Migration policies are failing, migrants are strugling - ‘broken’ national immigration system

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Lerner, Aug 16, 2023.

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    Yeah - "release" the migrants - make sure they're desperate first. That'll work! How did this man get to be Mayor? Oh, right -- he was elected. That was the first mistake. As Lerner just pointed out, other places are putting migrants to work and paying them. Adams would probably say "Don't you see? That's exactly what they want." Hell yeah -- it is.
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    This country is one of the least dense in the world. Lots of lots of opens spaces. (Our population density is ranked just 148th in the world.) Combine that with our latitude, we might have more open living space than any other country. Imagine if we put millions of millions of migrants refugees to work, helping them build and live in homes, creating industry, and boosting our economy into the stratosphere.

    I work in a field that fancies itself "human resources." But most companies--and societies--treat humans not as resources, but as expenses. Not investments, but debits. Imagine what reimagining could dream up.
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    A 95-year-old Korean War veteran said he was given less than two months’ notice to figure out where he was going to live after the nursing home he resided in was sold to become a facility for undocumented migrants.

    Veteran Frank Tammaro joined Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, R-N.Y., a vocal critic of New York City’s handling of the migrant crisis, at a press conference on Monday to discuss the reported deal.

    "The thing I'm annoyed about is how they did it, it was very disgraceful what they did to the people in Island Shores," Tammaro said, referencing the assisted living facility he was in.
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    Neither link referred to what you were talking about. Both were just random Fox News clickbait.
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    For previous post from Telegraph, I thought I pasted the link.
    I will check if still have it.

    Citing a crushing wave of migrants from Venezuela, Haiti, Cuba and around the world moving through Costa Rica headed for the United States, the Central American country has declared a “state of emergency” and stepped up deportations.

    “The people that arrive are passing across Costa Rica trying to get to the United States, basically,” President Rodrigo Cháves said.

    Viewed as one of the friendlier and protective countries along a 7,000 mile, 11-nation migration trail that begins in Brazil and ends at the U.S.-Mexico border, Costa Rica has recently seen a dramatic rise in migration. That spike is straining the country’s resources and led to an increase in crime.

    Cháves said he has told his security ministry “to take a firm stance with anyone who takes Costa Rica’s kindness for weakness.

    “This is a generous people. Don’t confuse that generosity with weakness,” he said. “The deportation processes have already begun and they are coming back.”

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    Venezuelan migrants attack, injure Texas National Guard member:
    incident took place on Wednesday morning. The soldier said that while he was standing near the wire, a female migrant grabbed him by the neck. Then, a male migrant grabbed his leg, causing him to tumble into the wire, which authorities had set up to prevent illegal migrant crossings.

    Thousands of "special interest aliens" from numerous countries, including the Middle East, have been arrested by Border Patrol Agents while attempting to cross the U.S. southern border illegally over the last two years, according to internal Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data .

    "Special interest aliens" are people from countries identified by the U.S. government as having conditions that promote or protect terrorism or potentially pose some sort of national security threat to the U.S.

    That data, confirmed by multiple CBP sources and reflects apprehensions between ports of entry between October 2021 and October 2023, shows that agents encountered 6,386 nationals from Afghanistan in that period as well as 3,153 from Egypt, 659 from Iran and 538 from Syria.
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    Sources, please.
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    U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) says four Iranians have been apprehended in Texas since the beginning of the month, adding that they are considered "special interest aliens."

    CBP sources told Fox News that one Iranian man in his 40s was taken into custody on Sunday morning in Eagle Pass, Texas, after crossing the southern border at about 3 a.m.

    The source added that the Iranian gave himself up to border protection agents after making the illegal crossing.
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    "Special interest alien" could mean just about anything.

    Iran has almost 90 million people.
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    Unit 910 - Hezbollah's External Security Organization (ESO) Hezbollah's elite and strictly compartmented clandestine unit is commanded by Talal Hamia, and functions as the far-reaching strategic arm of Hezbollah and Iran. Its purpose is to serve as a deterrent against the West and against Israel in particular.
    They are heavily armed and plotting attacks in the West.

    Kourani’s case:

    The arrests drew decent initial media coverage but not much since the case developed, and certainly none mentioning FBI 302s, or that Kourani’s brother was also a U.S.-based Hezbollah operative or that the father of these alleged terrorist brothers had himself smuggled over the U.S.-Mexico border. Instead,
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    Okay, I don't really get the point of all this, other than fearmongering. Bad people sometimes enter the US, yes. So... okay, what? Is there a suggestion there?
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    Agree. Especially since this:

    Means that they didn't even enter the US. Which means that the border is working.
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    Oh shit! I already ripped my hair out before reading this. :)
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    The 9/11 terrorists entered the country legally.
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    I thought due to escalating conflict in the Middle East and US warning Iran and it proxies with US forces set to the region we need to be even more
    careful at the borders.
    New basses with migrants arriving to major cities.

    Indeed 9/11 attackers were here legally but today they possibly there is more scrutiny in issuing visas and maybe they wouldn't be given entry visa?
    I will stop posting here in this tread this info.
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    Perhaps but I assume that is pure speculation. There was nothing that more scrutiny could have possibly found. At least that is my understanding.

    Here's a copy of the 9/11 commission report.


    I didn't read it. I looked through the Table of Contents. I have to assume that if more scrutiny would have prevented them from entering the USA then there would be some information about it in the 9/11 Commission Report. I do not believe that more scrutiny would have solved ANYTHING in any case. What would have happened is that if someone's visa was denied then Al Qaeda would have simply assigned a new person to the task. This was not a failure at the border no matter how strongly one wants it to be.
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    Still, I think today the bad guys maybe stopped at the airport entry ports, so they choose the land border crossings.

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