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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by matt, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. kuojason

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    Low cost accredited online DBA or PhD

    Is there a list of low cost accredited online DBA or PhD program that I can reference to?

    Thank you in advance.
  2. Kizmet

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    Did you consider simply reading through this thread and writing down the names?
  3. HK2020

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    Online Schools and Cost

    Online Schools Offering Education Degrees - Guide to Online Schools

    Here is the link on the names of the schools and their cost. Hope it helps :biggrin:
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    Dr. Rene started a thread entitled "UW Whitewater to offer a doctorate in business."
  7. bing

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    Hmm. I surely haven't seen this happen. Have you seen lower tuition anywhere? Maybe this is happening in Canada. PhD professors are a dime a dozen, too.

  8. LadyExecutive

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    Bradford University School of Management in the UK. Love the school.
  9. Ted Heiks

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    From the Great State of Colorado:

    The University of the Rockies University of the Rockies offers an online PhD in Organizational Development and Leadership with concentration in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
  10. Ted Heiks

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    From the Great State of California:

    The University of Laverne now offers an online DBA.
  11. etcetera

    etcetera New Member

    I notice that wherever DBA programs are advertised, it's usually mentioned that companies often sponsor their employees to get this degree (pay the tuition) so they can benefit from the applied research done during the program. I am wondering if that is actually true. Has anyone seen this happen? Do you happen to know of any companies that sponsor DBA degrees? Could you name any if you know. Thank you!
  12. Kizmet

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    Many companies have a benefit package that includes tuition reimbursement. It's not just for DBAs but often the educational program needs to be relevant to your position or a position within the company. An engineering company may help to pay for an engineering degree or maybe an MBA but they're unlikely to put out money so you can get a History degree (although some generous companies might). The list of companies with tuition reimbursement programs would be too large to attempt.
  13. Mark A. Sykes

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    My company will reimburse employees for coursework leading to a degree or certificate as well as a applicable vendor certification. BUT - there is a cap on how much will be reimbursed each year and if you elect to take more courses above that amount that's on you own dime (it's not paid back in subsequent years). If you time the classes to remain within the cap on reimbursement, it will take you four or five years to complete a standard Master's degree at typical tuition rates.
  14. Kizmet

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    I have also heard of arrangements where the company gets to retain your services for an equivalent period of time beyond the completion of your course or program. So if it takes you 5 years to earn that Masters degree (with the company paying your tuition) you agree to work for that company for an additional 5 years. If you leave then you need to reimburse the company in full.

    Each company has it's own deal and, of course, many companies do not offer any version of a tuition reimbursement benefit at all.
  15. FTFaculty

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    The cap is probably $3950 per annum. That's what the government will presently allow companies to deduct for ongoing education for an employee. I think rising to $4000 for the coming tax year.
  16. Mark A. Sykes

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  17. FTFaculty

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    You have a generous employer. Anyway, you can exclude up to the $5250.
  18. etcetera

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    Yeah I know about tuition reimbursement programs, but I was wondering about any situations where a company actually pays specifically for a DBA degree (all or most of the tuition). My previous employer had a $5,000/year tuition reimbursement program, my current employer has $3,000. Hardly enough to cover the cost of a DBA program. According to my research, the respectable ones run $20-25K PER YEAR. So the tuition reimbursement of $3,000/year would not help much.

    I think most employers who have tuition support programs, don't help with doctorate program tuition. Most of the folks who replied to my question above referenced MBA tuition reimbursement... Not the same thing. :nono:

    I am wondering if anyone has heard of an actual company that covers most or all of a doctorate degree cost.
  19. graduate

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  20. Ganooch

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    My employer reimburses up to $8000 per year for class work towards a degree. The first $5000 or so is tax free and the rest is subject to income tax. There is also zero commitment to stay with the company for any amount of time. You can get your degree, expense your last semester, and leave for another company the next day with no obligation to repay the tuition reimbursements.

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