Jerry Falwell Jr in the news again

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by JoshD, Aug 6, 2020.

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    When does a series of misunderstandings that must be explained each time become something else?

    More salient, what impact does this have on students and alumni of Liberty University?
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    He is goofing around as the article notes. They are dressed up. Why is this even news?

    He himself has made it plain that he is a Christian businessman, attorney, and University President but NOT a Pastor.
  6. Johann

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    "He himself has made it plain" that he behaves like a complete and insensitive bozo and is therefore a very poor example of a University president. And then he compounds the error by posting pictures. But he is, I believe, still a slightly better human being than his late father, whom I still despise beyond anything that can be printed here.

    You may say he's goofing around. Indeed he is - in very poor taste. On vacation or not - he should do better. "I was only goofing around" is an excuse we often hear. It seldom works.

    "Dressed up?" Not at all. Did you mean "fully-dressed?" Underwear doesn't show when you're fully dressed. Unless you're "trolling" for sex in jail or you're a member of the "pants on the ground" gang on 4th street. Or maybe Jerry Falwell Jr just has a different definition.
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    Something was said about his imitating the "Trailer Park Boys." I think Mr. Falwell Jr. might have done well on such a show. He has a natural flair, it seems, for that kind of performance. And a liking too, apparently. Maybe we might see him on TV in a new role, if the University thing doesn't work out...
  8. copper

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    The old adage, “don’t believe everything you read.” Today I would add, don’t believe everything you see! Technology, photoshop, etc. can make an Egyptian mummy look like Bo Derek.
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  9. Johann

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    Not in this case. The guy posted it himself. Back 50 years ago I was told "believe none of what you read and only half of what you see." This half I believe.

    And he said as much, in this case - about pants not fitting etc. I believe the pic but I'm not sure at all about what he said. I remember once before, I think it was about that blackface picture, one of Falwell's boys at first claimed the pic was a photoshopped plant. He had to back down within hours. I'm calling BS on your obfuscation here, copper. Spare me.

    My point was that Falwell wasn't fully dressed - or dressed up - as Garp suggested. I'm still confident of that.
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  10. Vonnegut

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    He will always be in the news when he, as he repeatedly has done in the past, blatantly documents the hypocrisy of a lifestyle completely contrary to what he both advocates and mandates as a Christian University President.
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    Perhaps the true "obfuscation" is the intent of the OP and others to plant seeds of doubt into current and prospective students to the legitimacy of Liberty University through tabloid gossip level journalism of its leadership? Although not a student of Liberty, I believe it is a sound, legitimate and competently run University. An honest person should ask him or herself if this article is really evidence to the contrary?
  14. Johann

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    I think it sneaked in because Falwell is a University President. And we've agreed somewhere - maybe in another thread that Falwell's antics have little or no effect on the legitimacy of Liberty itself. Only its Accreditors could accomplish that, as I see it - and they haven't. I think Maniac is right, though. Better in off-topic.
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  15. copper

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    Well said!
  16. heirophant

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    How is he "behaving like a complete and insensitive bozo"? People can see his 'midriff"? So what? His pants aren't zipped? It's not like he's exposing himself. There might even be alcohol in his drink! HORRORS!

    The only reason this is "news" is because it can be twisted to attack people perceived as political enemies.

    Compared to many of the most prominent occupants of that once-esteemed profession, he's a saint.

    He wouldn't allow antifa thugs to physically assault conservatives who were just trying to exercise their Constitutional rights to free speech and peaceful assembly, he wouldn't allow rioters clad in body armor and black uniforms to smash windows and try to burn university buildings, all while issuing public statements about how much conservatives suck, how their supposed-evil makes them responsible for anything that happens to them, and ordering the police not to intervene. (That's all happened at the University of California.)
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  17. Johann

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    Right - what Falwell did, in itself is not that bad. I drew attention to it because Garp said the two were "dressed up" which they weren't. - at least according to my definition. The really foolish thing was his posting it. "I can do his but you students can't." That's both dumb and hypocritical. Falwell has done more damaging things, for sure. Like the blackface incident. And posting it. His antics are to be disregarded - but he keeps making it SO difficult to do so.

    And I see that Hierophant has posted a pic of one of the "Fourth Street Pants on the Ground Gang" I spoke of. Keep watching the young man in the pic. Guy's gonna be a leader, for sure! :)
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    It's hard to say what is "worthy" of this board and what is not.

    In this situation, I asked the question of whether this (and all of his antics, really) had any effect on students and graduates. I think that's a fair question within whatever spirit this board has.

    So, I'll ask it a different way: does the scandalous (think "pool boy") and very public behavior of the president of Liberty University have a negative effect on how its graduates are perceived?

    Some light background material:
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    I’ll come out and say, I am a Conservative Christian Republican. I posted it because I thought it’d be interesting off-topic discussion. I do try to keep my political, and religious, beliefs off of forums though.
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    That's another good question but is there more there than the "pool boy?" I will admit I am a prospective student looking at their doctoral programs with deep discounts for First Responders and Veterans. However, a colleague of mine, a retired Air Force officer, mentioned that I should stay away from Liberty because of its "reputation." I'm simply looking at the amazing price tag for a RA doctoral degree. Are there other pitfalls to this school that are not apparent? I told my colleague that its not a "Johns Hopkins" but its accredited and the price is right. He had this not worth it look.
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