Osama Bin Laden Dead

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Bill Huffman, May 2, 2011.

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    You can make a new thread and start with 33 bottles of beer on the wall :wink1:
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    And here I am just trying to find "filler" to get my post count closer to 9,000. :beerchug:
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    Hey Ike,

    I agree that are many Obama haters here. However, I am not one of them. Somehow your post just above this makes it look like I wrote what Truckie actually wrote. Just want to clarify. The President, as Commander in Chief deserves credit for making the right call. After all, if a child was accidentally killed in the Osama raid for example, the president's head would have been handed to him on a platter by his opponenets. Hell, I think that pill hound Limabaugh even praised the prez.

    See below:

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    For what it's worth, I don't hate him. In fact, I still prefer him to his immediate predecessor. But I don't want him in charge, and particularly disagree with his administration's macroeconomic ideology.

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    "Hell, I think that pill hound Limabaugh even praised the prez."

    I just looked it up. He was just being sarcastic. I do have one serious question though. Why does Limbaugh have such a big fat head? Maybe his head swelled up from the bags and bags of Oxy's and Norco he downed like bags of cheesy cheetos. Hmmm. This question will continue to perplex me all night. Oh well.

    Abner :)
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    I don't hate anyone, but thanks for your valuable contribution to the discussion.
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    Well, I guess someone has to hate Obama, so it might as well be me.

    Did you know that he is a socialist democrap with connections to terrorists, that is real real name is Barry Soetero and that he is from Kenya and went to kindergarten in an Al Quaeda camp in Indonesia? He is a Zionist Muslim who hates America, faked his own birth (yep, most clear thinking people know that his birth never happened) and that his wife is really his sister? If it wasn't for Obama, World War II would have never broken out, and neither would we be in a recession presided by his eugenic regime and their extremist, invasive, totalitarian economic freedom-munching venus fly trap of a communist ideology. He flew all of the planes on 9/11, failed miserably in his response to hurricane Katrina, stole your lunch money, wasted precious time making out NCAA brackets, hasn't watched Napoleon Dynomite, hates white people, doesn't put the toilet seat down and oh, and he kicks puppies. Lots of them. Sometimes with rusty razors glued to the tips of his boots.

    He voted for himself in the election and only someone truly evil would vote for someone as truly evil as Obama.
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    Oh C'mon, you're telling me there's no one in the White House to put it down for him?

  11. Abner

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    Not only this, plays this song while kicking puppies:

    YouTube - Ramones - Beat on the Brat

    Abner :)
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    Thank goodness the truth is finally out. :)
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    I'm not an Obama hater but then I'm not in the guy's fan club either. I have had several issues with his policies starting with the healthcare fiasco being rammed down everyone's throat. Never have I seen a legislature so blatantly ignore the protests of the voters who put them in power with such impunity. It's not just the Bill in this particular case, but how it was carried out.

    Then of course there are the people he has seeded his administration with...some of which are shockingly unqualified or otherwise have character issues so significant as to make even someone as nasty as Dick Cheney blush.

    Then of course there's the guy's inexperience but I've got to give him credit, between the economy, three wars, inflation, etc. he's getting a crash course. Unfortunately for every screw up there is a ripple effect reaches almost everyone on the globe.

    Of course there are the broken campaign promises but honestly I don't believe any politician ever really takes their campaign promises seriously.

    I could also complain about the GM fiasco but I don't see the Bush financial bailouts as any different really. I mean we gave U.S. tax money to Toyota for crying out loud.

    Honestly now that I think about it I don't really have so much of a problem with Obama as much as the detached, power elite in this country who have forgot who it is that they really work for.

    ...rant over.
  14. truckie270

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    The main problem I have with the whole argument is that any critcism of Obama is immediately met with accusations of being a hater, racist, right-wing lunatic or whatever inflamatory rhetoric is available.

    Why do people who support Obama have such a hard time admitting that some of his policies are pushing us in the wrong direction? Even the most fervent Obama supporter cannot admit that every one of his polices are right for this country if he/she is being intellectually honest. I have no problem admitting that there were policies of GWB and current policies of the GOP that are putting us on the wrong path.

    Left v. Right is such a tired ideological argument that neither side ever has a chance of winning. How about we discuss right v. wrong s it relates to the health of the country instead? They (the DNC and the GOP) have a vested interest in maintaining the left v. right argument because it draws attention away from the fact that they are both running our country into the ground.
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    Have you heard about the new drink down at the local, its called the "Bin Laden" which contains two shots and a slash of salt water.
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    My favourite joke on this was from Joy Behar (The View):

    "Donald Trump said he wasn't sure Bin Laden was dead. He wanted to see the Death Certificate!"

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