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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by matt, Aug 29, 2007.

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    you can check online courses Matt. It will help you decide which school.
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    Mmmm, sorry, but I think Matt stopped checking about 8 or 9 years ago.
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    A clever idea ..Better to select the university that you have mentioned above..Its a top going university..My suggestion is You can select that RA univ..
    good luck..
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    Any information about CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY CHICAGO, PHD in organizational leadership ?
    Is the university recognized?
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    Yes, the university is regionally accredited.
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    Someday maybe a university will offer an AACSB-accredited PhD in accounting at a distance. There's such a crying need for qualified accounting profs and such a shortage of them to fill the positions that are opening up as old profs retire.

    What's happening now is accounting departments are getting by with less profs and increasing class sizes. Our accounting dept is currently five profs down from what we were a few years ago and are only approved to add two profs, which we're trying to recruit. Problem is the shortage is driving up what you have to pay for acct profs, it's starting to get up into the $150K to $170K range, even for Directional State U like us. We're AACSB-accredited, but by no means elite. Yet we have to pay the big bucks, and deans and provosts don't like to pay the big bucks, so when you're five profs down, they give you permission to hire two and then just increase everyone's class sizes. Mine have gone up from about 40 to about 50 (or 55) in the last several years. Elite schools and major flagship universities are paying $250K+ for accounting profs, we're talking kids with a couple years of public accounting firm experience who then run off and get a PhD, and then come onto the market four years later, still in their 20s, making that kind of crazy $ to start.
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    I think such an AACSB accredited PhD at a distance would be a popular program. I would be interested in such a program. I was interested in pursuing a PhD before I finished my undergrad in accounting but went to public accounting and got a Chartered accountant designation, moved to industry and have worked my way up to the CFO. I would be interested in a career change into an academic career but the opportunity cost of going to school another 4-5 years with a grad students stipend is not very attractive. To move to an academic career I would want to do a doctorate from an accredited or recognized institution. I'm not interested in a 100% teaching career so the degree would need to come from a research institution that is at the same tier of the type of University would want to work for in the future.
    There are a few part-time programs but none that can be done at a distance.
    Grenoble only requires residency a few times a year so could be done at a distance if you can take the time and expense to go to France for the residency portion every year.
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    Americans don't have to go to France each year, just at the start and end of the program and the rest of the residencies are done in either NY or CA.
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    alder university of chicago
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    Sorry i am new to this forum and don't know where to start a new thread. I have an undergraduate degree in Business Administration (accounting), will finish my MBA in Finance in August 2020 AACSB. I am exploring an completely online DBA program with a Finance emphasis. I can only find Liberty.
    My AACSB professor told me to get a phd from an AACSB institution if I want to teach. My Christian U professor thinks Liberty is great. I think my question is if I only want to teach full time at a Christian University, will Liberty cut it? Can I also adjunct at a secular university or cc with a Liberty DBA? Thank you

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