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Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by Randell1234, Dec 29, 2007.

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    "Hallelujah, folks! Our friend has Seen the Light! Tell you what -- We're gonna start a fund for RFValve's Ministerial Credentials. And you good people can help, in this sacred task. All we have to do, is each put a li'l somethin' - whatever y'all can afford, in the plate. And yes, we take Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover -- if it's plastic, we'll take it!.... C'mon, now - we all know in our hearts it's the right thing to do...." :)
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    Ministerial credentials aren’t a common pathway to riches. One can easily check the average clergy wage for the U.S.; It currently hovers around $54,000 USD. 50% of pastors receive compensation under $50,000 per year. So no, it’s very unlikely that the pastoral trainee will become the next Oral Roberts or Lamborghini-driving faith healer. Still, if one wants to seriously teach (especially on theology and Bible-related matters), it is certainly better to take up the pastoral calling than be exploited as an adjunct! I think that the Twitter advice given by Dr. Anthony Bradley (a professor of religious studies at The King’s College, New York) remains highly relevant on this matter. He also suggested that the people who “want to teach [religion, theology] in college settings” should go into pastoring instead.

    The guy likewise provided some great advice on the pursuit of a PhD in theology-related fields:

    “(1) Paying for a PhD is really stupid (that’s what I did. I regret it around the 15th day of every month). I would add (1) Enrolling in a PhD program in theology or biblical studies is also unwise if you want to teach above high school....

    (2) Enrolling in a PhD program at a seminary is also a dumb idea if you’re white. Post-2000, the only PhD seminary grads who will get teaching jobs with seminary PhDs are minorities and women. I was in last of the generation where that was not the case.

    (3) If you’re white (esp. a white male) and you want a teaching job, you had better attend one of the best PhD programs in the world. And even still, your chances are basically non-existent. Xian colleges/seminaries are dropping like flies and the jobs just aren’t there anymore.

    4) If you think you’ll be the exception, you won’t. So don’t complain about “adjunct professor abuse” or the need to form a union. It’s supply/demand. There is no demand for theology/ biblical studies professors. Zero! Your connections & network won’t get you a job either.

    (4.1) No budgets, no jobs.

    (5) Don’t lie to your spouse about these realities. And don’t blame the Lord for your unwise decision. We told you not to do this if you want to teach above high school.

    (6) I’ve been giving this advice for years, and for some odd reason people still enroll in these PhD programs. I don’t get it. I really don’t.

    7) The SBC schools enrolling everyone and their grandmother in PhD programs (and the fact that you can get one in youth ministry or worship) is undermining the academic credibility of all evangelical seminary PhDs.

    The year I was admitted to my PhD program, my school accepted 3 people. That’s it. Three.

    The fact that my Westminster PhD is considered in the same class as some guy getting a PhD “education ministries” or “evangelicalism” often leads to concussions. The marketplace just sees “seminary PhD” and thinks about the youth ministry one, so you’re done.

    Fact: of all of my friends from Covenant Seminary & Westminster with PhDs, I’m the only one, of 10 or so guys, with a teaching job above high school. You will not be the exception, again, so don’t lie to your spouse about what “could” happen. The religion world has too many PhDs.”

    These are some great points to ponder…
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    True, tadj - and your cited evidence amply supports that. My post - and the past one mentioned by RFValve are just slams against high-profile preachers who DID get fat from what their flocks parted with. Household-name televangelists, prosperity preachers and the High and Mighty, some of whom founded Universities, and others who have fake degrees. Some of them have been to jail and others are known for their abysmal moral failings. I loathe this kind of person. I love to hate them - and do so every chance I get.

    I was in no way serious about the suggestion I made. Just my flamethrower acting up - hopefully givin' them boys in the Cadillacs and white suits an early taste of Hell.

    "Oh, there will be a Great Judgment, my friends - and they shall certainly be cast into The Lake of Everlasting Fire..." So sayeth Brother Johann... :)
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