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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by Kizmet, Feb 12, 2020.

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    45 pages per project?! You could have gotten a Masters degree easily at UCN by thesis with about 50 pages or the PhD with a minimum of 100!:cool:
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    Good God man! I thought I was going overboard by pushing the 18 page limit on most of my papers. Congrats! I'm hoping to be done with my program(s) by the end of this month and expecting my per-qualification marks at 9.75 and overall marks (for all units taken) at 9.85.
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    Pardon my ignorance, but what's UCN?
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    Yes. But it would cost far more than $295 or whatever at Universidad Groupon I. The UCN doctorate, I think, would be around $6k and the Master's ---oh, probably $3-4K, right? Besides, from what AsianStew and others report, there's a BOGO-type deal from the Grouponistas - you buy the courses for about six and you end up ten master's degrees - or something like that - so $1,800 and you get a Master's for every day of the week and then some. Try beating that, UCN! :)
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    Keep us informed if any of you get an foreign equivalency evaluation that equates these Universidad Isabel I degrees to a RA Masters. I know ECE evaluated someone's to a RA Bachelors here recently.
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    If anyone does, it'll be like Black Friday at that particular Evaluator's! Be ready to get AsianStew to negotiate a group discount there! Plus a quantity discount. Anybody getting 3 or more degrees evaluated should get half-price! :)
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  9. I'm going to get an equivalency examination :)
    Not Black Friday here but pretty close.
    I have to pay 150 euro to have it evaluated.
  10. Most evaluators make a difference between evaluation for employment and course by course evaluation if I'm not mistaken.

    I'm going to get mine evaluated by Naric here in Belgium.

    Universidad Isabel I takes up to 60 days to send the official documents to the recipient.
    I received a temporary document from ENEB and a document confirming that I will receive my Isabel I diplomas within sixty days.
    I'm currently waiting for those to arrive and as soon as that is done, I will get them evaluated.
    Evaluation is not that expensive here in Belgium. I will have to pay 150 euro. That's close to 180 USD I guess.
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    So are you doing the course-by-course or the employment eval?
  12. Course by course.
    The employment evaluation is too vague imho.
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    How far over the page requirement is this? The student side of me says great job but the instructor side of me is curious if you followed directions? Lol
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    27. The page limit is 18. Direct quote from a project document I read:

    "The project should not exceed 18 pages, excluding the cover page, bibliography and the appendix."

    He went way over and wild, lol.
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  15. They stay gave me amazing grades though :)
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  16. Directions said 18 pages but you seriously can't deliver a fully developed and well underbuilt final project of 18 pages. The 45 pages were necessary to give the very best I could.
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    The views of ENEB/Universidad Isabel I have really evolved over the past year. Just about everyone was skeptical at first and now many are seeing positively unexpected results. I'm entertaining the idea of signing up for one or maybe a dual Masters as a hobby to complete.
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    Everyone should have at least six hobbies. If this is one of yours - you go, man! Have a blast! :)

    I'll just keep working on my Telecaster (guitar) clone, playing the 4 other guitars I have and taking a few courses here and there. (I'm into one on Cloud Computing right now). And I'm also building some wooden model cars for my stuffed rabbit, Benjamin Brownears. * At least I don't have to write 45-page essays for him - but if that's what someone likes to do - it's their privilege and their rewards. Go for it!

    * Benjamin has a (battery-powered) beating heart. My granddaughter gave me Benjamin in the hospital a few years ago, right after my (miraculously successful) heart op. Helped me a lot - she knew I'd always loved rabbits. When my granddaughter was very young (she's 22 now) I wrote a whole bunch of rabbit-stories for her and her brother. Still have 'em. Not long after, I went to Build-a-Bear and got Benjamin a sister, Belinda. They have all kinds of toys and books and seem happy together. At least, I've heard no complaints...
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    If I weren't already so busy I'd entertain the idea of doing their Master of International Trade just because I'm interested in the subject, even though I'd really have no practical use for it. But my loved ones would balk at me dropping yet another log onto the fire right now, so I'll forgo it.

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