - Nashville TN). Years ago, there was a program, whereby Bachelor grads at Nations could enter a Master's Program in Bible Study at Lipscomb (probational status until 9 units completed.)

    Is that still going?

  7. Kizmet

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    Your change of mind wouldn't have happened unless someone challenged you on your opinion. People who challenge you are not always your enemies. You shouldn't take it so personally Johann. It has nothing to do with either you or me.
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    No formal agreement. Lipscomb University will consider applicants w/o accredited undergraduate degrees on a case by case basis. The same with Liberty University. However, when I applied to Liberty University's seminary, using my unaccredited NU undergraduate degree, the admissions staff was careful to point out that if NationsUniversity was a degree mill I would not gain probationary admission to the seminary. Apparently NationsUniversity was judged to not be a degree mill as several of us from NationsUniversity was admitted to Liberty University's seminary in probationary status. It is my understanding most if not all us had very good GPA. I never stayed in contact with the others. For me there is no reason to go on with this thread. NationsUniversity is what it is and has some very good qualities and has some areas that will need to be improved---NU has a purpose and a place in higher education. Moreover, many students are satisfied and receive something that many would otherwise be denied. However, perhaps the final benchmark, as far as secular reasons, will be accreditation. In our current times accreditation is the standard, and for good reasons, that schools must attain to be fully functional. God bless you Johann and thank you for your support concerning NationsUniversity.
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    In addition to Liberty U. and David Lipscomb, did /does Global University (RA /DETC) also allow some sort of conditional admission status to NU graduates?
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    You haven’t been served an argument, just a simple question which has been avoided. I’ll take on board what you’re saying and simplify the question:

    Do these schools add to NationsU’s credibility?

    • American Christian College and Seminary
    • Institute for Christian Works
    • Urban Harvest Bible College and Seminary
    • Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology (India)
    • Trinity School of Natural Health
    • Columbia Pacific University
    • The International University
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    Your so called question was not forwarded with good intentions. The way you framed the question and omitted information revels your bias and intent . Your question really does not have much relevance in that one or two NU faculty has, shall we say, unsavory credentials. Moreover, the overwhelming majority of NU faculty have solid credentials. I believe that if you suppress your bias you would find that your question has been answered.

    I would not have responded to your original posting, however, you are misleading others by omitting information.
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    As far as I can tell looking quickly at the list of Standing, Contributing and Consulting faculty everyone of them with the exception of the guy with the CPU degree have accredited degrees the vast majority of which are doctorates from well known accredited schools. Even American Christian College and Seminary was accredited by a recognized agency. People who graduated with degrees still have an accredited degree. Who cares if Dr. Lynn has an honorary doc from TIU on top of his earned doc from a well known seminary? Dr. Hayden has a DA from Ball State on top of the Trinity degree.
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    Just tell her - next time she's mean to you, you'll put her on the Oregon List! :)

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    Oh my that list is interesting. The State of Oregon was a pioneer of sorts in exposing and informing about truly shameful "schools".
  15. Johann

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    Interesting - for sure!

    Indeed, and today the list appears to contain some interesting uh...anomalies.
    E.G. Virginia International University - founded 2004, accredited by ACICS in 2008.

    ACICS celebrates its 100th Birthday this year, and is a National Accreditor recognized by CHEA on the same page as DETC here:

    CHEA: Directory of National Career-Related Accrediting Organizations (2011-2012)

    Apparently, it's good enough for CHEA but not good enough for the ODA. Big wrangle on another board. I'm on VIU's side - others' mileage may vary.

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    I find that odd. However, there is some new policy concerning each school being required to register with each state if they want to offer degrees in that particular state. That could be the reason. Who knows? They are accredited.
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    VIU was founded in 1998, not 2004. Perhaps that decade of unaccredited operation resulted in it being placed on the ODA list and it was never removed after it gained accreditation.
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    I will bet you are correct. As soon as VIU knows that it is wrongly listed I am sure they will be contacting ODA/Oregon State asking for a correction.
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    Agreed, although I'd say more than one or two. This is why I’m not really concerned about emotional responses to my not including full biographical information. These associations in themselves should cause people to reconsider before enrolling with Mac Lynn’s and Muhammad Wolfgang Schmidt’s brainchild.

    For those desiring fuller biography, I’ll add that Herr Schmidt is the grantor of his name to one of NationsU’s ephemeral “colleges”, vanity proprietor of the International Faith Theological Seminary, and self-styled Primate of Europe, Archbishop of Germany, and Vicar General of the Orthodox Eparchy of Japan. If you doubt it, google it...
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    You are one of the original Dr. Schmidt's "Uncle Janko" cronies. This attack has became a very old one. In fact, it is laughable. "Emotional responses" not the case, but of course you would like that. My advice is to not let bitterness cause you so much internal discomfort. Everything will be fine. I will pray for you.
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