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    1. peacfulchaos2001

      I sure you get 10000 questions about UNISA so I'm just going to add on one more if you don't mind. I saw in one of your early post that it took you 1 1/2 to register. I was just wondering why that was the case. I am in the midst of pursing a LLM through UNISA and would like to begin enrollment as soon as possible. Thanks in advance for all of your help. (tried to PM you but it said your inbox was full) lol
    2. jasonkbell
      What is the tution for the UNISA program for a PhD in history?!?
    3. cravenco
      Never-mind. I see it, but only when I log off. Strange!
    4. cravenco
      WHat happened to your University of South Africa Sig? I was going to ask you more about it, but I do not see it any longer.
    5. TonyM
      Thanks for the info! Good luck in the program!
    6. Tireman 44444
      Tireman 44444
      Yes. I was accepted at UNISA July 2009. I love it so far. You are on your own. I will tell you that. It took me almost a year and a half to get in. I have a dissertation coach ( I pay for) and that helps a ton. I have turned in my first three (rough) draft chapters Sunday to her. They will then go to my committee. I have two members of my committee (because my topic is so specialized in American History, I had to have a committee member here in the US) that will be there until they deem the dissertation ready to be looked at by four experts in my field. Then the dissertation gets tossed back and forth until it is done. I am looking at December 2012 to be finished.
    7. TonyM

      I noticed that your signature changed and that you are now enrolled as a PhD student at UNISA. I'm very interested in that process and would like to know about your enrollment experience. I have a master's in CJ and about 1/2 the credits for a master's in history, but just couldn't justify the expense of more history coursework. School is becoming too expensive. UNISA seems like a wise alternative. I'd appreciate any information you'd like to share. I thought about inviting your input in a new thread, but decided try a visitor message first. Thanks!

    8. Tireman 44444
      Tireman 44444
      1. They completely changed the program from when I started April 2008. They changed the format and did not grandfather me in. You design your own courses and that is good, but in almost one year, I had only completed one course. Not good
      2. It was ok for me, but not what I eventually needed. I missed and needed pure history. That program is Social Sciences. The DETC certification is a problem. I cannot get hired by the UHs's, Texas A&M's, UT's of the world. Until they try to get accreditation from RA, this will be a big thorn in the side.
      3. They returned all my money I spent on them. That was more than generous.

      You have to see if it is ok for you. Just because it did not work for me, does not mean it is bad. Dr Deacon is a great lady. I just got tired of the things that were happening and the miscommunication. It seemed that they were shooting from the hip. I realize that this is a new program, but with new cars, there are going to be hiccups.
    9. ehenes

      I noticed in some of your posts that you reference Harrison Middleton. What do you think of their program? How does it differ from the PhD you are pursuing (concurrently?)? Would you recommend the great books curriculum? I am very interested at least in the idea of using the great books series as the base curriculum for further education. Were you able to basically build your own program within limits?

      Thank you for any thoughts/insights you are able to give me.

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