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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

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    This is discussed on, check it out. Basically, ENEB is a company, not a school. These diplomas are apparently awarded jointly with Universidad Isabel I, which is a small but real for-profit school in Spain. In Spanish system, there are two tiers of awards: titulo oficiel, where the curriculum is regulated by the government, and titulo propio, designed by universities on their own (subject to some regulations, like the number of credits required for a degree) Titulo propios lack certain rights that go with the official ones, like employment within public service and access to doctoral programs - but may have value in private sector; real schools are really doing this. ENEB programs award titulo propio from Universidad Isabel I. How good is this diploma from an unknown school is anyone's guess. This is a lot like the situation with Polish "certificates of post-diploma training"; may or may not be subtly different. I don't know how this would fare with credential evaluators; probably mixed at best. So yeah, not illegal, but a notch short of mainstream recognition.
    One can learn something from these programs, so if anyone has $300 to blow, by all means try. Claiming the "Groupon MBA" on resume, OTOH, is inviting ridicule, and not just from Levicoff.

    PS: in this context, "NLP" is not "natural language processing". It's "neuro-linguistic programming", a well-known but controversial set of techniques aimed at "influencing people". There's a whole industry of "NLP training" and "coaching", so this is not too surprising.
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    Thanks for the summary. I suspected as much. Now I'll probably have to delete the link


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