Migration policies are failing, migrants are strugling - ‘broken’ national immigration system

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    Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass said she is "fearful that any day" planes filled with illegal immigrants will be flown into the city.

    During an event hosted by Axios on Thursday, Bass said, "We live in a city that welcomes immigrants, and so I think we have been able to handle it, but I am fearful that any day, planes could start coming."

    She added that the transportation of immigrants from border states and Florida to "sanctuary" juristictions "is just setting the stage for the presidential election next year."

    The liberal city mayor's comments come as governors overrun by illegal immigration have sent busloads of migrants to cities like New York City, Chicago and Washington, D.C. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has already sent 13 busloads of migrants to Los Angeles — which touts itself as a sanctuary city — as part of Operation Lone Star.

    Abbott continued to send buses as the city was hit by Tropical Storm Hilary, which Bass called "evil."

    I always though that majority of migrants come to LA mostly via it border with Mexico in San Diego, Tijuana etc.
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    Lampedusa has seen an influx of migrants with 7,000 people arriving in two days, prompting its mayor and the United Nations refugee agency to warn the Italian island is becoming overwhelmed.

    The island – whose population is under 7,000 – has long been a first port of call for people crossing from north Africa and has been a flashpoint in Europe’s migration crisis.

    The Mediterranean migrant crisis could collapse the EU


    Even the countries which have previously sought to take a fair share are wobbling. Germany (243,835 applications in 2022; 2,892 for every million inhabitants) last week announced it was suspending its agreement to take asylum seekers from Italy. Meanwhile the Belgian government said it intends to ignore a ruling from its supreme court that its policy of denying shelter to single young men seeking asylum was unlawful.
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    Border Patrol agents in San Diego are releasing hundreds of illegal immigrants onto city streets as it struggles to deal with a surge of migrants into the area – just after similar releases had started in Arizona.

    Video out of San Diego shows hundreds of migrants being released from buses, with migrants from China and Pakistan onto the streets. A conversation in the video shows a migrant speaking to a Border Patrol agent, who tells him he can do whatever he wants now.

    administration has started releasing migrants into the U.S. interior in the Tucson Sector in Arizona,
    An Arizona Border Patrol sector is facing overwhelming numbers, with new images showing the overcrowding in facilities, as agents have been green-lit to release migrants on the streets to cope with the pressure.

    Photos in Ajo, Arizona, taken by retired ICE Field Office Director John Fabbricatore, show migrants being detained in an outdoor holding facility in the Tucson sector.

    The sector has seen 2,000 illegal crossings a day for three days, and agents have resorted to street releases in order to decompress the packed shelters. The population includes migrants from Africa, including many from Senegal.
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    Flooding the zone....
  5. SteveFoerster

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    Given that this was an opinion piece in the Torygraph, I'll take that theatrical headline with an enormous grain of salt.
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    I think they over-dramatize by using the title of their article to emphasize how the migration is creating and intensifying tension between different members of the European Union.

    The crisis been dividing the EU for long time.

    "Member states continue to be bitterly divided over the question of relocation of asylum-seekers, despite years of discussions.

    Migration returns to the top of the EU's agenda but the same old political divisions remain | Euronews

    "After years immersed in a lethal pandemic, a historic recovery fund, a devastating war, an energy crisis and dizzying inflation numbers, EU leaders are ready to bring back migration to the very top of the political agenda.

    The issue, responsible for opening deep fissures between EU countries, never actually faded away. But a 64% surge in irregular border crossings – around 330,000 – and a 46% rise in asylum applications – nearly 924,000 – last year have sparked a new sense of urgency among politicians to give the explosive topic another go.

    Austria is calling for EU funds to finance a new fence along the Bulgaria-Turkey border. Italy is pushing for an EU-wide code of conduct for rescue ships in the Mediterranean. And Denmark, a country that pursues a "zero-asylum" policy, is seeking support to set up reception centres outside the bloc."

    The European Commission is trying to seize the moment to advance its long-stalled "New Pact on Migration and Asylum," an intricate, holistic proposal that is meant to piece together all various aspects of migration policy and replace the existing ad-hoc crisis approach.
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    “When 120 boats arrive in a few hours it is no longer a chance episode, it is an act of war,” said Matteo Salvini, the Italian deputy prime minister, as reported by The Times (of London). “I am convinced that there is coordination behind this exodus.”

    Italians lay into their leaders over migrant surge
    The Italian people blamed their prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, who was elected on the promise she would stop rampant immigration, even if it took a naval blockade, reported the Washington Post.

    Her rhetoric has proven empty. Italy's 123,800 immigrant arrivals this year have doubled last year's.

    In France, Marine Chiaberto, a leader in the far-right party Reconquête!, tweeted out, “Italy is submerged, France and Europe too. Immigration threatens the balance of the continent and the survival of our civilization.”

    Same forces driving migration in Europe, US
    The immigrants who descended on Lampedusa largely came from sub-Saharan Africa by way of Tunisia, which, itself, has been overwhelmed with immigrants and is treating them harshly to compel them to leave.

    The global south with its fast-growing population and often broken economies is pushing upward to the global north where birth rates are low and jobs are more plentiful and better paying.

    The same global forces that apply pressure on Western Europe are also creating enormous stress on the United States and Arizona.

    Lampedusa has lighted the imagination in Western Europe, allowing people to see very quickly what is occurring more slowly and incrementally across the continent.
  8. Bill Huffman

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    It's an immigration mess worldwide. Part of the problem for us in Mexico is shady organizations that charge a fee for guidance through Mexico and encourage more immigrants to increase their revenue. I suspect that is happening in other areas as well.
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  10. Lerner

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    This and previous migration crisis is and are used for political purposes, campaign elections issue and ongoing


    Europe at mercy of migrant waves thanks to the Left, says Giorgia Meloni

    "President Joe Biden received a joint letter signed by 25 Republican governors demanding he take action at the U.S.-Mexico border.

    The letter addresses the impact of the border crisis and demands the president take immediate action to alleviate the burden that multiple states have been under as they deal with the yearslong surge of illegal border crossings and cartels’ drug trafficking efforts.

    “States are on the front lines, working around the clock responding to the effects of this crisis: Shelters are full, food pantries empty, law enforcement strained and aid workers exhausted,” the letter said.

    All 25 governors said they are calling on the president to provide further information on the migrants at the southern border, including where they are being relocated, comprehensive data on asylum claim timelines and qualification rates.
    The governors are fed up with the migrant crisis draining state funds, risking citizens’ public safety and straining local resources."

    I think GOP made a mistake opposing and helping to block Pr Biden immigration bill in early 2021.
    Unclear if reform would have significantly reduced or caused increase in migration but it would have addressed some of the crisis.
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    You lost me at "says Giorgia Meloni".
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  12. Johann

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    She's Italy's PM since 2022 - or probably you knew that and you're shaking your head... My best guess - you don't like her?
  13. SteveFoerster

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    She's a fascist, literally.
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  14. Johann

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    Ok sorry - now I understand.
  15. tadj

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    By the standards of American political correctness, yes. By the standards of careful European political movement analysis, no.

    "Andrea Benvenuti is a senior lecturer in international relations and European studies at the University of New South Wales. He says it's important to get the definition of fascism correct. "What constitutes fascism, from a political point of view? Essentially, I would say, embracing authoritarianism and totalitarianism as a mode of running a country, or conceiving a society," he says. So he says by that definition, both Meloni and her Brothers of Italy party are not fascist."

    "While Meloni is not an outright fascist, some in her orbit and especially some supporters do seem to have fascist sympathies. And, importantly, some have fascist nostalgia."

    "I have always considered the racial laws of 1938 as the lowest point in the history of Italy, a disgrace that will mark our country forever," referring to Mussolini's laws that persecuted the country's Jewish people." Meloni

    Link: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-02-24/is-italian-prime-minister-giorgia-meloni-a-fascist/101999292
  16. SteveFoerster

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    I'm not some leftwing college kid who says that about anyone to the right of Ilhan Omar.


    Speaking of the standards of careful European political movement analysis, that's an Italian writing, not an American, and it's in Foreign Policy, which is pretty well known for its centrist realpolitik.
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    "I think Mussolini was a good politician. Everything he did, he did for Italy" -Giorgia Meloni

    "When Meloni was 15, she joined the youth wing of the Italian Social Movement, a neo-fascist party founded by Mussolini supporters in the years after his death."

    "In 2012, Meloni started a new far-right political party – or a new far-right political movement – called the Brothers of Italy. Its logo is a flame, a symbol that was once used by the fascists"

    She continues to use the Mussolini slogan "God, homeland, family."

    While she may not be a fascist (because that requires one party rule) in the same way that anyone in a democratic society cannot by definition be a dictator, she clearly holds fascist views, has been part of fascist organizations and continues promoting policies that fascists want.

    If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck?
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  18. Bill Huffman

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    Thank you to the last three posters. I have learned a little something and I appreciate the information!
  19. Lerner

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    EL PASO, Texas (Border Report) – The city of Eagle Pass, Texas, issued an emergency declaration as thousands of migrants crossed the Rio Grande from Piedras Negras, Mexico, on Wednesday.

    “The City of Eagle Pass is committed to the safety and well-being of our local citizens. The emergency declaration grants us the ability to request financial resources to provide the additional services caused by the influx of undocumented immigrants,” Mayor Rolando Salinas said in a statement.

    The emergency declaration will be in place for one week."

    The Biden administration announced on Wednesday it would deploy an additional 800 troops to assist in stemming the migration influx at the southern border.

    The 800 active-duty personnel will focus on “logistics and other functions at the border to allow more Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents and officers to return to their core mission and responsibilities.”

    The Department of Defense has already deployed 2,500 state National Guard personnel to assist the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) at the southern border. An additional 24,000 CBP agents and officers are deployed to the border, along with 2,600 non-uniformed officers, according to the White House.

    The Biden administration rolled out a major strategic shift in border policy Wednesday, granting more than 400,000 Venezuelans work permits while bolstering overstretched border enforcement agencies with military assistance.

    The moves respond to pressure from Democrats and immigrant advocates, but also to quickly changing dynamics on the migrant trail toward the U.S.-Mexico border, with hundreds of thousands of migrants already traveling north.

    By making all Venezuelans who arrived before July 31 eligible to work and live in the country temporarily, the Biden administration seeks to ease pressure on Democratic-controlled states and cities, whose shelter systems were overwhelmed with new arrivals unable to sustain themselves.
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  20. Lerner

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    NYC shelters set to dump thousands of migrants to discourage new arrivals
    Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/AP Photo
    NEW YORK — The migrant crisis is getting so hard for New York City to handle that Mayor Eric Adams sees a policy that could send thousands of people into the streets, many with nowhere to sleep and nowhere to work, as his next best move.
    The decision was made, in part, out of concerns that New York’s shelter guarantee was becoming a magnet for migrants, according to two people familiar with City Hall’s thinking.

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