Marijuana Legalization

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Kizmet, Oct 31, 2016.

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    There's a massive marijuana dispensary/growing operation in Quincy.
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    $50 for one ml of oil. This is an electric vaporizor, but that doesn't sound like much.

    But most importantly, they admit that it won't get you high. It's marijuana oil with the THC removed. But it smells like marijuana oil, and I guess that they are selling that coolness factor to millenials. Other people will probably notice you and what you are doing. They are selling what they call the "entourage effect", presumably a psychological placebo-effect high just from doing it.

    But that lack of THC does make it legal in all 50 states. There's some federal farm law that sets the limit in hemp used for rope at 0.3%. They say that they are below that and that it won't trigger a positive marijuana test.
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    Geez! As it is, a cops are being ordered not to touch white stuff during drug busts. One cop got a tiny bit of fentanyl on his shirt on od'd! Police dogs are also in danger.
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    This part is funny:

    " Lane downplays recent concern about maggots living in sinuses as a result of children inhaling Smarties. He says a person would need to inhale insect eggs and that “even then, it would be unlikely to not get swallowed or blown out before turning into a maggot."

    I have never heard of kids inhaling smarties. Snortable chocolate, now I have heard everything.
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  7. Johann

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    Smarties, chocolate, cocaine... no end to what silly, attention-seeking people will stuff up their noses. Great graduation present for the new genius Axact PhD.

    "My Mommy said not to put beans in my ears, beans in my ears...." Old folk-song.

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    Sometimes, when I have my windows open, I get a gentle breeze of marijuana smoke floating into my apartment. I restate that I'd never smoke the stuff myself, and I hate the smell on other people, but a light incense of the smell is actually really enjoyable. I found myself looking online today to find candles, incense or vapor that imitates the smell. There are many of such products on the market, actually, and I just might buy one.

    I know that must sound really odd, eh? :D I have a odor palate that favors musk. I even like, when kept at a distance, the smell of skunk spray.
  9. Johann

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    That's not too odd, especially for DI, Maniac. Maybe we can send you a skunk. :smile:
    Your preference is far less irrational than putting stuff up one's nose. That is batsh*t crazy - apologies to Batman.

  10. decimon

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    Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do...
  11. heirophant

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    Here's a summary of the situation in California. As anyone who knows the California state government can predict, it's a total disaster, like watching a slow-motion train wreck.

    California Set To Harmonize Recreational And Medical Marijuana Laws | Above the Law

    California voters voted to legalize medical marijuana in 1996. The state didn't get around to writing regulations for regulate it until 2015. In a way that was good, since medical marijuana dispensaries kind of did things as they saw fit in the interim. Of course the whole thing was exceedingly shady.

    Then in 2016, voters voted to legalize recreational marijuana, with an effective date for many provisions such as commercial cultivation and commercial sales set at January 1, 2018.

    So state bureaucrats are shrieking, waving their arms in the air and running around crazily in circles. :aargh4:

    For some incomprehensible reason they have begun by rewriting the regulations for medical marijuana and putting them out again for public comment. It isn't clear why. (Hadn't they just done that in 2015?) They say that they will address recreational marijuana after that's finished... Except that the voter-mandated Jan 1 deadline is looming. (Six months is nothing in government time.) They admit that they probably won't have time to get public comment on the new recreational marijuana rules (assuming that they produce any), so they will enact them by 'emergency legislation' and seek public comment after-the-fact.

    But it's complicated. There are separate rules for cultivation, transport, tracking, testing, and several kinds of distribution. Each of them involves a different lineup of state government agencies, from agriculture through consumer protection to law enforcement, and they they all have different agendas, demands, political pressures and turf to protect.

    Some state departments are better organized and moving faster than others. Here's the California Department of Food and Agriculture's new CalCannabis office intended to license growers.

    CDFA - CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing

    So the resulting rules can be guaranteed to be hugely complex and perhaps unworkable. Law enforcement is very much involved, since the existing illegal marijuana industry is largely the province of organized crime (often the Mexican cartels) and there's concern that they will try to take over the legal marijuana business too.

    What's worse, it looks like there will be two separate inconsistent sets of rules, one for medical marijuana, the other for recreational marijuana. That would make the whole thing almost impossible. So Governor Brown just tacked on a 'trailer' to a state budget bill to create one single set of regulatory rules for both medical and recreational marijuana. But that threatens to turn back the clock to zero, and there's only six months left to go before everything is supposed to be up and running.

    Here's the text of that proposal:

    I believe that the state budget bill was passed by the legislature last week, so this separate bill tacked onto its end was presumably passed along with it.
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    "Slow-motion train wreck" sounds about right, although it also sounds like things only got shady once the state government got involved.
  13. heirophant

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    I was suggesting the opposite. Without laws regulating and licensing growers, the ostensibly legal medical marijuana industry typically found itself dependent on illegal sources of supply. And here in California, that can mean organized crime.
  14. SteveFoerster

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    I know you were. I was disagreeing with you. The problem is that we live in an era where that which isn't expressly permitted is assumed to be forbidden, when the other way around is much more desirable.
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  16. Kizmet

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    You're damned if you do or damned if you don't, when it comes to legalizing any agent of stupefaction - alcohol, marijuana, whatever. I, too, worry about increased car crashes here, once pot goes legal next year. Then again, so many people are doing it illegally, I can't imagine much difference.

    You know what the biggest cause of hospitalization is, here in Canada? (Heart attacks are second.) Alcohol. Alcohol poisoning, plus all conditions arising from alcohol abuse. But make it illegal? Well, we all know, Canadians and Americans alike, how that worked out.

    Many people make fools of themselves and waste their lives over alcohol. Marijuana is not addictive in the customary sense, but I do know individuals who develop a psychological dependency on it. It's definitely a life-waster for them. Plus, the weed today is about seven times stronger, on average, than the stuff I tried in the 1960s.

    To me, time spent smoking marijuana is time ...well...wasted. Keeping it illegal is not the answer -- I just don't know what is. Just best not to do it myself, and not complain about the smell of it all over my building...

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    I was thinking of researching Cannabis vs Beer for my doctoral dissertation topic!
  20. Ted Heiks

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    And what academic discipline (department) does one study if you're going to write a beer bs. marijuana thesis?

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