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  1. Thorne

    Thorne Active Member

    My spreadsheet is for the MBA, MA SCM, MA Management, and MA International Trade
    The MBA is 13 classes. +4 for the SCM degree. +2 for Management. +1 for International Trade.

    21 classes to get 4 Master's degrees. We can say that's "too many" but that's not entirely true. A university in Australia that I've been looking at offers a Master's degree for 8 classes, then allows you to overlap those credits into a related program in a related area and take 4 more classes to get a second Master's degree if you so choose. Looking at those classes and the internal policies of the Uni, I could carry them into one more Master's degree at the same school by finishing 5 more classes. That's 17 classes for 3 Master's degrees, just to keep count. Another Uni offers up to 50% transfer credit for graduate programs and has a degree in another similar field that would only require 5 more classes.

    That's 22 classes for 4 Master's degrees. All of the programs have no thesis requirements and are in the social sciences, all from Unis that are in the global top-250. The only real difference is cost, which amounts to USD 1,000 at ENEB and nearly AUD 90,000 (USD 70,000). Looking at the course details that I have access to, at least 18 of the courses from these Unis are not significantly more rigorous than ENEB. At one Uni in question, the marking goes 10-20% for Participation, 10-20% for Quizzes/Exams, 10-20% for Discussion Group Posting, and 40-60% by Essay. An acquaintance of mine who has already completed the degree with this particular Uni AND has taken the "Groupon" MBA + MA International Trade programs said the essays aren't really that much different and, based on a few essays he showed me, they wouldn't be any harder for me than the ones I wrote for ENEB.

    Sure, we wouldn't expect to see a university in the USA offering a BOGO kind of plan, excepting maybe WGU which allows the 11-class MBA to transfer fully into the MSML leaving only 4 classes, but it's not impossible. I know someone with a degree from APUS where he was able to double-dip 15 credits from one APUS Master's to another APUS Master's + add some graduate credit earned elsewhere, so he only did 15 classes for two degrees. I also know someone who claims to have graduated from HES with 1 ALM and 2 PGCerts with no extra classes. The common denominator is planning. If we weren't a bunch of degree hackers, we probably wouldn't even notice these opportunities.
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  2. Thorne

    Thorne Active Member

    I might have to get the Master's in Innovation & Entrepreneurship if I won't need to take more classes, just for the sheer hilarity. I've always mocked people with a Master's degree in Entrepreneurship, and thus one year or greater of time spent in a classroom rather than, you know, actually innovating, so the irony alone may smite me in my prime...
  3. SpoonyNix

    SpoonyNix Active Member

    :D I will likely get 4 ENEB masters, then after I move overseas begin work on a NationsUniversity MTS at a very slow pace.

    The opportunity cost of formal studies is already too high for me o_O Too many business opportunities being neglected, not to mention all the fish that aren't being hooked in the lip!
  4. RFValve

    RFValve Well-Known Member

    I guess 4 Masters degrees looks kind of lazy but the MTS might give you the spiritual edge. Maybe you can exchange all the credits from the 5 and the earn a 6th in Church administration. By then ENEB might have an upgrade to a DBA so then you can exchange the 4 masters for a DBA for $199.
  5. LearningAddict

    LearningAddict Well-Known Member

    Lazy? How? Seems rather ambitious to me, but crazy to list on the same resume outside of academia.

    Would Isabel endorse that though? Maybe that's not even a relevant question if the expectation is that ENEB offers it on their own, assuming their deal with Isabel allows them to do that.

    I could see them marketing that outside Spain, but inside I have reservations about how that would go over.
  6. Thorne

    Thorne Active Member

    They could probably offer it in conjunction with a Swiss cantonal school that has some kind of accreditation through OTHM or EduQua (like Swiss School of Bsiness & Management, Swiss Management Center, or Swiss School of Business Research). Isabel probably couldn't endorse it based on Spanish law though, but I'd probably bite if they maintain the minimal pricing.
  7. SpoonyNix

    SpoonyNix Active Member

    :p That just makes me think of "Mr. Mom", when they're playing coupon poker.
  8. LearningAddict

    LearningAddict Well-Known Member

    Swiss Management Center is blacklisted at WES and I bet some others. EduQua's scope of accreditation is different than our common understanding of it in the U.S. since they only assure quality and have no dealing with the official status of degrees offered from school programs, so that cancels out SSBM for that reason, and because SSBM appears to be faking ACBSP accreditation. The rest of what they're doing seems legit, but you could get that from many other schools or associations.

    Swiss School of Business Research, same deal with EduQua. They also affiliate with Veer which is crap.
  9. innen_oda

    innen_oda Active Member

    Which uni is this?
  10. Dustin

    Dustin Well-Known Member

    I feel like I've seen people note they're in the Masters in Big Data in the last 29 pages or so, can someone describe the curriculum and the way you're assessed - is it all based on long papers? I'm thinking I might take it after my MS in Data Science just for the professional development, not necessarily to list on my resume. It would just help to add to my ML/AI toolkit some skills and understanding of Big Data. But if it ends up being more about management or generalities/theory of the technology itself, versus anything applied, then it may not be a good investment of my time no matter the price.
  11. RFValve

    RFValve Well-Known Member

    I did not take Big data but project management and coaching. Both were based on multiple choice questions and cases. I took one online class at pennfoster once, it is similar to that, multiple choice and a final case.
    It took me about few months to complete each class, it is by not any means comparable to a graduate course from an Australian University. I have taken graduate courses from USQ and they required proctored final exam, final project and assignments.
  12. cacoleman1983

    cacoleman1983 Well-Known Member

    I personally wouldn't do a Masters in Big Data when you will already have a Masters in Data Science. It would be too redundant and from what I have gathered from previous posts, you will study from Big Data stuff centered more on business management rather than on specific technologies. Someone on this forum finished that program in 10 or 11 days. Basically a course per day with each paper being less than 12 pages I recall. I can't remember his name but he stated that the coursework is grounded in theory and you will need to learn the technology outside of the program.
  13. Dustin

    Dustin Well-Known Member

    Good to know. Yeah I was comparing it to like a MOOC or something where I just want to get more exposure to that particular part of Big Data, but if it's about the management side rather than the application of the tech it won't be valuable to me with an MBA and an MS in Data Science.
  14. SpoonyNix

    SpoonyNix Active Member

    I believe the courses required are:
    Neuro-linguistic programming
    Executive coaching
    Corporate social responsibility
    Community manager
    Web positioning
    Big data & business intelligence
    The ETL process
    Customer analytics
    Big data marketing

    With this, perhaps someone who has completed some of these courses can offer insight.

    The first 4 I listed overlap with the MBA. Actually, those 4 are core for pretty much all the "specialties" with just a couple of exceptions.

    The general set-up in the couple of courses I have taken is this. Read a module in PDF. Take a quiz. Do that 6-8 times. Complete a case study in about 10-20 pages. There's a basic rubric to follow. Submit paper, it gets graded, move on to the next course. IMO, when you are finished with your Quantic program you will be very well-prepared for any ENEB program.

    I doubt the Big Data program is very technical. I don't know, because I won't even register for it until next spring. I will probably finish my BS in computer science before I complete the master in big data. My interest is in software development, either for my own ventures or for Plan B remote work overseas.
  15. LearningAddict

    LearningAddict Well-Known Member

    I think it's reasonable to expect the approach to the Big Data program to be from a business/management angle given that it is a business school. There is a business side to every profession and someone needs to be able to do it effectively.
  16. cacoleman1983

    cacoleman1983 Well-Known Member

    Yeah for sure... Some only need the business and theoretical side of big data knowledge to prosper. This is probably still decent enough for someone who wants to get into data analytics but those who want a more computer science or general STEM emphasis should pursue data science.
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  17. Thorne

    Thorne Active Member

    Just coming back to this, I just got a reply from ENEB saying that they have no plans to offer Doctorates/Doctorados in the foreseeable future. I'm still holding out with Veer just because I'd like to be a thorn in their side, lol
  18. Johann766

    Johann766 Active Member

    I received the same answer from ENEB regarding any PhD/DBA plans to make a offer.

    Regarding Swiss Management Center, I don´t know anything about this American "WES" thing but SMC has a fully accredited school in Malta now which might improve their chances of being recognised anywhere in the world.

    Also I just found out SSBM offers online DBA programs "in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb, Croatia" starting at 9000 Euro. If the University of Zagreb is awarding the degree this is quite interesting.
  19. LearningAddict

    LearningAddict Well-Known Member

    If you're not in the U.S. or Canada or looking to move to the U.S. or Canada, then WES is of no importance.

    I see this

    If they're the same people that run, that's good. North Americans should still proceed with caution. An evaluator's word is not the last word, but a program being blocked by one is a red flag that should be taken into consideration as the reasons could affect you in some way down the road.

    Then I would find out what Zagreb is charging, and if it's close enough in price, just go directly to them. Any school deceptively misrepresenting accreditation they don't have is a fatal red flag in my book.
  20. RFValve

    RFValve Well-Known Member

    WES is recognized by the Immigration Canada for immigration purposes and so in the US but it is not the only one. Basically, if WES refuses you can move on to the next one available. The main criteria is accreditation by the minister of education of the country where the University resides. These arrangements where the University is in Europe but accredited in Africa or South America don't work normally for recognition, they can be used as extra but if the local government doesn't recognize you then you are not recognized period. Another criteria is membership in IAU. Now, local recognition and membership in IAU might not be enough to be recognized. I find the link below quite useful, normally if the school is listed below it will be recognized by some evaluation service. WES normally will biased against schools like Azteca, UCN, etc because they have international operations and are from developing nations but these schools do appear in the list in the website below because they satisfy the minimum criteria for recognition so while WES might refuse them another might accept them:

    SMC is not in the list so most likely will be refused by most foreign evaluation services as fully recognized but it might be given some recognition such as private non accredited school or something similar just to say that it is not a fake university.

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